Bomb Threat, Suspicious Package, or Explosion

In Any Bomb Threat Situation:

  • Check your work area for unfamiliar items. Do not touch suspicious items; report them immediately to DPS by calling (808) 956-6911.
  • Take personal belongings when you leave.
  • Leave doors and windows open; do not turn light switches on or off.
  • Use stairs only; do not use elevators.
  • DO NOT use two-way radios or cellphones; they have the potential to detonate a device.

Suspicious Mail or Packages:

  • Never open or excessively handle any letter or package that you believe is meant to cause harm.
  • Not all dangerous packages or envelopes look suspicious, and not all suspicious looking packages are dangerous. You must always use your best judgment. If you are concerned for any reason, do not handle the package. Contact DPS at (808) 956-6911 for assistance.
  • Signs of a suspicious package:
    • No return address
    • Excessive or foreign postage
    • Stains
    • Strange odor
    • Strange sounds
    • Restrictive notes
    • Unexpected delivery
    • Poorly handwritten
    • Misspelled words
    • Incorrect titles

If a Bomb Threat is Received by Phone

  • DO NOT hang up. Have someone else contact 911 and UHM DPS from another line.
  • Stay calm, do not anger the caller, and attempt to gain as much information from the caller as possible.
  • Listen carefully. Be polite and show interest.
  • Pay attention to specific details such as background noises and specific voice characteristics.
  • Attempt to obtain information on the location of the device (building, floor, room, etc.).
  • Attempt to obtain information on the time of detonation and type of detonator.
  • Complete the bomb threat checklist immediately. Write down as much detail as you can remember. Try to get exact words.
  • If your phone has a display, copy the number and/or letters on the window display.
  • Immediately after the call has ended, dial 911 and notify UHM DPS (if you were alone when taking the call, otherwise, someone else should have already notified 911 and UHM DPS).
    • Take notes. Ask questions:
      • Where is the bomb located (building, floor, room, etc.)?
      • When will it go off?
      • What does it look like?
      • What kind of bomb is it?
      • What will make it explode?
      • Did you place the bomb?
      • Why?
      • What is your name?
    • Listen for the following:
      • Does the voice sound familiar to you? If so, who does it sound like?
      • Is the voice male or female?
      • Estimated age of the caller
      • Any background noises
      • Tone of caller’s voice – note anything unusual (voice sounds disguised, person is crying, coughing, has an accent, etc.)
    • Write down other data:
      • Date and time of call
      • How threat was received (letter, note, telephone)
    • Call DPS at (808) 956-6911 immediately.

If a Bomb Threat is Received by Handwritten Note:

  • Call UHM DPS at (808) 956-6911.
  • Handle the note as minimally as possible.

If a Bomb Threat is Received by Email:

  • Call UHM DPS at (808) 956-6911.
  • Do not delete the message.

If There is an Explosion:

  • Take cover under sturdy furniture, or leave the building if directed to do so by emergency responders.
  • Stay away from windows.
  • Do not light matches or lighters.
  • Move well away from the site of the hazard to a safe location.
  • Use stairs only; do not use elevators.

What to do in Case of…

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Tsunami and Coastal Flooding



Bomb Threat or Explosion

Active Shooter


Emergency Management State and Local Resources

For more information or inquiries, please contact Emergency Management Coordinator Jimmy Lagunero at or (808) 956-0773.