Please note: the fire safety program is run through Campus Operations and Facilities.  For questions related to fire safety programs at UH Mānoa, please contact their office.

Due to the variety of academic, social, athletic, and other events on campus every day, fires present an ongoing risk to the UH Mānoa community.

In the event of a fire on campus, DPS recommends:

  • Call 911 immediately. Many fire alarms on campus are NOT directly connected to area emergency dispatchers.
  • Sound the building fire alarm.
  • Evacuate the building without delay.
  • Call DPS at (808) 956-6911 for assistance in relocating people to a safe area.
  • Where possible and only if safe to do so, close all doors and windows. Do not under any circumstances silence the building fire alarm.
  • Do not return to the building for any reason until instructed to do so by UH Mānoa DPS or Honolulu Fire Department.
  • Move away from the building entrance and fire department access. Do not obstruct fire hydrants.
  • Clear building access for fire department response.
  • Remember to crawl low in smoke. Know the location of enclosed stairwells and building exits. If escape routes are blocked by heat or heavy smoke, seek an area of refuge or remain in your room with the door closed and opening sealed until help arrives.
  • Direct responding fire officials to the fire scene.
  • Account for all personnel.

What to do in Case of…

Hurricanes and Severe Storms

Tsunami and Coastal Flooding



Bomb Threat or Explosion

Active Shooter


Emergency Management State and Local Resources

For more information or inquiries, please contact Emergency Management Coordinator Jimmy Lagunero at or (808) 956-0773.