East Hawaii Agent
Becky Settlage
East hawaii County
Traditional / Livestock Clubs
(808) 969-8213
West Hawaii Agent
Joan Chong
West Hawaii County
Traditional Clubs
(808) 322-0164
Maui Agent
Nancy Ooki Head Shot
Nancy Ooki
Maui County
Traditional / SPIN Clubs
(808) 244 3242 ext. 225
Maui Livestock Agent
Kyle Caires
Maui County
Livestock Clubs
(808) 244-3242 ext.232
Oahu Agent
Christine Hanakawa
Oahu County
Traditional / SPIN Clubs
(808) 956-7196
Oahu Livestock Agent
Steve Nagano
Oahu County
Livestock Clubs
(808) 453-6054
Kauai Agent
Laura Kawamura
Traditional Clubs
(808) 274-3473
Kauai Livestock Agent
Savannah Katulski Kauai Livestock Agent
Savannah Katulski
Livestock Clubs
Military Program Coordinator
Kate Eickstead Head Shot
Kate Eickstead
Military 4-H Program
State Program Leader
State 4-H Program
(808) 956-4106
General Information Inquiries
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