Vax Facts for Hawai‘i Teens

When should teenagers get vaccinated against Covid-19? How should you weigh the risks of vaccination vs. the disease? What is the science behind mRNA vaccines? How can you tell the difference between good information from misinformation? How does vaccine distribution relate to health justice? 

In this video, join students from Kalani High School and Kamehameha Schools as they get answers from experts in vaccine development and public health. Featuring Acting State Epidemiologist Sarah Kemble; emergency room doctor and Lieutenant Governor Josh Green; microbiologist and Pearl City High School alumna Taylor Tashiro; and Awapuhi Lee, alumna of Kamehameha Schools.  Both Taylor and Awapuhi are Tropical Medicine MS alumnae.

Brought to you by the Department of Education, Department of Health, Hawai‘i Community Foundation, Kamehameha Schools, and the University of Hawai‘i.