Malama Pono | We are dedicated to providing and promoting a safe and secure campus, and serving our community with aloha.


Manoa Guardian Flyer  Download Manoa Guardian Flyer
  1. Download Mānoa Guardian for free. Search for "Rave Guardian."
    Download the Manoa Guardian app from Google Play   Download the Manoa Guardian app from the App Store
    Mānoa Guardian is one of the best ways to improve your personal safety by allowing easy communication with DPS and others within your own safety network. This app provides rapid and proactive communication with DPS, friends, and family. It also hosts other important UH Mānoa phone numbers and emergency information.

  2. Create an account using your UH email address
    When you sign up with your UH email, your account will automatically configure to UH Mānoa settings. Friends and family without a UH email can still download a general “Rave Guardian” version of the app so they can be a part of your safety network.

  3. Use Mānoa Guardian to Protect Yourself and Others
    Set a Safety Timer Set a Safety Timer - Notify DPS or others you trust to check in on you if you are walking alone on campus or in an unfamiliar place.
    Easy Emergency Communication Easy Emergency Communication - Call or send a text message to DPS to report a crime or suspicious activity. You can even send a photo with your tip.
    Manage and Message your Guardians Important Emergency Information - The app includes direct phone numbers for the Campus Safety Escort and important UH Mānoa offices. You can also view emergency plans and procedures directly within the app.

Click here for Frequently Asked Questions regarding the Manoa Guardian app