State Leaders Federation

Current 4-H State Leaders Federation Officers

The 2018-20 officers holding candy bars with names “highlighting” officer duties!
(L-R): Past President Patsy Y. Iwasaki, President Verna Eguires, Treasurer Joyce Yamada and Secretary Patti Anne Takaura

Federation Officers 2018-20

President: Verna Eguires (Oahu)
VP: Vacant
Secretary: Patti Anne Takaura (Maui)
Treasurer: Joyce Yamada (Maui)

Cooperative Extension Service Representative: Nancy Ooki

County Representatives

Oahu: Verna Eguires
Maui: Wendy Taomoto
East Hawaii: Patsy Y. Iwasaki
West Hawaii: Iris Higashi-Oshiro

The Hawaii State 4-H Leaders Federation is open to all volunteer 4-H Leaders with the objectives:

  • To operate the state 4-H leaders’ organization composed of registered, dues-paying county 4-H leaders.
  • To help develop the social, education, and professional growth and development of 4-H leaders throughout the state.
  • To support the understanding of the roles of volunteer 4-H adult leaders as required by the Cooperative Extension Service.
  • To partner with the Cooperative Extensive Service in making 4-H club policies, developing leader training, and exchanging ideas.

The Biennial Meeting is an assembly attended by all registered, dues-paying Federation members, with voting rights. The Executive Board shall meet prior to the Biennial Meeting, unless otherwise ordered by the Executive Board, and within six (6) months after the Biennial Meeting. Special meetings may be called by three (3) members of the Executive Board, with a minimum of two (2) weeks notice given. The Executive Board may give notice and meet by electronic means.