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Tenure and Promotion

Tenure &/or Promotion Process

Tenure and/or Promotion Forms

Use this Application Form to request a PDF application for hard-copy Tenure and Promotion dossiers

Tenure and Promotion Information

Instructional Rank 2 Promotion

Instructional faculty members can apply to be promoted within the ranks of the I2 Classification. 

Probationary Periods

As a faculty member in a tenure-track position, you will be placed on a probationary period that is governed by the Collective Bargaining Agreement, Article XII, Tenure and Service, Section C. Refer to the below table for the appropriate classification:

A faculty member can apply for promotion at any time that they meet the requirements for the next rank as articulated in Executive Policy 5.221 and the Mānoa Criteria and Guidelines, as well as any Departmental Criteria the unit has established. It is expected that an applicant will demonstrate the level of academic achievement and reputation that is commensurate with the rank sought as found at major research universities in the United States. The exact stage of a faculty member’s career at which promotion is merited is a matter of judgment, and there may be honest differences of opinion based on fair and thorough consideration of the evidence.

Faculty ClassificationRank 2-JuniorRank 3-AssistantRank 4-AssociateRank 5-Full
Instructional (I)Not eligible5 years3 years2 years
Medical (M)Not eligible5 years3 years2 years
Law (J)Not eligible5 years3 years2 years
Researchers (R)Not eligible5 years3 years2 years
Specialist (S)5 years5 years3 years2 years
Librarian (B)5 years5 years3 years2 years
Agent (A)5 years5 years3 years2 years

*You can request to shorten or extend your probationary period. Please work with your respective College Human Resource department for the process.