UROP provides the merit-based Entering Research and Creative Work (ERC) funding opportunity to motivated UHM undergraduate students with little to no research or creative work experience who successfully submit an ERC Funding Application. It provides a stipend of $1,500 per semester, up to a maximum of $3,000 for two semesters and is intended for students early in their academic careers who have more than 60 credits remaining in their bachelor’s degree program.

Students participating in ERC must be guided by a mentor who will guide students through a new or existing research or creative work with specific activities and learning objectives. This could include:

  • Initiating or helping with a project in a preliminary stage
  • Assisting with ongoing research or creative work in a variety of capacities
  • Becoming more familiar with pertinent literature
  • Learning specific tools or techniques in the discipline

In addition to learning research skills and techniques, students will engage in critical readings and discussions of related conceptual material. Ideally, student participation in ERC will spark deeper engagement in research or creative work scholarship and inform long-term academic and professional interests.

UROP welcomes and encourages undergraduate students in all disciplines of study on campus to submit an ERC Funding Application. Components of a competitive application include:

  • Applicant interest in exposure to research or creative work
  • Evidence of mentor commitment
  • Potential learning outcomes for the applicant

This page contains information regarding the ERC Funding Application that all interested students should review prior to applying for funding. For other UROP funding opportunities and an at-a glance comparison, see Programs & Resources. Do not hesitate to reach out to UROP with any questions that you have by emailing us at urop@hawaii.edu.

The Basics

Submission Requirements

For funding consideration, all of the following must be submitted by the deadline:

  • ERC Funding Application, components include:
    • Resume (attachment, optional)
    • Combination Transcript (attachment, downloaded from STAR)
    • ERC Pre-Survey
    • ERC Mentor Form (once an application has been submitted, an ERC Mentor Form will automatically be forwarded to the listed mentor with a prompt to submit an ERC Mentor Form on behalf of the applicant (due 12 pm, March 13 in the Spring semester and 12 pm, October 20 in the Fall semester)


Below are additional resources that applicants might find helpful in preparing their ERC Funding Application:

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