Hallie Cristobal Headshot

Aloha, My Name is Hallie Cristobal and I am the new Jr. Extension Agent on the Island of Kaua’i.

My focus is in Family and Consumer Science, within Youth and Intergenerational Programs. I am excited to start my journey and work with the people of this beautiful island.

Please feel free to contact me at:

Hallie K Cristobal
Office Phone: (808) 274-3473
Email: halliec@hawaii.edu

Details on the cooking contest including links listed in the post.

Cooking Contest – Register Now!

The Hawaii 4-H GET Local video cooking contest is now accepting registrations.

4-H Day at Hartung Brothers

The kids of the Kauai 4-H Livestock Club got to visit Hartung Brothers Seed Company and explore the alfalfa fields, and learn how to cut, gather and bale alfalfa, while also doing moisture checks to ensure the flakes are safe for animal consumption. These kids had a blast being back in the field.  

Kupuna Valentine’s Day Cards

Our Kaua’i 4-H Federation made some Valentine’s Day Cards to be delivered to our local long term care facilities around the island to show our love and appreciation for them during this hard time.

4H Fun Story Read

Kauai 4H Federation and Kauai 4H Livestock Club just completed a 4H Fun Stories Read (Recording) for hospital patients and elderly care homes. They have recorded over 15 videos and are working on editing and getting those out. The reason behind this project was due to people not being able to visit patients and their elderly family members so it was just a way to have them connected to friendly community faces.

Face Masks For COVID-19

Kaua’i 4-H Federation and Kauai 4-H Livestock Club, learning how to sew and create their own face masks for this COVID-19 pandemic. All of these mask materials were pre-cut and instructions inserted into each kit for the kids and families to pick up and learn together as a family the importance of face masks at this time. The lesson to sew this face mask was presented by one of our 4-H parents via zoom and reached roughly 40 kids. These kids are excited to take what they learned and create…