State Livestock Council

The Hawaii State 4-H Livestock Council is incorporated and is governed by a board of directors. The purposes of this council is to help promote the educational development of the livestock industry in Hawaii through 4-H livestock projects; assist 4-H clubs and the 4-H livestock club members in the conduct of statewide livestock shows by approving and demonstrating leadership support; acquaint the public with the part played by 4-H club members in the livestock project and establish rules and regulations for 4-H market livestock projects in order that they may culminate in a successfully statewide event.

The basic responsibility of the Hawaii State 4-H Livestock Council lies with the sponsorship and execution of the State 4-H Livestock Show and Sales. These major responsibilities include the managing and accounting of the State Show and Sales, securing through it’s Buyer’s committee sufficient buyers for the animals that are shown, and securing an auctioneer for the selling of animals at the state show only.