May 192020

The Department of Tropical Medicine, Medical Microbiology & Pharmacology extends our warmest congratulations to our Spring 2020 graduates.  While the COVID-19 pandemic prevented us from gathering in person, we would like to celebrate the accomplishments of our graduates with the accompanying video.  Our Spring 2020 graduates are:

PhD graduates & Alicata Award Recipients

  • Danielle Clements
  • Joanna Kettlewell

MS graduates

  • Louie Mar Gangcuangco
  • Taylor Tashiro

GCERT graduates

  • Diana Huynh
  • Emily Stack
  • Ashley Yuen

Here are messages from our graduates:

Danielle Clements, Tropical Medicine PhD graduate:

“I’d like to extend a big mahalo to all of the faculty, staff and students in the Department of Tropical Medicine for many years of support, memorable experiences and lasting friendships. I am so grateful to have been able to learn from and work beside so many of you. This department is full of bright minds and kind souls, and it’s the people (and parties) that I’ll miss the most.”   

Louie Gangcuangco, Tropical Medicine MS graduate:

“I am grateful to the graduate students, faculty, and staff of the Dept. of Tropical Medicine, Medical Microbiology, and Pharmacology for their support and patience on me these past two years. The Master’s program deepened my understanding of immunology and pathogenesis of infectious diseases. More importantly, working in the lab provided me with the skills that I could build on to be a successful translational researcher in the future. I am confident that the lessons I have learned at JABSOM would allow me to become a successful physician who can bridge basic sciences, clinical practice, and public health.”

Joanna Kettlewell, Tropical Medicine PhD graduate:

“Thank you to all of the faculty, students, and staff in the Department of Tropical Medicine.  I am appreciative of the professional support during my time as a graduate student and I’m thankful for the friendships I’ve made.  All of you have truly helped to make JABSOM and Hawaii my home.”

Taylor Tashiro, Tropical Medicine MS graduate:

“My experience in the tropical medicine department has been invaluable.  Being here had helped me grow mentally as a student and researcher through its challenging curriculum and in-depth experiments.  My department has provided endless support, entertaining celebrations, and lifelong friends.  Because of the experiences I’ve gained as a graduate student, I am leaving as a stronger individual overall.  I did not ever think I could make it as a graduate student, but I did, thanks to my friends, lab mates, colleagues, and mentors in the department — for the all the encouragement, wisdom and knowledge that they have given me, as well as the smiles exchanged every morning and the comforting “see you later!” at the end of the long lab days.  This graduation is truly bittersweet, and I will never forget what I’ve gained from being here.”

Ashely Yuen, Tropical Medicine GCERT graduate:

“The GCERT program helped me to learn and study in ways that were not expanded upon at an undergraduate level. The structure of the program challenges you to not just remotely memorize, but think deeply about the intricacies of infectious diseases. I am so thankful for all the staff in the Tropical Medicine Department for offering this wonderful program. The program has better prepared me for a clinical career and has given me the confidence to continue to pursue this field of study.”

Diana Huynh, Tropical Medicine GCERT graduate:

“I also just wanted to express my deepest thanks to the whole Tropical Medicine Faculty and Staff. I truly love and enjoyed this program. It challenged me in ways I never thought of and offered me a new perspective and outlook on diseases and Human body. My Professors were wonderful and really guided me to view diseases from a micro to macro level while incorporating sociological contexts. I am so privileged and thankful to have received the education I have received.” 

Emily Stack, Tropical Medicine GCERT graduate:

“I had a wonderful experience in the GCERT program. I found the curriculum very interesting and applicable to my future. I also appreciate the tremendous support from my professors and other faculty members in Trop Med.”

Tropical Medicine GCERT students preparing for their exam
Olivia Smith (PhD student) with GCERT students Diana Huynh, Ana-Melissa Kea, and Ashley Yuen (left to right).