Below is a searchable list of past projects and presentations that UHM undergraduate students have conducted with UROP funding. We hope you find some inspiration from the work these students have completed.


Group/IndividualStudent(s)Major(s)Project TitleMentorMentor Email
IndividualAaron HamerGlobal Environmental ScienceComparing Capacity for the Regulation of Solute Potential in Algal SpeciesSmith, C.
IndividualKanani KawikaHistoryHonolulu, 1892: The Overthrow of the Hawaiian Kingdom and the Meaning of SovereigntySchwartz,
IndividualJustin OreiziMarine BiologyMeasuring Water Quality and Bacteria Level Effects from Small Scale Piggeries in PohnpeiFukumoto, G.
IndividualRandall PerezReligionDahn Yoga: New Religious MovementBaroni,
IndividualLaura Marie HerrmannBiologyMorphology, evolution and phylogenetics of corpuscles, unique apple snail endosymbiontsHayes,
IndividualDaniel KahooneiSociologyAnalysis of Young Adult Nutritional Needs and Cost: Determining the minimum cost to sufficiently meet young adult nutritional needs on OʻahuScholly, K.
IndividualJourne DomekInformation and Computer SciencesNew Lines of Research Into Structured Representations: Can Novel Relations Map Onto Real World Tasks?Doumas,
IndividualVeronica GibsonMechanical EngineeringThe Design and Fabrication of a Burke-Schumann CombustorNejhad,
IndividualTaryn TakebayashiHistoryHow Many Electoral Votes are on the Moon?McGlone, R.
IndividualZachary HannahAnthropologyKeeping the Landscape Sacred in BoliviaBeaule,
IndividualMatthew HomSociologyFrom Outreach to Arson: A Critical Look at the A Critical Look at the Contemporary Animal Rights Contemporary Animal Rights and Environmental MovementWurtzburg,
IndividualEric JordanAnthropologyExamining Issues Faced By Micronesian Migrants Within Oahu Public Housing DevelopmentsWurtzburg,
IndividualMarta HuraSociologyPanel Speaker, Pacific Sociological AssociationWurtzburg,
IndividualR. Michi SweeneyPsychologyOff the record – Lost records of the Hawaiian Islands: A proposal for a new look at American HistoryGonzalez,
IndividualJoanna KimElectrical EngineeringSmart Phone “Tricorders” for Disaster Response TeamsMalhotra, V.
IndividualDavid DugucanavanuaHuman Resource ManagementThe Reality of Language Death: Hawai‘i and FijiSchutz,
IndividualZachary WilliamsZoologyPredatory Behavior of Caterpillars of the Endemic Hawaiian Moth Hyposmocoma pupumoehewaHolland,
IndividualHannah SheltonChemistryUltraviolet Radiation Absorption by Plant-Derived Compounds: Potential for Effective Topical SunscreensSchubert,
IndividualMari OkaharaChemistryManganese and Iron Cycling in a Coastal Hawaiian FishpondGlazer,
IndividualLeah MontalbanoInterdisciplinary StudiesGender, Society, and the People of BoliviaBeaule, C.
IndividualEmilie RichardsMarine BiologyPhylogeographic insights into the Indo-pacific parrotfish Scarus RubroviolaceusCarlon,
IndividualKellen YamamotoElectrical EngineeringApplication of Genetic Programming and its Potential Uses in Human Competitive EnvironmentsSasaki,
IndividualSara WatanabePsychologyAn fMRI Study of Pet Owner and Non-Pet Owner Response to Animal PhotographsKing,
IndividualJoanna KimReligionDahn Yoga Spiritual PracticeBaroni,
IndividualPaul BumpMarine BiologyIdentifying gene transcripts correlated to ciguatoxin production in Gambierdiscus toxicus as a function of irradiance and temperature conditions in Oahu coastal watersTrapido-Rosenthal,
IndividualJared KimFood Science and Human NutritionEfficient Membrane Protein Extraction MethodologyNg,
IndividualDane KuroharaBiologyExpression and Purification of G-protein-coupled Estrogen ReceptorNg,
IndividualAdam BajintingMolecular Cell BiologyProduction of the Fibroblast Growth Factor Receptor 3 (FGFR-3) for Structural StudiesNg,
IndividualPelagio Da Costa SarmentoCommunicationsConnecting the Unconnected: THE USE OF VSAT TECHNOLOGY IN FOUR REGIONS IN TIMOR-LESTEWinter,
IndividualEmily PruettAmerican StudiesThe Morals of MuseumsKosasa,
IndividualCamille Kanoa-WongHawaiian StudiesDecolonizing Methodologies as a New GenerationMaaka,
IndividualElizabeth HenryZoologyThe Impact of Urbanization on Invasive Vertebrate DispersalButler, M.
IndividualRyan LoganMarine BiologyThe Effects of Permanent Magnets on juvenile Sphyrna lewini Feeding BehaviorHutchinson,
IndividualBradley LakinBiologyThe Effects of Gorilla Ogo (G. salicornia) on the Settlement Cues for Larvae of Montipora CapitataRichmond,
IndividualTorsten DurkanBiologyEvaluating the carrying potential of the freshwater shrimp Macrobrachium rosenbergii for the human parasite Angiostrongylus cantonensisCowie,
IndividualDevon DeAngeloCommunications“Examining Chen and Starosta’s Model of Intercultural Sensitivity across two Multicultural Context’s”: A Cross-Cultural Comparative Research Proposal for the Undergraduate Research Opportunities CommitteeWu,
IndividualDonna PoscabloMolecular Cell BiologyEpizootiology of OCN014, A Causative Agent of Acropora White SyndromeCallahan,
IndividualAbraham GillettChineseIdentifying Semantic Elements in the Phonetic Component of Chinese CharactersJiang,
IndividualLiam HilsonBiologyCharacterization of the expression the OK107 enhancer trap in Drosophila melanogasterRobinow,
IndividualRandall PerezSociologyConversations about Faculty-Student Mentorship: Expectations and EnactmentWurtzburg,
IndividualJarred WilliamsSociologyPoverty and PunishmentWurtzburg,
IndividualTaeyoung HongBiologyProbing Binding Interactions of Cancer Marker Nup88Jovanovic-Talisman,
IndividualDaniel HongBiologyInvestigation of Antibody Specificity with Super-Resolution MicroscopyJovanovic-Talisman,
IndividualKelson LauElectrical EngineeringDesign and Fabrication of a Frequency Shifting, Stretchable Antenna Utilizing a Liquid Metal ConductorShiroma,
IndividualKunliang XiaoBiological EngineeringEngineering design and characterization of a novel device for mixing and separating magnetic particlesSu,
IndividualJiaming XueBiologysynthesis of new anti-cancer agents inspired by the nature product englerin AChain,
IndividualMatthew LimBiologyDevelopment of a Measure of Family Influences as Associated with Smoking Among Filipina Girls in Hawai‘iSy,
IndividualEmma PascalBiologyContextually Understanding the Devadasis in South IndiaStirr,
IndividualGeneva GraefAnimal SciencesRoaming Dogs and Their Effect on Community Physical and Psychological HealthStokes,
IndividualAvalon ColeyAnthropologyThere and (Never) Back Again: The Mysterious Journey of Homo floresiensisBae,
IndividualLauren ImaiNursingGetting Fit with Your Smartphone: An Application-Based Exercise Program for Nursing StudentsNigg,
IndividualKatharine SchuetteDieteticsGrowth Outcomes Related to Composition of Early Parenteral Nutrition Preparations in Very Low Birth Weight and Extremely Low Birth Weight Infants at Kapi`olani Medical Center for Women and Children (KMC)Watters,
IndividualSamantha OrdonezFood Science and Human NutritionMulti-cultural Perspectives on Introduction of Solids to InfantsWatters,
IndividualRoger ShekChemistryDetermining the expression and function of protein disulfide isomerase-8 (PDI8) in Arabidopsis thaliana plantsChristopher,
IndividualKaren GabbuatNursingAn exploratory study on nurses’ perception of spiritual careCodier,
IndividualChelsea MarvosNursingEmotional Intelligence and Clinical Performance/Retention of Nursing StudentsCodier,
IndividualAnthony WatsonArtForging Station / Mokume GaneRoster,
IndividualJared KimMolecular Cell BiologyExpression and Purification of Heat Stable Monodisperse Membrane Proteins for X-ray CrystallographyNg,
IndividualDane KuroharaBiologyExpression and Purification of G-protein-coupled Estrogen ReceptorNg,
IndividualAdam BajintingMolecular Cell BiologyDetermining the Conditions of Optimal Expression for Fibroblast Growth Factor Receptor 2 and the Functionality of Fibroblast Growth Factor Receptor 3Ng,
IndividualKelsey ColemanBotanyThe ecology of parasitic plants: Unique research opportunities in the endemic Hawaiian dodder Cuscuta sandwichianaBarton,
IndividualReid OshiroPsychologyMonitoring Fluorescently-labeled MinCDE and FtsZ Localization in Dividing and Differentiating Heterocysts Cells in AnabaenaCozy,
IndividualTom ShekChemistryIdentification of Secondary Metabolites found in LyngybaWilliams,
IndividualSuzette FarnumElementary EducationElevating literacy development of First Grade students to increase academic success in a title I school on the Leeward Coast following the Reading Recovery MethodologyMartel,
IndividualMichelle LazaroNatural Resources and Environmental ManagementUnderstanding the mechanisms of carbon sequestration in Hawaiian volcanic ash soilsCrow,
IndividualShawn TahataBiochemistryThe Nuclear Pore Complex and CRM1-mediated nuclear exportJovanovic-Talisman,
IndividualJessica JanigaChemistrySearching for Anti-Cancer Drugs in CyanobacteriaPhilip,
IndividualNoelani RodriguezFood Science and Human NutritionComparison of Myostatin-Inhibitory Capacity of Various Myostatin-Binding Proteins Using A Luciferase Gene Reporter Assay SystemKim,
IndividualSunja KimBiologyEngineering Escherichia coli Cells for Propagation of the piggyBac Antibiotic-free Gene Therapy VectorStoytcheva,
IndividualEmma PascalBiologyIs the increased prevalence of depression linked with inadequate nutrition?Titchenal,
IndividualStephanie LiborioAnthropologyTourism’s effect on Cultural Authenticity: A Transformation of the Islanders on Malta and HawaiiGolub,
IndividualMonica WinstoneDance TheatreProposal for ImPulsTanz International Dance FestivalSchiffner,
IndividualKatherine NesbitMarine BiologyCircadian Signaling in the Ghost Crab Ocypode ceratophthalmaChristie,
IndividualAlex KellyMusicHindustani Slide Guitar & Cross Cultural Sound CurrentsStirr,
GroupAlison Burkhardt, Malia WildEnglish, Dance TheatreThe Jean Erdman ProjectFisher,
IndividualDaniel GomezMolecular Cell BiologyInterleukin-17 Production in CNS by Infiltrating T Cells and Glial Cells in HIV-1-Infected BrainShiramizu,
IndividualCharna UnderwoodSocial WorkEffects of Social Support on Depression in Older Japanese Women Living in the Long-term-care SettingKim,
GroupCeone Nojima, Christina CurtoGeography, BiologyDe-nutrification of the World’s Ocean due to Climate ChangeMora,
IndividualJaemi-Lise YoshiokaAnimal SciencesMicrobial population of fermented taro skinLee,
IndividualEllary Tucker-WilliamsInterdisciplinary StudiesQuantifying Stakeholder Perspectives on Marine Recreational Fishing Licenses in HawaiiLepczyk, C.
IndividualLauren ImaiNursingGetting Fit with Your Smartphone: An Application-Based Exercise Program for Nursing StudentsNigg, C.
IndividualEileen DavisMarine BiologyAssessing the Behavior of Tripneustes gratilla as an Indicator of Toxicity Levels of OrganophosphatesHunter,
GroupCharlotte Needham, Joslyn KaawaSocial Work, Social WorkMaunalaha: A Hawaiian Kipuka in Urban HonoluluMcgregor, D.
IndividualKarl HsuGeographyStudy of long-term climate change and plant and ecosystem processes in Hawai‘i using copper oxide chemistry of organic sedimentsBeilman, D.
IndividualKobey TogikawaBotanyThe Role of Non-native Insect Pollinators in Coastal EnvironmentsDrake, D.
IndividualEmmanuel SinghPsychologySpirituality and SchizophreniaHeiby, E.
IndividualKameron NoyamaNursingPsychosocial screening in newly diagnosed, ethnically diverse breast cancer patientsCodier,
IndividualMicah MizumotoSecondary Education: EnglishPidgin and High-Achieving Education in HawaiʻiNordstrom, G.
IndividualJared KimMolecular Cell BiologyDeveloping a Mass Spectrometry Screening Protocol for Structural Membrane ProteomicsNg,
IndividualDane KuroharaBiologyExpression and Purification of G-protein-coupled Estrogen ReceptorNg,
IndividualAdam BajintingMolecular Cell BiologyAnalyzing Multiple Domains of the Fibroblast Growth Factor Receptor 3 and 2 for Optimal ExpressionNg,
IndividualFrancesca KoetheZoologyResurveying of Kaua’i Coral Reef Inventory of 1981Maragos, J.
IndividualPatrick RexMarine BiologyUse of Geomagnetic Fields in Topotaxis for Navigation by Sphyrna LewiniAnderson, J.
IndividualRaven ParsonsMicrobiologyIs Under-diagnosed Iron Deficiency Contributing to the Increasing Prevalence of Asthma?Dobbs,
IndividualRonia AueluaPacific Island StudiesAttitudes towards the disabled in Samoa and AmericaMayer, J.
IndividualCaitlin FlynnBiologySample Degradation Study of Formalin-Fixed, Paraffin-Embedded Human Placental SamplesAstern, J.
IndividualDanielle GarciaMarine BiologyEnergetics of the Deep-Water Bluntnose Sixgill Shark, Hexanchus griseus: Enzyme Activity as an Indicator for Metabolic RateWeng, K.
IndividualReid OshiroPsychologyIdentification of mutations that bypass a hetF mutation in Anabaena sp. strain PCC 7120Cozy,
IndividualDaniel DeSmidtMarine BiologyNiche Partitioning in Captive Juvenile Scalloped Hammerheads, Sphyrna lewini, and Sandbar Sharks, Carcharhinus plumbeus.Hutchinson,
IndividualJordan TakayamaInformation and Computer SciencesMaking game design as easy as gaming: creating an administrative interface to the Makahiki serious game frameworkJohnson,
IndividualRebekah IlaveNatural Resources and Environmental ManagementEstimating Aboveground Biomass of Tropical Forests in Sierra Leone Using LiDAR Data and Statistical Learning MethodsChen,
IndividualTenny PanMicrobiologyTreatment of BPA-containing wastewater using an engineered windmill palm tree peroxidaseLi,
IndividualMichelle SakudaAnimal SciencesSustainable Tilapia Farming in Hawaii Using Local FeedstuffJha,
IndividualAlexei SamimiMechanical EngineeringA Study of Geothermal Power Generation in Iceland and Implementation of Icelandic Innovation in HawaiiGhorbani,
IndividualHana BlatterBiologyExploring Evolutionary Relationships Between Map Turtles Found in the Mississippi RiverThomson, R.
IndividualCJ MaglintiPsychologyThe Kiai in Martial Arts? An Exploration of Force and AttentionSinnett,
IndividualMyungjun KoBiologyThe Sperm Nuclear Matrix is Required for Zygotes to Recognize Severe Paternal DNA DamageWard, S.
IndividualKazukuni HayashiMolecular Cell BiologyEcological Connectivity Among Shark Species Determined By Their Oral Bacteria
IndividualJenny LiuBiologyMisincorporation of Beta-Methylamino-L-Alanine Into Protein: A Mechanism for Motor Neuron Disease?Hemscheidt, T.
IndividualAiwa OnoBiologyVisualization of G-alpha Protein Distribution in Cells Using Super-resolution MicroscopyJovanovic-Talisman,
IndividualEumen KimAsian StudiesRedefining Nationalism through Repeat Migration: Korean Diaspora in Brazil and the Shift in Cultural Identity and Attitudes.Park,
IndividualJulia DiltsTravel Industry ManagementMobile Technology Design: Bridging Cultural Gaps in the Modern World of TravelYap,
IndividualMatthew WilliamsPhilosophyImagining Oneself as Another: Autism and the Problem of Other MindsChakrabarti,
IndividualVanessa LuiMicrobiologyAnalyzing Urothelial Defects in a Novel Mouse Model of Prenatal Urinary Tract ObstructionFogelgren,
IndividualMarat KhramovZoologyEcology of the invasive hammerhead flatworm (Bipalium kewense) in HawaiiHolland,
IndividualLi PhillipsGeographyThe Social Carrying Capacity of Hiking Trails Around Inle Lake, MyanmarSzuster,
IndividualWendy YoshiokaSocial WorkEffectiveness of Emergency / Disaster Preparedness for Children, Grades 3 – 5 in HawaiiKim,
IndividualDaisy DeanEthnobotanyOptimizing the Protocol for disinfestation and sterilization to micro-propagating Kanaloa kahoolawensis by using similar speciesSmith, C.
GroupDavid Randall, Tehani Nakamitsu, Soo Mei Teh, Marika Wilson, Michael JavaldePrintmaking, Art, Art History, Women’s Studies, ArtLithopixel Refactory Collective at the SGC International ConferenceCohan,
IndividualKaitlin TaiblChemistrySpanish Colonialism’s Unique Effects on the Bolivian Art of the North and SouthBeaule,
IndividualTyler PeppardBiologyRoles of Women in Bolivia Due to the Influence of Colonialism and GlobalizationBeaule,
IndividualEmily GuynnNatural Resources and Environmental ManagementImpact of wildfire on aboveground carbon storage across a elevation/precipitation gradient in Hawaii Volcanoes National ParkLitton,
IndividualSiyuan WangTravel Industry ManagementUnderstanding the Behavior of Chinese Tourists —- To help Hawaiian Tourism Achieve Better DevelopmentSpencer,
GroupSteven Ewers, Liem NguyenElectrical Engineering, PhysicsRobotics for the Design of a Competition Mining Robot with the Purpose of Excavating Simulated Martian Regolith (BP-1)Garmire,
GroupMark Lester Hernandez, Logan Gerber, Robert Gabriel, Shokoku Shigeta, Christina YeeElectrical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electrical EngineeringSolar Panel CleanbotGarmire,
IndividualKent SarabiaElectrical EngineeringTwo-dimensional Graphene-Diamond Interfacial PropertiesGarmire,
IndividualNoahiani FataSocial WorkExamining the Barriers Native Samoans Face When Trying to Attend a College Off-islandMersereau,
IndividualPerry TsuruokaNursingMeasuring Process Outcomes in the Multidisciplinary ClinicCodier,
IndividualMazie-Rose ColomaNursingSenior Nursing Student BurnoutCodier,
IndividualHeather SzelesNursingEmotional Intelligence and Nursing Student LeadershipCodier,
GroupBranden Santiano, Zoey MalaluanCivil and Environmental Engineering, Civil and Environmental EngineeringCapture and valorization of CO2 Using Carbonic Anhydrase-Displaying Bacteria in a Novel BioreactorKan,
IndividualNoah Perales-EstoestaEnglishTreating the Conference as Text: Conceptualizing Cascadia at AWP 2014Stewart,
IndividualStephen MatadobraMarine BiologyMaritime Archaeological Survey Proposal at Site Hale O KapuniVan Tilburg,
IndividualRance OkudaraBiologyBreast Cancer Cell GPERs and EstrogenNg,
IndividualClement Tran TangEconomicsImproving Diffraction Quality of mCardinal2 CrystalsNg,
IndividualJinny ChingBiochemistryResolving Hydrogen Atom Positions in Protein StructuresNg,
IndividualKellie KurasakiMolecular Cell BiologyExpression of Yop1 Proteins in E. ColiNg,
IndividualPua O Eleili PintoInterdisciplinary StudiesIndigenous Methodology of oral tradition to continue Native Hawaiian Birthing PracticesAndrade,
IndividualEmma PascalBiologyEvaluation of a perinatal support program for FASD preventionOnoye,
IndividualTawni AlailimaCommunicationsOngoing Civic Engagement in the SOPA 2012 CampaignWinter,
IndividualRebekah HarterFrenchHorticulture as Therapy in University Settings: A Manual for University Mental Health AlliesCusick,
IndividualKinsey JustaAnthropologyCultural implications and motivations for the emigration of young people away from lobster fishing communities of the Cranberry Islands in relation to the current economic success of their parents in the local fishing industry.Padwe,
IndividualChristopher MurataHistoryCharlie Chan and the Curse of the Dragon Lady: The Discursive Representations of “Asians” in American Popular Media, 1850 to the PresentYoo,
IndividualPriscilla GrunauerPsychologyMeasuring the Behavioral Effects of Environmental Enrichment in Captive ChimpanzeesWalguarnery,
IndividualKathryn SulikZoologyLearning to associate a uniform electric field with prey in scalloped hammerhead sharks (Sphyrna lewini)Williams,
IndividualErin YokoteBiologyDistribution of infective Angiostrongylus cantonensis larvae within intermediate gastropod hostsHayes,
IndividualNicole PietkiewiczPsychologyMultiracial Children and Their Theories on RacePauker,
IndividualMatthew SylvaPlant and Environmental Protection SciencesEffects of Fountain Grass and Ungulate Fencing on the Health and Natural Regeneration of Wiliwili Trees
IndividualAnthony LuafalealoEconomicsInvestor vs. Borrower Wealth from Securitized MortgagesWang,
IndividualClaire YakabePolitical ScienceLes Mots du Communisme: The Impact of Language and Image on Communism during the 1978 French Legislative Elections in ParisSteger,
IndividualLaura-Marie HerrmannAmerican StudiesGood Housekeeping Voodoo: A Brief History of the FDAYoshihara,
IndividualTate WesterMarine BiologyComparison of Fish Assemblages on DAR Barge and Z-module Artificial Reefs.Hixon,
IndividualGrant BatzelMarine BiologyCarbonic Anhydrase and its Role in Tube Formation in Hydroides elegans, a Serpulid Polychaete WormHadfield,
IndividualMaxx OishiBiologyInvestigating Anti-Carcinogenic Effects of Noni: Regulation of Survivin and Activation of Caspases in Breast Cancer Cells.Nerurkar,
IndividualDaniella OriasFood Science and Human NutritionTBDNerurkar,
IndividualJohn GonzalezHistoryDelano: The Historical of California’s Jewel of the san Joaquin ValleyRath,
IndividualAnne MinezakiBiologyNeuromodulation by a N-Terminal Beta Amyloid Fragment
IndividualZachary AckerMicrobiologyThe Role of Histone Deacetylase Enzyme in Modulating Immunity to Dengue VirusVerma,
IndividualDonna Sweetie KuehuNatural Resources and Environmental ManagementDesign and Operation of a Bifloc Technology Based Aquaponic SystemMalecha,
IndividualSolomon ChampionEthnobotanyPolyphasic Analysis of Benthic Microbial Community Response to a Molasses Spill in Honolulu HarborDonachie,
IndividualJames MillerMicrobiologyDo single bacterial cells in coral mucus work?Donachie,
IndividualJustin ShortellBiologyCultivation and Metabolic Activities of Single Bacteria Cells from the Deep SeaDonachie,
IndividualKayne McCarthyBiological SciencesCommunity-University Research Partnership Promoting Drug Prevention through Positive Youth Development in an Indigenous Hawaiian CommunityHelm,
IndividualAlex ColbyEconomicsThe Value of Nationality Diversity in the Soccer Labor MarketGreaney,
IndividualMichellei FisherBiochemistryHuman Renal Proximal Tubular Epithelial Cells as a Model to Study Polyomavirus JCV PathogenesisNerurkar,
IndividualAlexander YangBiological EngineeringGenetically Encoded Fluorescent Bio-sensors for Rapid Analysis of Protein Processing in PlantsSu,
IndividualKyle HondaBiological EngineeringProducing electricity using unmarketable papayas in a carbohydrate powered fuel cellSu,
IndividualKari UradaAmerican StudiesEmbodying Cultural Convergence: K-Pop Fandom and the Construction of Global IdentityPark,
GroupMorgan Roman, Cody Smith, Devin KamitaMechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical EngineeringElectromagnetic Torque Rods to Control a Small Satellite for Hawaii Space Flight LabTrimble,
IndividualHeath LarnerMechanical EngineeringParticle-Cavity Interaction in Microfluidic ChannelsOhta,
IndividualMelissa WalkerEthnobotanyCyanobacterial diversity in Hawaiian StreamsSherwood,

IndividualSonja DobbsZoologyProtecting Hawaiian tree snails by control of Jackson’s chameleons using decoysHolland,

IndividualNathaniel SaulMathematicsOcean Plume Simulation for Robotic MappingBingham,

IndividualJennifer BoranianSpanishEndeavors of National and Ethnic Identity: Examining Pluralistic Education ReformBeaule,
IndividualZhaotong XuMolecular Cell BiologyThe cell biological role of PRAF proteins in Drosophila melanogaster studied by RNAi knockdown.
de Couet,
IndividualKellie KurasakiMolecular Cell BiologyExpression of Yop1 in S. cerevisiae in comparison to E. coliNg,

IndividualAdam BajintingMolecular Cell BiologyDetermining the Functionalities of Specific Expressed Fibroblast Growth Factor Receptor DomainsNg,

IndividualFeruza AzimovaPolitical ScienceShiraoi Poroto Kotan: Examining the Methods of the Revival of Ainu Traditions in a Mock VillageAikau,

IndividualKelly KunikaneGeographyDynamic Mapping of the Somei-Yoshino (title may be tentative)Jiang,

IndividualVon Dickens UlsaAmerican StudiesAmerican History through the Board Games of the Gilded AgeKraft,
IndividualMark LeeMolecular Cell Biology The Association of Demographics, Family Dynamics, and Cultural Expectation with End-of-Life Health Care Utilization, Decision Making and Caregiver Burden Onoye,

IndividualMael FlamentPhysicsTowards a Realtime Determination of Ocean Surface Currents Using Land-Based and Satellite Imagery.Leigh,
IndividualChad Hui-PetersonClassicsEvidence of Hellenistic Imperialism at the site of Tell Timai, Egypt. Silverstein,

IndividualWesley GibsonFood Science and Human NutritionThe Relationship between Nutrition Beliefs and Food ChoicesDobbs,

IndividualAlexander SpurrBotanyThe Ecology of Endemic Species: The interaction between the endemic Koa Tree (Fabaceae: Acacia koa) and the endemic Koa Looper Moth (Geometridae: Scotorythra paludicola)Barton,
IndividualGary ForesmanMathematicsAssessing the Integration of Reusable Litter Bags at High-Traffic Hiking TrailsWilson,
IndividualEddy LeungMolecular Cell BiologyAssessment of Viral Reservoirs in HIV Eradication StudiesNdhlovu,
IndividualKathleen QuiambaoMolecular Cell BiologyAnti-corrosive Effects of Biofilm Formed by Bacillus Subtilis Against Sulfate-Reducing Bacterium Desulfovibrio sp. on Carbon SteelHihara,
IndividualMelissa BlaisdellFamily ResourcesYoga Balls in the Elementary School ClassroomYancura,
IndividualRonelyn GanirFamily ResourcesThe Effects of Expressive Writing on Self-Report Stress, Blood Pressure, and Cortisol
IndividualKenton AsaoBiologyAdaptive Radiation in Hawaiian Damselflies: Identifying Genomic Elements that Contributed to the 23 Distinct Species in the GenusButler,
IndividualMichael CoeEthnobotanyCross-Cultural Investigations of Amazonian Ethnomedicine: Unique Research Opportunities of the Ayahuasca ComplexMerlin,
IndividualAlexandra McDougleAnthropologyBioarchaeology of Southeast Asian ChildrenPietrusewsky,
IndividualChonnikarn ShermanAnthropologySeeking Angkor’s Elites: Rooftiles and Resicence from the 9th through 15th Centuries in Northwest Cambodia

IndividualDiana HoldenChemistryCharacterization of Arc Binding to PICK1 as a Mechanism of Regulating Synaptic Plasticity during Learning and MemoryJames,
IndividualElizabeth KimuraElementary EducationInquiry Into Japanese EducationBalinbin,
IndividualBlake VilasInterdisciplinary Studies3D Printing Prosthetic Hands for Papua New Guinea
IndividualSonya TranBiologyRole of c-Abl in MeiosisAlarcon,
IndividualSusan Veney-MalcouCommunicationsTumblr Revolution: African-American Women and Online Social ActivismBuente,
IndividualMonica DittbernBotanyIdentification of Airborne Algae on Oʻahu using Next-generation Sequencing TechnologySherwood,
IndividualStephanie MatthewsBiologyMetagenetic sequencing of zooplankton species richness between pelagic zonesGoetze,
GroupBertram Booker, Rommel YanosCivil and Environmental Engineering, Civil and Environmental EngineeringCarbon Capture and Waste Water Treatment using Microalgae in a Foam Photo-BioreactorKan,
IndividualHannah AzouzGeology and GeophysicsHow low is too high? Fukushima Radiation in the PacificDulai,
IndividualTrista McKenzieGeology and GeophysicsQuantifying Atmospheric Fallout of Fukushima-derived Radioactive Isotopes in the Hawaiian IslandsDulai,
GroupAdam Bajinting, Dong Kuk HuhMolecular Cell Biology, Molecular Cell BiologyOptimizing the Expression of Multiple FGFR 2& 3 Domains Using the Cell-free Reaction and Testing their FunctionalitiesNg,
IndividualKellie KurasakiMolecular Cell BiologyIn vitro Tubule Formation of Yop1 Expressed in E.coliNg,
IndividualMichelle HuBiochemistryEngineering Crystallizability in mMaroonNg,
IndividualPatricia CarrenoPsychologyDoes Ethnic Identity Influence Posttraumatic Emotional Expression in Combat Veterans?Spira,
IndividualTiffany-Heather UlepBiological EngineeringIsolation, Sequence, Synthesis, and Pharmacological Analysis of a Novel Peptide from Conus striatusBingham,
IndividualLilia MerrinHawaiian StudiesI ka wai hālau a i Wailua (The expansive waters of Wailua): Investigating Wailua River and its Tributaries in the Socio-political Development of Ancient KauaʻiKikiloi,
IndividualNicolyn CharlotPsychologyEffects of Masculinity Priming on Jealousy in a Mate Poaching ScenarioPauker,
IndividualChelsey-Mei BorgeTravel Industry ManagementExploring the Economic Impact of the University of Hawaii on Oahu’s TourismSeo,
IndividualNicole ChongBiologyUsing Next Generation Sequencing Technology to Detect Circulating microRNAs as Diagnostic Biomarkers in Liver CancerGarmire,
IndividualVictoria ChangPsychologyDevelopment of Olfactory Memory in Young RatsTakahashi,
IndividualEchelle BurnsMarine BiologyThe electro-response of captive Sphyma lewini and Carcharhinus plumbeus to underwater camerasRoyer,
IndividualLisa HallGlobal Environmental Science“Exploring the Ecology of Reoccurring Associations between Eukaryotic Phytoplankton and the Nitrogen-Fixing Cyanobacterium, Trichodesmium”Church,
IndividualKathryn HuMechanical EngineeringFabrication, Integration, and Testing of Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotube Nanoforests as Gas Diffusion Layers for Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel CellsNejhad,
IndividualNicholas FarrantPhysicsEnvisioning Koʻolauloa and Waialua: co-developing a methodology for community-engaged participatory action research in rural OʻahuGoodyear-Kaʻōpua,
IndividualHolm SmidtMechanical EngineeringDesign and Integration of a Feedback-Control Algorithm for an Autonomous Path-Following Space Mining Rover SystemBerkelman,
GroupTylynnn Ai, David Kuntz, Robinson BucanegMechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical EngineeringDesigning a Kinesthetic Energy Generator to store kinetic energy exerting during physical activities in the form of electrical energyGhorbani,
GroupTri Do, Julian PriceMechanical Engineering, Mechanical EngineeringResearch and Development of an Aerodynamics Package for Formula Society of Automotive EngineersGhorbani,
IndividualBritton WarfieldMechanical EngineeringSmart Design by Analyzing the Human FactorGhorbani,
IndividualCarissa NakaoFood Science and Human NutritionCharacterization of the expression pattern of triggering receptor expressed on myeloid cells (TREM) family receptors following West Nile Virus infectionVerma,
IndividualChastyne CabanasCivil and Environmental EngineeringEstimation of Soil Cation Exchange Capacity Using Easily Measurale Soil VariablesBateni, S.
IndividualJaymes LonzanidaMicrobiologyIdentification of proteins translated by alternative ribosomes in Mycobacterium SmegmatisPrisic,
IndividualMargaret MoellerMarine BiologyDevelopment of Larval Rearing techniques for the Hawaiian Slipper Lobster Scyllarides squammosusMalecha,
IndividualZachary OldsGeology and GeophysicsAnalysis of Topography and Rock Fractures at the Fletcher Granite Quarry, MassachusettsMartel,
IndividualLisa Hinano ReyNatural Resources and Environmental ManagementLanguage of the Backyard: A study of community subsistence and island sustainability in Hawaiki (Raiatea, French Polynesia)Chailloux,
GroupJonathan Kutsunai, Bryan Fewell, Chauncey Tom, Peter Joseph Agustin, Kevin SonodaElectrical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electrical EngineeringInvestigation of Mesh Networking Capabilities of Picosatellites for Mission FlexibilityShiroma,
IndividualStephanie ChangBiological EngineeringDesign of a biological filter for carbon dioxide and bicarbonate using Chlamydomonas reinhardtiiSu,
IndividualMegan ChiBiologyResponse of koa looper caterpillars (Scotorythra paludicola) to drought simulation and nutrient augmentation of Acacia koaHaines,
IndividualAnthony BandaBiologyQuality of Oocytes Derived from Frozen and In Vitro Cultured Ovarian TissuesYamazaki,
IndividualNathaniel SaulMathematicsNumerical methods for analysis of effects of Kinesio Tape on the subcutaneous compartments of the thighMileyko,
GroupJayme Navor, Russell Shigeoka, Quincy Crowell, Wonjun Jung, Nathan Maldonado, Christopher Ahuna, Ryan Saito, Sandrick Cristobal, Eric Caldwell, Joshua GlobaMechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical EngineeringDesign, Manufacturing, and Analysis of a Competition Ready Human Powered VehicleTrimble,
IndividualKendrick GoMolecular Cell BiologyAssessing the clinical significance of HPV quantitation in HIV-associated anal dysplasiaShiramizu,
IndividualTaylor JacksonMarine BiologyTesting the Enemy Release Hypothesis by Quantifying Leaf Herbivory on Invasive and Native MangrovesSmith, C.
IndividualCoral BieleckiEthnobotanyAn analysis of intergradating populations of Bidens sandvicensis subsp sandvicensis and Bidens asymmetricaMorden,
IndividualCaitlin KellyPsychologySuicide Prevention in Hawai‘i: Empowering YouthGoebert,
GroupTraci Oba, Nicole DavisPublic Health, Public HealthBehavioral Effects of Youth AsthmaNelson-Hurwitz,
IndividualJesse BoordMarine BiologyThe Effects of Groundwater-Derived Nutrients on Algal GrowthThomas,
IndividualGrace Ann Ailige JuhreCivil and Environmental EngineeringStatistical Variation of Hardened Concrete PropertiesJohnson,
IndividualDustin VuongMolecular Cell BiologyExpression of Recombinant Human Apoferritin in Escherichia Colide Couet,
IndividualZhaotong XuMolecular Cell BiologyGenerating a PRAF2 Genetic Knock-out Mutation in Drosophila melanogaster Using a gRNA/Cas9 (CRISPR) Systemde Couet,
GroupAshley Ryan Vidad, Stephen MacaspacBiology, BiologyDetermination of the Ligand-Binding Site of GPER through Protein Conservation Analysis and Docking SimulationsNg,
IndividualCory* TaumHawaiian StudiesMāori and Maoli Art Exchange: A Creative Project Inspired by the Correlation of Contemporary Māori and Hawaiian ArtAndrade,
IndividualRam BKAnthropologyCitizenship and Gender in Nepal: The Case of the Badi CasteBrunson,
IndividualNick FinkCreative MediaCultural impact of social video game fanaticism in the United StatesTripp,
IndividualKalina CalantocElementary EducationDeveloping and Implementing an Elementary School Garden Program in HonoluluHerring,
GroupScott O’Farrell, Brien HaunMolecular Cell Biology, Molecular Cell BiologyConstruction of scFv cloning vector for heterologous expression, molecular characterization, and standardization of monoclonal antibodiesBerestecky,
IndividualKayla ArthurEthnobotanyThe ethnobotany of pua kala: Ethnomedicinal investigation on modern perspectives and applications of Argemone glaucaBarton,
IndividualCaroline GreenwoodMarine BiologyLinking Water Quality to Invasive Macroalgal Coverage and Nutritional Status in He’eia Fishpond, Kane’ohe BayRuttenburg,
IndividualTashina ForgesHawaiian StudiesResearch of Indigenous Art Programs in AotearoaAndrade,
IndividualShannon IriarteDance TheatreStorytelling in the Shadows: Sharing Cultural Values through PuppetryBranner,
IndividualAshley SanchezGlobal Environmental ScienceImpacts of future temperature rise and ocean acidification on Lithothamnion sp. dissolution ratesGuidry,
IndividualLeo LouisEthnobotanyMarket Assessment of the Traditional Knowledge of Fungi in BhutanThomas,
IndividualSidra JabbarBiologyEvaluation of Fibroblast Gene Expression Profiles of Internal OrgansTallquist,
GroupErin Richardson, Megann Sala, Charles Mukaida, Vanessa Maldonado, Jerilyn Ornellas, Kevin Morita, Gabriel ChoyMusic, Music, Music, Secondary Education: Music, Family Resources, Music, MusicVoices of Aloha: Preparing for Travel through Research, Practice, and SharingFelipe, M.
IndividualLisa YuArchitectureWeeding Out Crime: CPTED in Oahu’s Weed & Seed NeighborhoodsDas,
IndividualAbraham KwanMolecular Biosciences and BiotechnologyBioremediation Mechanisms of Dibenzothiophene with the Bacteria Burkholderia sp. C3Li,
IndividualAudrey BeardenMolecular Cell BiologyInteraction between the nicotinic receptor-dependent sensitization of Aβ toxicity and the common cellular toxicity pathwayNichols,
IndividualJessica SevillaMarine BiologyArchitects of Destruction: Investigation of Spheciospongia vagabunda BioerosionGates,
IndividualCarissa NakaoFood Science and Human NutritionRole of triggering receptor expressed on myeloid cells (TREM) family receptors in West Nile Virus immunityVerma,
IndividualCynthia LiBiologyExploring the Impact of Toll-Like Receptor Signaling on Memory B Cell Differentiation and Cytokine SecretionChang,
IndividualMakana SilvaPhysicsMathematics and Applications of SolitonsPost,
IndividualAndrea Unzueta MartinezMarine BiologyProbiotic interactions of Pseudoalteromonas rubra on Montipora capitataCallahan,
IndividualAriel OrasudBiochemistryAnti-Cancer Agents from Secondary Metabolites of Hawaiian Deep-Sea Sediment BacteriaCao,
IndividualJae Yun LeeMicrobiologyAcetylation of S18 Ribosomal Proteins in Mycobacterium smegmatisPrisic,
IndividualRyne O’ReillyPacific Island StudiesTuvalu: A Discourse on DevelopmentKabutaulaka,
GroupMichael Rogers, Kristen Jamieson, Benjamin VanEgternTropical Plant & Soil Sciences, Natural Resources and Environmental Management, Tropical Plant & Soil SciencesFeasibility study of implementing an aerated static compost system for food waste in UH Manoa housingRadovitch,
IndividualTyler RamosMusicThe Realization of ArtistryYee,
IndividualVon Dickens UlsaAmerican StudiesThe Captor and the Legist: The Forgotten Histories of the Andrade BrothersLanzona,
IndividualJasmine TysonMicrobiologyExpression of Dengue Virus-Like Particles in Drosophila Cells as Vaccine Candidates
IndividualDerek SasakiBiological EngineeringCo-immobilized microalgae/fungi cell pellets as a new biotech production platformSu,
IndividualMelissa WalkerBotanyAlgal Diversity of Benthic Communities in Hawaiian StreamsSherwood,
IndividualMicah PascualMicrobiologyMechanisms Underlying Differential Responses to Neuropeptide Allatostatin-C (AST-C) in the Cardiac Ganglion (CG) of the American lobster, Homarus americanusChristie,
IndividualJeremy DivinagraciaFashion Design and MerchandisingDevelopment of Men’s Fashion made in U.S.A.Reilly,
IndividualKadee-Kalia TamashiroBiologyExamining molecular pathways of urothelial differentiation in an ex-vivo ureter explant modelFogelgren,
IndividualCarl ThompsonGeographyCarbon Isotope Analysis of Hawaiian Land Snail Shells for Paleo-Climate ReconstructionHolland,
IndividualJoan LanzaderasSocial WorkOut-of-School Time Programs for Title I High SchoolsKim,
IndividualDebbi YoshimotoMarine BiologyAnalyzing algae parameters as a function of nitrogen in SGD, on two shores of OʻahuSmith, C.
IndividualLauren YumolGlobal Environmental ScienceSpecies-Specific Response to Climate Warming of the Antarctic PeninsulaBeilman,
IndividualCheyenne BarelaMolecular Biosciences and BiotechnologyCharacterization of the expression of protein disulfide isomerase-M subfamily members, PDI9 and PDI10, in Arabidopsis plantsChristopher,
IndividualTaylor TashiroMolecular Cell BiologyGenetic markers for identification and characterization of nematodes in Hawai’iHaymer,
IndividualEric WadnalGlobal Environmental ScienceCalibration and analysis of PMEL moored buoy pH measurements using contemporaneous seawater samplesDeCarlo,
IndividualJesse BoordMarine BiologyThe Effects of Groundwater-Derived Nutrients on Algal GrowthThomas,
IndividualTrista McKenzieGeology and GeophysicsQuantifying Atmospheric Fallout of Fukushima-derived Cesium in the Hawaiian Islands: Soil cesium Activity on the windward side of the Island of HawaiiDulai,
IndividualStephen MacaspacBiologyDetermination of the Ligand-Binding Sites of GPCR’s through Protein Conservation Analysis and Docking SimulationsNg,
IndividualShalin ZhangMolecular Cell BiologyExpression of Aromatase in E. coli for Ligand-Binding StudiesNg,
IndividualNikki RousslangBiological EngineeringDeveloping an Optimal Medium and Screening Method to Detect Human Asparaginase Production in Escherichia coliNg,
IndividualCorey MutnikPhysicsSpex Young Star AtlasLu,
IndividualJames GreenTropical Plant & Soil SciencesAgroinfiltration of the coat protein gene of Tobacco mosaic virus (TMV) is compared to CRISPR-Cas9 agroinfiltration to confer resistance to TMV in transgenic Nicotiana benthamiana.Hu,
IndividualSean ReseighNatural Resources and Environmental ManagementBiogas and Bio Slurry production from anaerobic digestion of food wasteDeenik,
IndividualRebecca WeibleMarine BiologyInvestigating Microplastic Ingestion and Bioaccumulation in the Aquatic Food WebSelph,
IndividualAlaina SmithGlobal Environmental ScienceMaintenance of diversity through multiple time scales of resource supplyEdwards,
GroupTaryn Alisna, Ai OkunoCreative Media, Creative MediaAloha Vegas: The Relationship of the California Hotel in Las Vegas and the Japanese Americans from HawaiʻiFlanary,
IndividualSadie Karratti-AbordoBiochemistryMETH and HIV-Tat induced changes in calcium channel expression in dopaminergic neuronsAndres,
GroupKristen Bennett, Clara SchliemanMarine Biology, Marine BiologyWhat does it take to count an eel?: A comparison of moray eel survey methods across varying levels of habitat complexityDonahue,
IndividualDerek RischNatural Resources and Environmental ManagementImpacts of berm management on water quality of Kaelepulu stream and discharge in Kailua BayPrice,
IndividualMarissa KuoBiologyDetermine the Role of PDGFRα and PDGFRβ Expression in the Hepatic FibroblastsTallquist,
IndividualMayumi FernandezMolecular Cell BiologyExpression of ovarian markers in developing testes of XOSox9,Eif2s3x mice during the window of sex determinationWard,
IndividualJenny FangMolecular Cell BiologyDesign and development of plasmids expressing sex chromosome encoded Zfy/x genes to test specificity of newly developed antibodies against mouse ZFY proteinsWard,
GroupJuliana Clark, Leslie HutchinsMicrobiology, BiologyMulching the Gardens of LonoLincoln,
IndividualMarshall ClarkGlobal Environmental ScienceAnalyzing Environmental Changes Observed at Hawaii Ocean Time-series using an Ensemble of Earth System SimulationsDiNezio,
IndividualBlake PinellMolecular Cell BiologyThe Characterization of HIF-Regulated Variant Splicing in the HeartShohet,
GroupJarrod Lofy, Christopher Delp, Shonelle Swarens, Derek ChanInformation and Computer Sciences, Information and Computer Sciences, Art, Information and Computer SciencesStep-by-Step Mathematics AppNarayan,
GroupMitchel McLean, Zack Yuen, Holm Smidt, Davis WongMechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical EngineeringDeveloping a Demand Response Platform and Client Network for Residential Smart Grid SolutionsGhorbani,
IndividualBrennen YasudaMicrobiologyExpression of Alternative Ribosomal Proteins in Mycobacterium smegmatis under Stress ConditionsPrisic,
IndividualHye Won ChungPsychologyExpanding Rural Access to Health Resources and Investigating the Role of Stigma as Barrier of
GroupDavis Wong, Evan FujimotoBiochemistry, BiologyThe Protective Effects of mTOR Against Hypoxic Stressor in CardiomyocytesMatsui,
IndividualChad MorrowCivil and Environmental EngineeringDetermine the Impact of Urban Storm Runoff on Chlordane and Dieldrin in Manoa StreamYan,
IndividualRaquel ReinagelSecond Language StudiesStudy Abroad Students’ View of their L1 CommunityGruter,
GroupLiem Nguyen, Joshua Faumuina, Tayler Pave, Bryson RacomaMechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Electrical EngineeringDeployable Autonomous Glider for the 2016 CanSat CompetitionSorensen,
IndividualCindy VuongMolecular Cell BiologyFunctional Analysis of Murine ORC4 Domains in Polar Body ExtrusionWard,
IndividualTina LiMechanical EngineeringA Finite Element Study of the Self-Deflections in Large Mirrors Subject to Kinematic MountsTrimble,
IndividualJanal KimMicrobiologyMechanisms regulating transcription factor sine oculis (Six2)Stoytcheva,
IndividualAndrew TokudaGlobal Environmental ScienceThe trophic structure of food webs in the Mariana and Kermadec trenches inferred from isotopic analysis.Drazen,
IndividualAleca BorsukMechanical EngineeringOptical Properties of Marine Plant Tissues for the Chlorophyte, Codium arabicumSmith, C.
GroupKristian McDonald, Alisha SummersNatural Resources and Environmental Management, Natural Resources and Environmental ManagementModeling the impacts of rising sea level on the neighborhoods and coastal environments of East Oʻahu, Hawaiʻi
IndividualZachary QuinlanMarine BiologyFluorescence of Dissolved Organic Matter of Coral ExudatesNelson,
IndividualAi KitanosonoPsychologyCross Cultural Comparison of Perceptions of PsychopathsCicero,
IndividualKsenia BussardPublic HealthHuman Papillomavirus (HPV) Vaccination Among College Students in Hawai‘iHurwitz,
IndividualEleanor StockNursingSalutogenesis in nursing: A quality in nurses who thrive?Codier,
IndividualJenna PakBiologyReduction of Tau Hyper-Phosphorylation via Up-regulation of SelenoproteinsBellinger,
IndividualMichelle HuynhDance TheatreThe Fall of Saigon: A Two-Act Play Depicting the Lives of the Vietnamese During the Vietnam WarMan,
IndividualHailing LiCivil and Environmental EngineeringReliability of Punching Shear Strength Prediction for Existing BuildingsJohnson,
IndividualNoah HigaInformation and Computer SciencesPractical Enumeration of Task Clustering Options in Scientific WorkflowsCasanova,
IndividualEric WelchGlobal Environmental Science“Groundwater modeling in pesticide fluxes of Faga`alu Stream, American Samoa”Dulai,
IndividualElizabeth DionneGlobal Environmental ScienceResolving Carbon Contributions in a Mangrove EstuaryDulai,
GroupCasie Kubota, Marissa KuwabaraBiochemistry, Biological EngineeringExpression of STAT3 in E. coli for small molecule inhibitor developmentNg,
GroupEileen Chen, Nikki RousslangBiological Engineering, Biological EngineeringScreening Mutant Human Asparaginase-Producing Escherichia coli for the Production of Highly Active Human AsparaginasesNg,
IndividualMichelle HuBiochemistryUncovering the Pharmacogenetics between Aromatase and Breast CancerNg,
IndividualJason DelaCruzBiologyLarge Scale Expression and Purification of Yop1 for in vitro tubule formation
IndividualLandon KozaiEconomicsMeasuring Well-being Across Different College MajorsLove,
GroupAndrew Guagliardo, Anna Sikkink, Derek ChanCreative Media, Information and Computer Sciences, Information and Computer SciencesTranslating Oral Traditions Into A Modern, Immersive, Interactive Virtual Reality ExperienceLeigh,
IndividualKari NoeInformation and Computer Sciences3D Scanning in the Field: Developing a Visualization System for Archaeological ArtifactsLeigh,
IndividualLucia AmoreDieteticsLet’s Talk Food: Identifying Attitudes Toward Healthy Eating in College StudentsBanna,
IndividualAnthony ChenBiochemistryInvestigating Differences in Substrate Binding in B. subtilis BioA via Site Directed Mutagenesis
IndividualMartine LeclercPsychologyThe Effects of Gratitude Exercises on Cortisol Reactivity LevelsYancura,
IndividualMicah GrumblisTropical Plant & Soil SciencesCanoe Canes: Mutants and MoreLincoln,
IndividualJustin SuitosMarine BiologyThe isolation of Neocalanus flemingeri populations in the Prince William Sound, Alaska and their genetic differences to populations in the Alaska Coastal CurrentLenz,
IndividualKramer IchimuraMolecular Biosciences and BiotechnologyPilot study to identify miRNA as biomarker of hyperlipidemiaNerurkar,
IndividualAmber O’BrienArtEnergy Efficiency: The Future of Glass MakingMills,
IndividualKaimi KahihikoloAstrophysicsThieving Stars Caught by Kepler: A Search for Intermittent Accretors in Kepler Binary SystemsMedez,
IndividualMia DelanoGlobal Environmental ScienceHeritability of Coral pH ToleranceToonen,
IndividualJessica SevillaMarine BiologyDisentangling the species abundance, reproductive mode(s), and reproductive timing of the reef-building coral species complex Pocillopora damicornis/acutaGates,
IndividualBrent WakuzawaBiological EngineeringReduction of Inhibitory Compounds Generated from High Pressure Treatment of MacroalgaeKhanal,
IndividualGerardo Ávila Jr.PsychologyHow Exposure Length to Faces Mediates Facial RecognitionSinnett,
IndividualAbundanzia DelavegaAnthropologyImportance of Sea Shell Data from Miloliʻi Valley on Kauai.
GroupSasha Canovali, Anna ScheinerMolecular Cell Biology, MicrobiologyDifferences in Protein Production by Bacillus subtilis in the Presence and Absence of Alternative Ribosomal ProteinsPrisic,
IndividualTyler RamosMusicA Musical Journey – National Competition and Summer FestivalsYee,
IndividualDayne SasakiMechanical EngineeringBiophysical study of clinical surfactants using a constrained drop surfactometerZuo,
IndividualAndy YuMolecular Cell BiologyDoes the lobster heart possess an intrinsic circadian clock?Christie,
IndividualKatie LundEthnobotanyBridging the Plate Count AnomalyAmend,
GroupDavid Todd, Bryson Clemente, David YoshimotoMechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical EngineeringDesign, Construction, and Implementation of an In-Water Coral Reef NurseryKonh,
IndividualZachary QuinlanMarine BiologyMicrobial community diversity of coral in Kaneohe Bay in comparison to organic exudatesNelson,
IndividualMcKenna LewisGlobal Environmental ScienceAssessing the down-fjord mechanistic relationships of biodiversity and abundance of Antarctic benthic macrofauna of Andvord BaySmith, C.
GroupNoah Acosta, Kevin KamElectrical Engineering, Electrical EngineeringFlexible Graphene TransistorsGarmire,
GroupTaylor Viti, Tayler Pave, Tien Tran, Ricky ChoiElectrical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electrical EngineeringIke-Wai Water-Monitoring SensorsGarmire,
GroupCurtis Frifeldt, Tamra Oyama, Casie KubotaComputer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electrical EngineeringStochastic Simulation of Nosocomial Disease PropagationGarmire,
IndividualNatalie SubiaMolecular Cell BiologyImproving the Catalytic Properties of Mimosinase and Rhizomimosinase by Domain Shuffling MutagenesisBorthakurm,
IndividualMc Millan ChingMolecular Biosciences and BiotechnologyMimosine-Fe(III) Peptide Transporter(s) in Leucaena leucocephalaBorthakurm,
IndividualAriel LorenzenGlobal Environmental ScienceEvaluation of the Performance of the ZAPS LiquID Station for Water Quality MonitoringDeCarlo,
IndividualJason Dela CruzBiologyCrystallization of IL37 for analysis and identification of anti-inflammatory propertiesNg,
GroupCasie Kubota, Marissa KuwabaraBiochemistry, Biological EngineeringUsing X-ray crystallography for developing STAT3 protein structureNg,
GroupEileen Chen, Nikki RousslangChemistry, Biological EngineeringIsolating Human Asparaginases with Increased Activity in Escherichia coli using MutagenesisNg,
IndividualChristina NelsonPhysicsMagnetization characterization of novel multiferroic materials: dependence of particle size, temperature, strength and gradient of magnetic fieldMaricic,
GroupKristoffer Raymundo, Rebekah Morales, Cathy TranAnimal Sciences, Animal Sciences, Animal SciencesDetection of Toxoplasma gondii in Feral Cat Colonies on OahuOdani,
IndividualCody Petro-SakumaAnimal SciencesThe Prevalence of Francisella noatune sis subsp. orient alis(Fno) invarious Tilapia subspecies in Hawaiian WatersOdani,
IndividualJeffrey KleynerPhysicsStellar Association Origins and Planetary SystemsBarnes,
IndividualSydney BlankeInterdisciplinary StudiesSearching for Linguistic Relativity: A Comparison of Motion Perception in English and Russian SpeakersDeen,
IndividualMarielle Dela CruzAstrophysicsAnalyzing Cometary Dust Tails Using Finson-Probstein ModelingMeech,
GroupGavin Nall, Travis Scott, Nikolai Herrera, Daryl Patlingrao, Ziad Alexander, Michael Howard, Naftali TolibasMechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical EngineeringeATVHihara,
GroupRodel Edra, Takato Mitsuda, Keanu Kim, Robert Louis Ramos, Cherline GalacgacMechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical EngineeringTesting the Rigidity of a Conventional Space Frame when a Carbon Fiber Composite Body is Added as a Stiffening MemberNejhad,
GroupKenneth Choi, Alexa FosterNatural Resources and Environmental Management, Natural Resources and Environmental ManagementCreating a Lasting Community-Based Conservation Program for the Bahama Oriole (Icterus northropi), a Critically Endangered SpeciesPrice,
IndividualMark Anthony PascuaBiologyRecovering the genetics of endangered tree snails with DNA from old ground shellsHadfield,
IndividualHonour BoothGlobal Environmental ScienceAssessing the Sunscreen Sheen: Determining the presence of four organic UV-filters from four sites at the Hanauma Bay Marine Life Conservation DistrictWilliams,
IndividualShannon KutscherMicrobiologyEffect of Morinda citrifolia (noni) juice on insulin receptor signaling in high-fat diet-fedNerurkar,
IndividualMatsu ThorntonElectrical EngineeringInternet-of-Things Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulation Testbed for Demand Response Ancillary ServiceGhorbani,
IndividualMichael FaundoMolecular Cell BiologyProduction of Recombinant Glycoprotein of a Recently Identified HantavirusYanagihara,
IndividualMaya ShaulskyMarine BiologyMeasuring the accuracy of the new generation of phylogenetic models by growing an experimental phylogenyThomson,
IndividualKaimipono KajiyamaFashion Design and Merchandising3D Body Scanning and Consumer Preference Related to Style SimulationLin,
IndividualJaney GuoBiochemistryAcetylation of S18 ribosomal proteins using NAT enzyme RimI in Mycobacteria smegmatisPrisic,
IndividualAlex LeeMicrobiologySequencing the genome of a novel Piscirickettsia speciesDonachie,
IndividualTommy LamPhysicsDesign of Charge Focusing Lens for Time Projection ChamberVahsen,
IndividualAngie AndersonEnglishGrand Guignol: The Theatre of Horror, the Efficacy of Horrific Staging, and When My Body Cried OutSammons,
IndividualKina PoulosBiologyStudy of immune responses to dengue virus in a naïve populationWang,
GroupYosef Ben Gershom, Brialyn OnoderaMechanical Engineering, Mechanical EngineeringEffects of body forces on flow boiling heat transfer in micro-channels through dynamic testingQu,
IndividualLexie KajiharaBiological EngineeringTuning cellular photoprotection to improve algal productivitySu,
IndividualSamantha DonohooMarine BiologyEffects of Light Intensity on Plakobranchus Fitness and SurvivalSherwood,
IndividualBenjamin HoytMolecular Biosciences and BiotechnologyThe Effects of Endophytic Communities against Puccinia Psidii on Eugenia kaalauensisAmend,
IndividualCandide KriegerNatural Resources and Environmental ManagementThe efficacy of using strawberry guava (Psidium cattleianum) mulch to control weeds in HawaiiSipes,
IndividualSarah AlbrightMarine BiologyA growing problem: The missing link for ecological success by the invasive Avrainvillea.Smith, C.
IndividualKammie-Dominique TavaresGlobal Environmental ScienceSea level rise to trigger widespread coastal armoring on Hawaiian shoresFletcher,
IndividualJessica BurdenAnthropologyAmazons and Pastoral Nomads: An Archaeological Interpretation of the Western Eurasian SteppeBeaule,
GroupBrianne Tengan, Kevin KamElectrical Engineering, Electrical EngineeringIonic Gel Graphene Field-Effect TransistorsGarmire,
GroupTamra OyamaElectrical EngineeringHAI Propagation Monitoring Hardware ImplementationGarmire,
GroupJie ZhouElectrical EngineeringHospital Associated Infection Propagation Monitoring Hardware ImplementationGarmire,
IndividualAaron KoKinesiology and Rehabilitation ScienceObesity and Fibroblast Growth Factor (FGF21): Understanding the Paradoxical Signaling in Adipose CellsHaymer,
IndividualYi YuMolecular Cell BiologyRole of Arc and PICK1 Interaction in Regulating Synaptic PlasticityHaymer,
IndividualShelby DolimPsychologySpirituality’s Effects on the Quality of Life in People with SchizophreniaCicero,
IndividualAngelique FontaineAnthropologyWho’s Helping Who: Medical Voluntourism in Costa Rica and NicaraguaBrunson,
IndividualYuuki NiimiMarine BiologyVertical structure of the mesopelagic micronekton community in the Central Equatorial Pacific Ocean.Drazen,
IndividualKūpaʻa Luat-HūʻeuHawaiian StudiesThe Impact of Temperature on Native and Non-Native Plant Diversity in Hawaiian Tropical Montane Wet ForestsBarton,
IndividualLukanicole ZavasNatural Resources and Environmental ManagementUsing GPI as a holistic guide for policy creation to increase welfare in Hawai’iOleson,
IndividualGlenn GalvizoInformation and Computer SciencesDevelopment of a More Optimal Lost-in-Space Star Identification AlgorithmLipyeow,
IndividualJuanito Moises Jr.Civil and Environmental EngineeringEffects of Raw Materials on Fresh and Hardened Properties of Geopolymer ConcretePrisic,
IndividualAnnika LittleNatural Resources and Environmental ManagementCarbon FootprintCox,
GroupLauren Ho, Erica ShinBiology, Molecular Cell BiologyIdentifying the 3-dimensional structure and gene expression in the visual system of the copepod Labidocera maduraePorter,
IndividualJessica ChenMolecular Cell BiologyCharacterization of the Luciferin-Luciferase Complex in the Bioluminescent Copepod, Pleuromamma xiphiasPorter,
IndividualMiranda YipBiologyPositional cloning of the maize mutant Hairy Sheath Frayed2 (Hsf2).Muszynski,
IndividualChristopher EblenMathematicsProtein Misfolding Modeling and Geometric Optimal ControlChyba,
IndividualSherilyn MunroeEthnobotanyLichens of Hawai‘i: Using a molecular approach to give Usnea a seat at the evolutionary table.Hynson,
IndividualTiffany EulalioInformation and Computer SciencesEvaluating Priority Queues on GPUsSitchinava,
IndividualAiko MurakamiMolecular Cell BiologyInvestigating the Role of Human Endophilin A1 in Proper Vesicle Formation as a Potential Parkinson’s disease PathologyNichols,
IndividualDonovan DelgadoPsychologyCharacterizing the efficacy of LRRK2 kinase inhibitors in live SHSY5Y dopaminergic-like cells for novel Parkinson’s disease therapeuticsNichols,
IndividualMariah OpalekMarine BiologyHow do Symbiodinium identity and light affect growth of the coral species Montipora capitata?Gates,
IndividualMattia WalterMicrobiologyIdentification of Transcription Factors Driving altRP Operon Expression in M. tuberculosisPrisic,
IndividualLynn NguyenBiologyThe ORC4 Cage Function in Erythroblast EnucleationWard,
GroupMichael Huang, Ryan-Philip Macalma Roque, Andrew Nguyen, Kai Jones, Aricia Argyris, Johnny PhamMechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical EngineeringDeveloping an ASV to assist in the Monitoring of Ordnance ReefTrimble,
IndividualNoelle ChenCivil and Environmental EngineeringSPH Visualization for Water and Wastewater Treatment Design and EngineeringKim,
IndividualLilly AzouzNursingCongruency Between Homeless Clients’ and Providers’ Perspective of Wound Care.Tse,
IndividualMason HigaNursingChild and Adult Perceptions of Optimum NutritionTse,
IndividualAna Alvarez HuertaMechanical EngineeringLight Guide Testing for Neutrino Lattice (NuLat) experimentAlvarez Huerta,
IndividualTony HeadMolecular Cell BiologyIn-silico analysis of the Prolactin (PRL) promoters to predict elements regulating PRL expression and elucidate mechanisms of osmoregulation in Oreochromis mossambicus.Seale,
GroupKevin Cho, Jaimie ObatakeComputer Engineering, Electrical EngineeringAnalysis, Distribution, and Visualization of Weather Data for Sustainability ApplicationsKuh,
IndividualMIchael FaundoMolecular Cell BiologyProduction of Recombinant Glycoprotein of a Recently Identified Mole-Borne HantavirusLehrer,
IndividualAlex McLauryKinesiology and Rehabilitation ScienceProduction of Monoclonal Antibody Against MARV NucleoproteinLehrer,
GroupWilliam Segall, Nicholas Sumera, Ashley Kahl, Andrew Obiano, Travis Shimizu, Raina Duenas, Dayton Lee, James Allen Devera Cuenca, Rommel LimjapMechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering2017-2018 ASME Human Powered Vehicle ProjectKonh,
GroupJeri Goodin, Cody Kinimaka, Sharyse Nadamot, Brock Asato, Jeffrey Zheng, Ryan Mickelsen, Cheyne TaumMechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical EngineeringDesign, Manufacture, and Deploy an In-Water Coral NurseryKonh,
GroupAaron Lee, Darren Lau, Angusina Campbell, Amy Bentz, Travis WongMechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical EngineeringWave Energy ProjectKonh,
GroupKristal Vidad, Emma Kawamoto, Danielle Au, Jordan Fujimoto, Jake Shirokane, Dylan Apilado, Lansing SugitaMechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical EngineeringBrachytherapy Active Needle with Tri-directional Nitinol Shape Memory Alloy ActuatorsKonh,
GroupElise Chong, Mari OginoBiological Engineering, Biological EngineeringEarly Detection of Urinary Tract Infections Using Novel Biomarker Indicators in DiapersFogelgren,
IndividualCristina McLaughlinComputer EngineeringInteractive Data Visualization for Contact Tracing StatisticsCarlson,
IndividualAlysia BerglundPsychologySchizotypy and Self-Disturbances in a Non-Clinical PopulationCicero,
IndividualKayla BrignacGlobal Environmental SciencePolymer Identification of Plastic Marine Debris on Beaches and Sea Surface in the Hawaiian Archipelago by FT-IR to Determine SourcesPotemra,
IndividualJonathan WallenMechanical EngineeringDesign Prototype Vertical Temperature Gradient Monitoring System for ProtoDUNE-SP ExperimentMaricic,
GroupBrandon Day, John Paul AriosMarine Biology, Public HealthChemical Synthesis of Novel GnRH-like peptides for aquaculture of Hawaiian limpets (Cellana spp.)Bingham,
IndividualCasie KubotaBiochemistryElucidating the function of non-conserved active site residues in DAPA synthase from biotin biosynthesisJarrett,
IndividualLarissa AultMolecular Cell BiologyInternal and external blockade of inhibitor receptors PD-1 and TIGIT to reverse T cell exhaustion in HIV infectionNdhlovu,
GroupRyan Shontell, John Paul Banasihan, David UgaitafaBiology, Biology, Food Science and Human NutritionAnalysis of Risk Allele Regulation of Sonic Hedgehog Pathway Members in Prostate CancersLe Marchand,
IndividualPhilipp JuernBiologyReproductive Strategies and Population Genetics of Varroa destructorWright,
IndividualJimmy NguyenMolecular Cell BiologyThe Effect of Normal Day and Night versus Complete Darkness Light Conditions on the Foraging Behavior of Astyanax MexicanusYoshizawa,
GroupClayton Castillo, Pouria Taeb, Robert Ramos, Christopher Young, Matthew DomenichelliMechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical EngineeringDesign and Fabrication of Diffuser and Side Pods of Formula 1-Style RacecarNejhad,
GroupEldridge Shay, Dwight Matsuo, Jan Jace Austria, Ashley Magno, Nicko NaanosMechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical EngineeringTesting Tensile Strength of Different Mating Methods Between Carbon Fiber Tubing to Aluminum Rod EndsNejhad,
IndividualPaul AwoNatural Resources and Environmental ManagementForaging Behavior of the Black-crowned Night Heron (Nycticorax nycticorax hoactli) on O‘ahuPrice,
IndividualMelissa JonesBiologyRelationship Between Morphological Traits, Water Depths, and Foraging Behavior of the Hawaiian StiltPrice,
IndividualRachel JoryMarine BiologyBacterial Influence on Larval Development on the Nudibranch Phestilla sibogaeHadfield,
IndividualGa Young ParkBiologyLung fibroblasts and epithelial cells crosstalk via Wnt signaling during lung developmentTallquist,
IndividualConor PalmerTropical Agriculture and the EnvironmentDeveloping cultivation practices for local and sustainable production of Paddy Straw Mushrooms (Volveriella Volvacea) in Hawai`iNguyen,
IndividualKahealani AcostaTropical Agriculture and the EnvironmentDiagnosing Nutrient Deficiencies in Hawaiian Breadfruit (Artocarpus altilis)Lincoln,
IndividualBailey CarlsonBiologyLow genetic diversity in Hawai‘i for E. mathaei: recent bottleneck or colonization?Marko,
GroupBrendt McFeeley, Tyler ChongInformation and Computer Sciences, Information and Computer SciencesWayfinderJohnson,
IndividualNathan SaxbyMolecular Biosciences and BiotechnologyPilot Study to Determine the Glycemic Response of Okinawan Sweet PotatoNerurkar,
IndividualMa Carmela Therese AnagaranBiologyCharacterization of mutant HIF1 transgenic mouse lineShohet,
GroupKevein Cortez, Leivy Mae MicuaElectrical Engineering, Electrical EngineeringSolar Power Supply for IoT DevicesGhorbani,
GroupMatsu Thornton, Matthew SiegelElectrical Engineering, Electrical EngineeringDeveloping Residential Direct Load Control for Residential Water Heater Demand ResponseGhorbani,
GroupGeena Wann-Kung, Heather Situ, Jennice Bautista, Leland MachiiElectrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Computer EngineeringDevelopment of a Cost Effective IoT Modular Hydroponics SystemGhorbani,
IndividualVasant PatwardhanMolecular Cell BiologyAnalysis of the Effect of the Longevity Associated FOXO3 Genotype on Telomerase Activity during AgingAllsopp,
GroupMadelyn Rangel, Stephanie BellBiology, BiologyThe Effects of Anthropogenic Noise on CoralsToonen,
IndividualMaile AmineMolecular Cell BiologyInvestigating Zika virus infection of primary human Leydig cellsVerma,
IndividualBoonuyanudh JiyaromMolecular Cell BiologyStrain specific differences in virus replication and host innate immune response induced by Zika virus in primary human Sertoli cellsVerma,
GroupGowoon Jung, Marissa KuwabaraBiological Engineering, Biological EngineeringTreatment of Ala Wai Canal Using Compact Water Treatment SystemsKhanal,
IndividualKacie NiimotoBiological EngineeringHigh thermal pretreatment of food waste and wastewater sludge for enhanced biogas productionKhanal,
IndividualEmily Erika AcobaMolecular Cell BiologyEffects of Toll-like Receptor Ligands and Cytokines on Memory B Cell StimulationChang,
IndividualKayla Soma TsutsusePsychologyAnxiety and AttentionSinnett,
IndividualKiana LeeBiochemistryRole of Fractones in the Extracellular Matrix of Cellular and Mammalian ModelsLozanoff,
IndividualKaelyn SchenkenbergerAnthropologyColonialism and its biological effects in the Mariana Islands and circumferent localsQuintus,
GroupKevin Vergara, Soohan BongMicrobiology, BiologyRole of Zinc and AltRPs in Protecting M. smegmatis from Oxidative StressPrisic,
IndividualLeina’ala CuevasAccountingDirected Molecular Evolution of PiggyBac TransposonMoisyadi,
IndividualLance NunesMolecular Biosciences and BiotechnologyPlacenta specific upregulation of the glucose transporter Glut1: Plasmid construction and in vitro testingMoisyadi,
IndividualTommy LamPhysicsConstruction of a Charge Focusing Lens for Time Projection ChamberVahsen,
IndividualSharon WongBiologyThe role of TEL2, a mTOR stabilizing protein, on the cell survival of cardiomyocytes against ischemic stimuliMatsui,
IndividualSpencer LongAstrophysicsHarmful Solar Energetic Particles and Geomagnetic Storms Impacting EarthBindi,
IndividualCindy VuongMolecular Cell BiologyRapid Detection of Zika Virus by Loop-Mediated Isothermal Amplification (LAMP) AssayNerurkar,
GroupReyn Mukai, Kalani Danas Rivera, Austin Morishita, Keola Wong, Eliesse HiharaComputer Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical EngineeringDesign of an Autonomous Unmanned Aerial System for Search-and-Rescue MissionsShiroma,
IndividualLexie KajiharaMolecular Biosciences and BiotechnologyHeterotrophic culture of transgenic Chlamydomonas reinhardtii as a cell factory of recombinant proteinsSu,
GroupKaiaka Kepa-Alama, Nicholas Yama, Brittney WhaleyMechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electrical EngineeringDroplet GenerationOhta,
IndividualJonathan IbanezBiologyStudy of Population Genetics of Leptospira in Hawai’iWright,
IndividualNathan LehanoArtNative Clay Deposit Identification, Extraction, and ProcessingTaylor,
IndividualCuong TranGlobal Environmental ScienceAnalyzing satellite imagery to quantify the impact of sea level rise in coastal environments of Maui, Hawai’iFletcher,
IndividualRiley JohnsonPolitical ScienceGenetically Modified Organisms in HawaiiMoore,
IndividualBrenna CarrollEnvironmental StudiesEffects of future ocean conditions on the microbiome of Crustose Coralline Algae with implications for coral settlement and growthNelson,
IndividualDelaney ColemanMarine Biologyo Do lab-cultured copepod escape behaviors differ from wild copepod escape behaviors of the same species?Hartline,
IndividualRita RyanMicrobiologyNondestructive methods for recovering DNA from clothing in forensic investigationsHaymer,
IndividualNoah HowinsGlobal Environmental ScienceImpact of Physical Reef Characteristics on Calcification Rates of the Kāneʻohe Bay Barrier ReefDeCarlo,
IndividualCierra FujimotoPsychologyOrganization under time pressureSolman,
IndividualKristina TheamMarine BiologyIdentifying opsin gene expression in the visual system of the copepod Labidocera maduraePorter,
GroupZinnia Dagostino, Lane Morrow, Rebecca KatzMarine Biology, Marine Biology, Marine Biology50 Year Longitudinal Assessment of Macroalgal Assemblages on a Reef Flat in WaikīkīPhilippoff,
IndividualChad SaitoMechanical EngineeringHydrophobic Surfaces for Contact ElectrificationBrown,
IndividualKody WakumotoMechanical Engineering3D Nonlinear Mechanics of Interlocking SurfacesBrown,
IndividualAmanda WongGlobal Environmental ScienceThe Seedling Skirmish: Native vs. Non-Native Plant Competition in Hawai‘iBarton,
IndividualRae KuruharaEnglishThe MoÊ»olelo Comic Collective (Tentative)Ho’omanawanui,
IndividualKasey SchmidtEnglishAdapting the Legend of Ka’ahupāhau into a Children’s Picture BookHo’omanawanui,
IndividualHallie HernandezBiologyThe Novel Peripheral Wiring of Mechanosensory Lateral Line and its Relation to Laterality of an Adaptive BehaviorYoshizawa,
IndividualJenny FangMolecular Cell BiologyThe Involvement of Epigenetics in two cave-associated evolved traits: eye morphology and sleep-lossYoshizawa,
IndividualJessica IdleNatural Resources and Environmental ManagementHuman Impact on the Nesting Success of Wedge-Tailed ShearwatersPrice,
IndividualKellie GoyaMolecular Cell BiologyEffect of Momordica charantia (bitter melon) on kidney functionNerurkar,
IndividualAlyson ShojiBiochemistryA theoretical study of the HBr+ + CO2 →HOCO+ + Br• reaction to investigate the impact of various excitation on reaction dynamics.Sun,
IndividualZoe SprottEnglishGeneration Liminal: Stories from the CuspYang Ryan,
IndividualKevin VergaraMicrobiologyRole of Zn2+ and AltRPs in Protecting M. smegmatis from Oxidative StressPrisic,
IndividualJasmine KropikAnimal SciencesHousing Mice on Corncob Bedding and Environmental Enrichment May Confound Outcomes in Metabolic StudiesKondo,
IndividualVictoria LeeSecond Language StudiesTracking short-term changes in a child second language learner’s phonological development after a learning environment changeGruter,
IndividualMichelle AkamineSecond Language StudiesTracking a Child Returnee’s Long Term Second Language Retention and AttritionGruter,
GroupBriana Smith, Makena DuffyCreative Media, Creative Media“Not So Crazy Quilt”: Narrative Short FilmHereniko,
IndividualLucas ShigemitsuAnimal SciencesExamination of Myostatin Inhibition on Inflammatory IL-1β expression in the Rheumatoid Arthritis Synovial Fibroblast (RASF)Cells.Kim,
IndividualChloe AsatoBiologyScreening of Marine Microbial Extracts for Antiviral PropertiesLu,
GroupBryant Higa, Heather Situ, Sydney Inouye, Jordan Florita, Daniel VantaAstronomy, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical EngineeringDevelopment of a Filter-Exchanging Mechanism with Remote Control and Precision Capabilities for the UH88 TelescopeTrimble,
GroupErica Sawczynec, John BredallPhysics, AstrophysicsThe Spanish Dancer Puts on a Show: The 2018 Outburst of the Changing Look AGN NGC 1566Shappee,
GroupNoah Emil Domingo, Piers O’HarrowCreative Media, Creative MediaDevelopment of a Mixed Reality-based Platform to Enhance Patient InteractionBiggs,
GroupCreesha Layaoen, Dongyan JiangEnvironmental Design, Environmental DesignDistributive Agriculture: Designing for a Neighborhood-based Food EconomyHo Schar,
GroupBrianna Fujita, Kyle Rafael Marcelino, Jaclyn Lee, Jonathan SudaBiological Engineering, Biological Engineering, Biological Engineering, Biological EngineeringDesign for Rapid Screening Multi-Diagnostic DeviceJenkins,
GroupBrianne Tengan, Charles Wolstein, Huy NguyenElectrical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electrical EngineeringDownwell Remotely-Operating Platform (DROP) ModuleGarmire,
IndividualReilly MerloMarine BiologyBaseline Surveys of Meiofaunal Diversity in the Clarion-Clipperton Fracture ZoneGoetze,
IndividualVanessza LopezGeology and GeophysicsAre All Cesspools Created Equal? Evaluating their connection to coastal water qualityDulai,
IndividualAngela WarnerAnimal SciencesBrucella ceti surveillance in stranded Hawaiian cetaceansOdani,
GroupBrittany Odegard, Mollie FergusonDietetics, DieteticsPerceptions and use of complementary and alternative medicine in Hawaii and LebanonBanna,
GroupGemady Langfelder, Nahian ChowdhuryFood Science and Human NutritionCan mHealth an App that Measures Skin Carotenoid Work as an Optimal Biomarker for Health and Key Motivator for F&V Intake?Banna,
IndividualJessica RamirezFood Science and Human NutritionA Secondary Data Analysis of the Quality of a Unique Diet Quality Index Score with infants in Puerto Rico and Hawaii to assess diet quality.Banna,
GroupAngelica Valdez, Shelby RobersonMarine Biology, Marine BiologyExploring the life-history of Hawaiian limpets using oxygen isotope recordsBingham,
GroupBrett Cain, Chloe Delos ReyesChemistry, BiochemistryImpact of configurations in a-conotoxins in Conus virgo in the development of anthelmintic drugsBingham,
IndividualTakuya WiseMechanical EngineeringDevelopment and Packaging of Ultra Small MicrophonesBrown,
GroupMark Achenbach, Alexandria HolthausAstrophysics, AstrophysicsStatistical Analysis of Theoretical Models for Evolution of the Tadpole GalaxyBarnes,
IndividualJeremiah BonillaAsian StudiesFilipino Perspectives on the United States during the Pacific WarGovella,
IndividualLandon NegrilloCommunicationsRole of Telmisartan in Monocyte Immune Activation During Acute HIV InfectionNdhlovu,
IndividualMichael ItoMolecular Cell BiologyAssociation between gut microbiota and systemic metabolites in an autism model—the Mexican cavefish.Yoshizawa,
IndividualJaimee KatoBiologyThe Antibiotic Modification of the Gut Microbiota an its Effect on ASD-like BehaviorsYoshizawa,
IndividualCyrus MaChemistrySynthesis of a Mes substituted 1,2-benzoazaphosphole as potential transfer hydrogenation candidateCain,
IndividualDaniela CasillasNatural Resources and Environmental ManagementDo Recently Translocated Black-footed Albatross Chicks Respond to Artificial Social Attraction?Price,
IndividualStephanie BellBiologyMortality Distribution of the Hawaiian Short-eared Owl (Asio flammeus sandwichensis)Price,
IndividualEvan StrouseEnvironmental StudiesIs the survival and reproduction of captive Hawaiian tree snails lower in snails fed a lab-cultured diet, compared with those fed with vegetation from native forests?Price,
GroupAdam James Macalalag, Eric Takahashi, Matthew NakamuraMechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical EngineeringVibratory Stress Study on a High Power Rocket and its PayloadNunes,
IndividualSarah ArmstrongFrenchFrom Barbier to Médecin: A French Revolution of Surgery and the Role of the SurgeonSegeral,
IndividualLexi HeatonMarine BiologyGenetic connectivity of Pavona varians throughout the Hawaiian archipelagoMarko,
IndividualElissa OtaBiologyBacterial Communities of Invasive Aphids Co-occurring on Novel Host Plants Across OahuChong,
GroupMatthew Iwane, Leland Machii, Gelsey Duarte, Petra MelounovaElectrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electrical EngineeringIoT Wave energy drone charging deviceGhorbani,
IndividualJackson HornungChemistryImprovement in Drug Design: Optimizing In Silico Permeation MethodsSun,
IndividualKazuumi FujiokaChemistryDevelopment of a Redundancy Reduction Algorithm for Molecular Dynamics SimulationsSun,
IndividualNataliya PanovaMolecular Cell BiologyCharacterization of the Effect of ZIKV on Different Subsets of Blood Monocytes-Derived M1 and M2 type MacrophagesVerma,
IndividualJustin MeninaPolitical SciencePlace-making and the Gentrification of Kaka’ako: Exploring Alternative Pathways for Sustainable FuturesWiebe,
IndividualAshlee AiAnthropologyKuhiawaho: Imagining Beyond Settler Colonialism Integrating Historical and Arcaheological Mapping to Restore a Hawaiian Cultural KipukaKikiloi,
IndividualSabrina SummersBiological EngineeringEvaluating Properties of Pongamia CoproductsTurn,
IndividualTricia KhunMolecular Cell BiologyDinner Talks: A Short Documentary Film on The Transformative Power of Food in Healing Cambodian Lives Post-GenocideEng,
IndividualKaimi KahihikoloAstrophysicsPrediction of Thermal Output TrendsStill,
IndividualSage MorningstarMarine BiologyEvolution of Agonistic Acoustic Behaviors of Butterflyfish (f: Chaetodontidae) and Angelfish (f: Pomacanthidae)Tricas,
GroupNicole Teixeira, Christopher Campos, Tabytha Inong, Zachary Fujiwara, Jianhao Fang, Rhianne Suemoto, Reyn Takaki, Monica Zaha, Shaun Kim, Blaise NakagawaMechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical EngineeringUniversity of Hawaii Parcel Service (UHPS)Sorensen,
GroupMark Miyazaki, Sean Agpaoa, Hashimoto Erin, James Thesken, Michael Perez, Devin Kaaikaula, Preston Tran, Joe Patterson, Gabor Paczolay, Russell Tolentino, Katylynn Chun Fat-Ardren, Aneka Patterson, Keith ShipleyMechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical EngineeringBox FarmSorensen,
IndividualLauren BlockMarine BiologyOptimizing larval fish rearing with copepodsHartline,
IndividualCasey JonesMechanical EngineeringNanoscale Thermal Transport in Various MaterialsLee,
GroupChristopher Flaris, Nathan Diaz, Jonathan Wallen, Sean Foster, Greg OkitaMechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical EngineeringDevelopment of a Novel Docking Station for Resident Autonomous Underwater VehiclesSong,
GroupAndrew Lo, Yoshio Yoshizumi, Sean Sueno, Mick Colling, Steven Kim, Irene Tsang, Wyman Tong, Chris Li, Qicheng ZhouMechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical EngineeringDesign a Modular Human Powered Vehicle while Incorporating a Slot and Tab TechniqueSong,
GroupErwin Pastrana, Benjie Bersamira Jr., Dylan Okada, Lynmuel Sam Ramos, Ryan Chun, Christian Jayme Castillo, Kyle Anthony CastilloMechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering2018-2019 ASME Human Powered Vehicle ProjectSong,
IndividualKatherine AckermanGeology and GeophysicsThe Role of Reef Crest in Sea Salt Aerosol ProductionNugent,
IndividualAngeline ZhouBiochemistryThe Impact of Environmental Heat Stress on the Transcriptome of Broiler Chicken HypothalamusMishra,
IndividualXiaolin MaiCivil EngineeringAdvanced vulnerability assessment framework for civil infrastructures with a robust non-destructive damage evaluation method based on multi-sensor data fusionMoon,
IndividualSylvia NguyenBiologyThe mysterious disappearance of a weedy vine (Thunbergia alata) from O’ahu: Testing possible roles of competition from new invaders and altered disturbance regimesCurtis,
IndividualKyra JacobsonBiologyResiliency of Toxoplasma gondii in decomposed Hawaiian spinner dolphin tissuesHunter,
IndividualCamryn ShiromaClassicsClassical Culture In Hawaiian Education (1778-1893)Harris-McCoy,
IndividualGina WatanabeBiologyApproaches for packaging nucleic acid into proteinaceous nanoparticlesPresting,
GroupBritt Seifert, Eleanore LawAtmospheric Sciences, Atmospheric SciencesWater Isotope Analysis in HawaiiTorri,
IndividualJolie ChingInformation and Computer SciencesDesigning a Virtual Reality Visualization of Hawaiian Geographical ElementsLeigh,
GroupElizabeth Loschert, Megan GonsalvesNatural Resources and Environmental Management, Natural Resources and Environmental ManagementDeveloping Scoring Functions to Interpret Hawaiʻi Soil Health IndicatorsDeenik,
GroupMarkus Rohlfing, Sunny KimCreative Media, ArtGame Design For Art Students Using Unreal EngineWang,
GroupAndreanna Cole, Clarine PhippsMarine Biology, Animal SciencesRelationships Between Salinity, Food Availability, and Body Size of Hawaiian Stilt ChicksPrice,
IndividualJon AbeBiologyClassification of the Native Rhizobium-Legume Association in HawaiiNguyen,
IndividualJennifer YokoyamaBiologyEffect of coffee on adipocytokinesNerurkar,
IndividualEmily GootgeldBiologyExamining ontogenetic change of fin size ratio in the scalloped hammerhead sharkHolland,
IndividualLeina UemuraBiologyComparison of the gut microbiome of individuals of Lissachatina fulica and Parmarion martensi that are infected and not infected by Angiostrongylus cantonensisCowie,
IndividualVictor KilonzoPsychologyNeural correlates of unimodal and cross-modal perceptionSinnett,
IndividualAlian AnjumPsychologyAn Exploration of Information Processing and RecallSinnett,
GroupJayna Wong, Colby WataseBiology, MicrobiologyEffect of Alternative Ribosomal Proteins on Ribosome Localization in Mycobacterium smegmatisPrisic,
GroupClinton Ng, Jeanalyn Wadsack-Myers, Jordan FloritaElectrical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electrical EngineeringDevelopment of an Adaptive Optics Instrument for Wavefront Correction in Small Scale AstronomyTrimble,
GroupSydney Dempsey, Creselle Morales, Eliesse Hihara, Edmond Chong, Isabella KotsolComputer Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical EngineeringUnmanned Aerial System with Search and Rescue Package Delivery CapabilitiesShiroma,
GroupSophia Whalen, Gavin Arucan, Chandelle OliverCreative Media, Creative Media, Creative MediaPua WarriorsBiggs,
GroupAutumn Moya, Samantha DarinEnvironmental Studies, Global Environmental ScienceAn Investigation of the Effects of Ocean Acidification, Rising Temperatures, and Microplastics on the Coral Reefs and Zooxanthellae in Kāne‘ohe Bay, Oʻahu Hawai’iSabine,
IndividualJames FinamoreMusicThe Performance of New Music in Tokyo, JapanWomack,
IndividualNina KrupaBiologyDevelopment of a Novel Immuno-PET Probe to Detect Osteomyelitis InfectionFleig,
GroupBradly Boucher, Van LeAstrophysics, AstrophysicsDark Matter Halos and their Distribution in Dwarf GalaxiesKumar,
IndividualLindney AcostaPublic HealthBismuth-Containing Building BlocksHyvl,
GroupLian Huang, Nikko NicholasFinance, Computer SciencePersonal Financial Planning Practices for UHM Students Video SeriesScally,
GroupPablo Furukawa, Ashley Maeshiro, Casandra Ancheta, Michael May, Frederick Schulz, Joseph Nakamoto, Jalen Baraoidan, Jacelyn MendihaMusic, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, MusicSymphony of the Hawaiian Birds: Hula and Classical Music in Cooperation Towards Cultural AwarenessBoeckman,
GroupJohnathan De Soto Jr, Kaila Pojas, Edra Ha, Sarah HamMusic, Music, Public Health, BiologyThe Symphony of the Hawaiian Birds: A Unification of Culture, Science, and MusicBoeckman,
IndividualPiʻimoku Keahi-WoodHawaiian StudiesHe lālā au no kuʻu kumu: I am a branch of my teacherScally,
IndividualLeah KellerInterdisciplinary StudiesEnvironmental Justice in the Face of Sea Level Rise in Hawai’iMei-Singh,
IndividualTimothy ParkBiochemistryBiotin Synthase from M. tuberculosisJarrett,
IndividualSebastian SievertNatural Resources and Environmental ManagementCommunicating Environmental Issues – Species Extinction: Plants & PollinatorsGorbach,
GroupMalia Adams, Mahina SmithCreative Media, Creative MediaDirecting a Film From a Native Cultural PerspectiveFlanary,
IndividualKalilinoe DetwilerEnglishFolklore across bordersHo’omanawanui,
IndividualPatricia TratebasAmerican StudiesUtopian Communities in America: Laboratories for Democracy?Mariano,
IndividualMaia GoelCreative MediaDirecting a Film with the Imaginative World of Production DesignFlanary,
IndividualMaya NishidaChemistry5. Improving Teamwork and Communication in the Neonatal Intensive Care UnitIwamoto,
IndividualKira RapozoSocial WorkHo’i ka po ‘ai i ka piko: Returning to Kānaka Ō’iwi Practices to Promote Health and WellbeingAntonio,
IndividualTaha ElwirChemistrySynthesis of Benzofulvene through Nazarov CyclizationTius,
IndividualDiana LoperaGlobal Environmental ScienceUnderstanding the effects of invasive algae removal on water circulation in a native Hawaiian FishpondMcManus,
IndividualMarc EliasMolecular Biosciences and BiotechnologyCRISPR/Cas9-mediated genome editing of Ocimum basilicum for improved resistance to plant pathogenic oomycete Peronospora belbahriiTian,
IndividualOlivia LinMarine BiologyThe role of bacterial lipoteichoic acids in inducing metamorphosis in larvae of Hydroides elegansHadfield,
IndividualCherryle HeuGlobal Environmental ScienceCalculating the Nitrogen Footprint of University of Hawaii, MānoaCooney,
IndividualLaurel PerunNatural Resources and Environmental ManagementEnvisioning Futures of Fishing for the Placencia PeninsulaVaughan,
IndividualLayne FujiokaMathematicsGAPSolute RealityDoetinchem,
IndividualFernanda HennigMolecular Biosciences and BiotechnologyEffect of coffee on novel adipocytokinesNerurkar,
IndividualYoko UyeharaGeographyGenerating Coastal Bathymetry Map from Aerial Imagery Using A High-Resolution Camera Through Structure from Motion PhotogrammetryChen,
IndividualChristopher AguilarElectrical EngineeringDevelopment of a Physical Model for a Solar Water HeaterLee,
IndividualMikaelah Johnson-GriggsBiologyEvolutionary Relationships of Cave Adapted Olarius polyphemus populations from Hawaii IslandChong,
IndividualPamela TohBiochemistryA Mathematical Model of Saltatory Conductance in NeuronsSun,
IndividualAlandra DeAndreaBiological EngineeringNanobubble Technology: Evaluation of Water Quality in Aquaponic and Hydroponic SystemsKhanal,
GroupKim Yen Nguyen, Kelly HuangBiology, BiochemistryNon-Occlusive Surgical Suction DeviceMiller,
GroupClara Lee, Lisa Mahan, Christopher James LeongBiological Engineering, Biological Engineering, Biological EngineeringDesign of Non-Destructive Temperature Sensing Module for Food PreservationJun,
IndividualAndrew Von WeberMarine BiologyThe Microbiome of the Bamboo Coral Isididae sp.Donachie,
GroupTerrilayne Tomas Quinsaat, Justin Doane, Devin Perry, Ryan Matsumoto, Kacie Shimabukuro, Stephanie GutierrezMechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical EngineeringAEVSSorensen,
GroupJohnny Pham, Evan Tengan, Kayli Chun, Haley DeTureMechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical EngineeringDeploying Stowable- Wing Glider from RocketSorensen,
GroupMichael Kesler, Sabrina Summers, Rex ImanakaBiological Engineering, Biological Engineering, Biological EngineeringPassive Aeration Bioreactor for Conversion of Waste LipidsSu,
GroupTakuya Wise, Christopher AguilarMechanical Engineering, Electrical EngineeringDevelopment of Tailored Solar Water Heater System for Hawai’i ClimateLee,
GroupTawni Chase, Ryan Sokolowski, Michael Loui, Robert Leonillo, Jason Chan, Bryson Rulona, Ben Thrun, Kobe TaylorMechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical EngineeringTeam NaviKai: Designing a Low-Cost, Multi-Use AUV for Oceanographic Research and Human Replacement in High Risk Environments.Song,
GroupWilliam Nakamura, Austin Yoshino, Dyson Sato, Lawrence Harris, Eduardo Zabanal, Ana Alvarez Huerta, Micah TualauleleiMechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical EngineeringSubTAVS (Development of a Subterranean Autonomous Vehicle System)Song,
IndividualJohn FurumoMechanical EngineeringCold-Gas Propulsion for Small Satellite Attitude Control, Station Keeping, and De-OrbitTrimble,
GroupDaniel Fong, Jason HiranoElectrical Engineering, Electrical EngineeringBiomedical Device Development for the Apple iPhone/iPod TouchOhta,
GroupBrian Oshiro, Andy MorishitaElectrical Engineering, Electrical EngineeringMicrothruster Design and Development for Next-­‐Generation NanosatellitesOhta,
IndividualMeagan RathjenEthnobotany3D Model reconstruction of the banana aphid: Pentalonia nigronervosa to enhance teaching and research in Entomology and Plant PathologyBressan,
GroupJonah Okano, Marlene NishimeCreative Media, Art/Creative MediaEL LAGO SHORT FILMMisawa, A.
GroupFrancesca Koethe, Heather MillsZoology, Global Environmental ScienceElectrochemical Techniques for Assessing the Impact of Mangrove Removal Strategies upon Sediment Biogeochemistry in He’eia FishpondGlazer,
IndividualDanielle HoenGlobal Environmental ScienceCompound Specific Isotope Analysis in Food Web Studies: The Need for Accurate Estimates of Trophic Enrichment FactorsPopp,
IndividualShellie KeyGeology and GeophysicsPACIFIC CLIMATE EDUCATION PARTNERSHIP (PCEP)Fletcher,
IndividualGabriel El-SwaifyCivil EngineeringLow-Cost Water Supply Technologies for Humanitarian Assistance MissionsRay,
IndividualSeana WalshBotanyA study of the floral biology of Brighamia insignis and B. rockii, two endangered Hawaiian lobeliads (Campanulaceae)Morden,
IndividualShelley WongFood Science and Human NutritionEffects of Increased Maternal Breast Milk Administration to Extremely Premature Infants in the NICU at Kapi’olani Medical Center for Women and Children (KMCWC): A Collaborative, Hospital-Based Quality-Improvement ProjectWatters,
IndividualLee RosnerFood Science and Human NutritionGrowth Outcomes Related to Early Nutritional Practices in Extremely Low Birth Weight and Very Birth Weight Infants at Kapi‘olani Medical Center for Women and Children (KMC)Watters,
IndividualLaura SheldonInterdisciplinary StudiesCloudiness Effects on the formation of Metrosideros polymorpha Tree-ring FormationBeilman,
IndividualKiyonari NoguchiZoologyNew Routes to Trifluoromethoxy CompoundsVicic,
IndividualLani JohnsonMicrobiologyUnderstanding gene flow in the open ocean: Insights from the planktonic copepodGoetze,
IndividualEva EnriquezFine ArtsWalking on Eggshells: A creative Project on Domestic ViolenceChan,
GroupMorgan Pajo, Sara Ohashi, Adriana FraustoPsychology, Communicology, CommunicologyThe consequences of inappropriate conversational topics: An experimental study of conversational topics on the relationship between self- disclosure and intercultural friendship formationLee,
IndividualJordan OshiroFood Science and Human NutritionIs U.S. infant and toddler aluminum intake excessive?Dobbs,
IndividualMarlee ElstonBiologyAdding Tissue Specificity to The piggyBac Gene Therapy VectorUrschitz,
GroupNeill Warrington, George GoldnerBiology, BiologyInvestigating the Role of the Conserved Cysteine Residues Cys97, Cys128, and Cys188 in Biotin SynthaseJarrett,
IndividualKelsey ColemanBotanyThe impact of the invasive freshwater snail Pomacea canaliculata on restoration efforts in Kawainui MarshHayes,
IndividualMaseeh GanjaliTheatreUntitledPauka,
IndividualChelsea DauEconomics/GeographyImproving School Meal Nutrition: An Analysis of Current Problems andSuryanata,
IndividualTyler HestonInterdisciplinary StudiesComputational modeling of the emergence of word order preferences in typologically different languagesOnnis,
IndividualSarah YasuiGlobal Environmental ScienceAn Assessment of Fluxes and Residence Times of Water and Nutrients in He’eia Fishpond, Kaneohe, Hawaii.McManus,
IndividualBenjamin FieldEthnobotanyFrequency of Species in the Gardens of San Ramon, OmetepeMerlin,
IndividualCasey JonesEthnobotanyEthnobotanical Investigations for the Conservation of Ecological Diversity and Cultural DiversityMerlin,
GroupJulianna Sumida, Sara StejskalMusic, MusicCoach and Collaborative Pianist José MeléndezHoover,
IndividualKelsie DiPernaBiologyBioeroder Community Composition on Coconut Island in Kaneohe BayDonahue,
GroupHana Bowers, Devon DeAngeloCommunications, Communications“What Difference Does Difference Make”: A Cross-Cultural Comparative StudyKent,
IndividualDylan ResslerBiologyRate of Degradation of Land Snail Shells in Hawaiian Tropical EnvironmentsYeung,
IndividualMichael GregoryArtThe Untelevised RevolutionChamberlain,
IndividualRemington PoulinChemistry/Marine BiologyExtraction, Isolation, and Chemical Characterization of secondary metabolites showing activity against an in house Alzheimer’s Disease assay from Marine Sponges of HawaiiWilliams,
IndividualMichael CorlewHistoryOral Histories in TuvaluRath,
IndividualNash WittenBiologyThe Role of Beta Amyloid in Synaptic Regulation in Alzheimer’s DiseaseNichols,
IndividualTorsten DurkanBiologyMicromollusk sampling: evaluating field survey techniques in Hawaii’s tropical forestsCowie,
IndividualTrudy HongBiologyEsrp2 expression in the developing midface of mice with frontonasal dysplasiaLozanoff,
IndividualEgle OrtegaMicrobiologyUtilization of piggyBac gene delivery system to increase efficiency of inducible pluripotent cell generationMoisyadi,
IndividualMariko PanzellaTropical Plant & Soil SciencesCarbon sequestration in Hawaiian soils promoted by various forms of iron and aluminumCrow,
IndividualJohn O’ConnorAnthropologyWhat do artifacts tell us about prehistoric migrations in East Polynesia?Hunt,
IndividualLarry MartinElectrical EngineeringHo`oponopono: A Radar Calibration CubeSatShiroma,
IndividualKelson LauElectrical EngineeringDesign and Fabrication of Micro Robots to Demonstrate Distributed Task Execution Through Swarm RoboticsShiroma,
IndividualLindsay OxilesBiologyTesting a protein production system using the fungus Alternaria brassicicolaCho,
IndividualHershel WeinerPhysicsCalibration of Silicon Detectors for the GAPS Experiment with Atmospherically-produced Muonsvon Doetinchem,
IndividualJannah Lyn Dela CruzEnvironmental DesignLegislative Civic Engagement of Oahu Young Adults & TeensManini,
IndividualAlyssa RobertsMolecular Cell BiologyThe Impact of the Neuroprotective Beta-Amyloid Core Fragment on Pro-Inflammatory Responses in Model Microglial CellsNichols,
IndividualChristopher AguilarElectrical EngineeringOptimization of Nanofluids for Solar Water HeaterLee,
IndividualLeslie GonzalesPsychologyExamining the Relations Between Perceived Discrimination, Social Anxiety, and Acculturation During the COVID-19 PandemicXu,
GroupAnna Kotonen, John WestBiological Engineering, Biological EngineeringLactate Measurement from BreathJenkins,
IndividualLisa NakamuraPsychology B.S. (Primary) and Philosophy B.ACan Photovoice Support Empowerment through the Development of Mutually Supportive Relationships?Barile,
IndividualLeslie DamAcademy for Creative MediaLove in SilenceFlanary,
IndividualOhialehua BullockMarine BiologyEffects of Glyphosate on adult Porites lobata on Hawaii, HIRichmond,
IndividualAlvin (Hoaloha) WestcottHawaiian LanguageIdentification of Hawaiian RainbowsWong,
IndividualJenna LiduaPhysicsHow do Super-Massive Black Holes grow across the history of the universe?Farrah,
IndividualMia SadonesMarine BiologySequencing and analysis of genomes of new bacteria speciesDonachie,
GroupKatlyn An, Ashley HanatoBiochemistry, BiochemistryInvestigating the interactions between selenium and glucocorticoids in a murine hypothalamic cell lineBerry,
IndividualBrylin NelsonTropical Agriculture and EnvironmentEffects of Martian Soil Simulant and Artificial Lighting on the Growth of Fast CropsKobayashi,
IndividualLillian Marie ShibataMechanical EngineeringParticle Physics Simulation: Applications of Swarming for SpaceflightSong,
GroupJustin Yip, Deylen NekobaMechanical Engineering, Mechanical EngineeringFreeze Desalination via Thermoelectric CoolingLee,
IndividualPamela TohBiochemistryInvestigating the effects of circadian disruption on Drosophila melanogaster oogenesisYew,
IndividualChris HofferBiochemistrySAM and the Promiscuous Enzymes!Jarrett,
IndividualBailey WannerPsychologySense of belonging and ethnic identity in college studentsDaubert,
IndividualAnjali SkiltonChemistryMagnesium Diboride Synthesis for Hydrogen Storage ApplicationJensen,
IndividualGabrielle Rose BaguioMechanical EngineeringSmart Active Needle ProjectKonh,
IndividualIroha MochidaAsian StudiesRole of Media in the Amami Islands’ Contemporary Shimauta CultureStirr,
IndividualLillian McintyreJapaneseOpening the Floodgates? Foreign Firms in Japan (1990-2020)Govella,
IndividualEleanor YuanMarine BiologyCan Agricultural Intensification Explain the Warming Hole in the U.S. Midwest?Roberts,
IndividualAngelene DedloffGlobal Environmental ScienceBenthic Trampling and Tourism on OahuSmith,
IndividualSarah HamidWomen’s StudiesReproductive Health During the Territorial Period of Hawai_iTeves,
IndividualSeraphina KingGlobal Environmental ScienceBringing Food to the Table: Exploring the Potential of Urban Agriculture in HonoluluDas,
IndividualDylan PilgerBiochemistryAssessment of Resistant Starch in Fresh and Fermented PoiNerurkar,
IndividualZoe AsahanBiologyDetermining the effects on leaf growth of three jasmonic acid deficient maize mutantsMuszynski,
IndividualNagahiro OhashiMechanical engineeringAcoustics and Flapping Wing Aerodynamics of Invasive BeetlesAllen,
IndividualAiri MoritaBiochemistryA Dynamics Simulation of the Decomposition of Nitro-amine-based Energetic MaterialSun,
GroupGrace Otto, Sophia HanscomMarine Biology, Marine BiologyIdentifying visual acuity of native and invasive mantis shrimp across life stagesPorter,
IndividualKristina TheamMarine BiologyInvestigating the Molecular Basis of Color Change in Sapphirinid CopepodsPorter,
GroupCaitlyn Lee, Arel Jane RagasaBiology, BiochemistryInvestigating biodiversity of algae-associated fungi and screening productive strains for co-production of valuable bioproductsDu,
IndividualSteven PrasoloffChemistryCircadian Rhythm Based In Vivo Guppy Bioassay For Novel Drug DiscoveryBingham,
IndividualTeagan RoomeMarine BiologyWound recovery and coralivore behaviour observations with bleached and non-bleached phenotypes of Montipora capitata and Porites compressaDrury,
IndividualQuinn MoonGlobal Environmental ScienceDetermining Causes of High Nitrate Levels in OahuÕs Drinking Water with Geospatial AnalysisEl-Kadi,
IndividualJessica HeitlaufAstrophysicsModeling Supernova Emission LinesRubin,
IndividualRyuto KitagawaComputer ScienceCreating A GPU Efficient Priority QueueSitchinava,
IndividualKaela IwaiMolecular Biosciences and BiotechnologyStudying genes for protein foldases involved in plant thermo-tolerance pathways and protection of pollen fertility in response to heat stressChristopher,
GroupMarissa Maria, Harlee Shim-HucksoBiological Engineering, Biological EngineeringAutomated Microgreen Seed PlanterKurasaki,
IndividualJulio GomezInterdisciplinary StudiesTransportation and Economic Inclusion: Lessons from Medellin, ColombiaDas,
IndividualMirren HollisonAnimationRock GodsMargulies,
IndividualKosuke TsuzukiBiochemistrySynthesis of Medicinally Relevant Unsymmetrical Organobismuths derived from Activated Ester IntermediatesHyvl,
GroupBrendan Cha, Alexandra Makaiau, Dayne Saito, Keola Wong, Marisa Matsuo, Tyler WilfarhtMechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical EngineeringWireless Sensor Nodes for Autonomous Maritime RoboticsTrimble,
IndividualTyler IyomasaMarine BiologySystematics of Myctophidae from the PacificBowen,
IndividualBrooke FisherHuman Development and Family StudiesBridging The Gap: A Documentary on Understanding And Revealing The Challenges of Mental Illness in Oahu’s Homeless CommunitiesEng,
GroupJustin Yip, Deylen NekobaMechanical Engineering, Mechanical EngineeringEffects of Cooling Coil Geometry on Collected Ice Growth in Thermoelectric Freeze DesalinationLee,
IndividualJoy SanchezFine Arts, Ceramics ConcentrationCreating Glazes using Native Found MaterialsTaylor,
IndividualRoss TurnerCreative Media – Computer AnimationDevelopment of 3D Sculpting Workflows Utilizing Photogrammetry for Anatomical Research, Animation, and GamingBiggs,
GroupMichael Rene Corotan, Anthony Butac, Jessa Dela Cruz, Monet JonesEnvironmental Design, Environmental Design, Environmental Design, Environmental DesignA Homeless Shelter and Encampment Design FrameworkSchar,
IndividualGum AungComputer ScienceA comprehensive COI database for the detection of invasive speciesBelcaid,
IndividualJohn FastAtmospheric ScienceWater Isotope Analysis in HawaiiTorri,
IndividualHuanli HuBiologyB Cell Response to Pattern Receptor AgonistsChang,
GroupSeth Colburn, Brenton Sasaoka, Marino ConnellCivil and Environmental Engineer, Civil and Environmental Engineer, Civil and Environmental EngineerCOVID-19 Socio-Economic Analysis in the State of HawaiÕiKim,
IndividualDingyi LiuGlobal Environmental ScienceHousing and Transportation Vulnerability Analysis With a Strong Focus on Older Adults and Vulnerable PopulationsShen,
IndividualDaniel CervantesMarine BiologyInvestigating Epizoic Growths on Planktonic Crustaceans in K_ne_ohe Bay, HIHartline,
IndividualMitchell MarabellaBiologyThe design and modification of larvae rearing tanks for ‘Opihi settlementBingham,
IndividualAnna UngBiochemistryRole of origin recognition complex subunit 4 (ORC4) protein in erythroblast enucleationWard,
IndividualHenrik WeibergGlobal Environmental ScienceDifferences in Seabed Megafaunal Abundance and Biomass Between Station Aloha, Station M, and Other Abyssal Areas in the PacificSmith,
IndividualAdriel RobidouxMolecular Cell BiologyAre glucosamine-like sugars important for a plantÕs microbiome?Li,
IndividualZoey SimmonsMolecular Cell BiologyPowerful Poppies: An Ethnomedicinal Application of Argemone glauca Alkaloid ChemistryBarton,
GroupNoelani Kawakami, Meghan DorosyNursing, NursingThe Current State of the General PublicÕs Awareness and Implementation of Environmentally Sustainable PracticesTse,
IndividualAaron KamMolecular Biosciences and BiotechnologyHighly expressed genes in the foliage of giant leucaena (Leucaena leucocephala subsp. glabrata)Borthakur,
IndividualZain JabbarMathematicsApplying Spectral Graph Theory to Microbial AnalysisChyba,
IndividualMichaela KopMolecular Cell BiologyEffect of Zinc Depletion on Ribosome-associated Proteins in Mycobacterium smegmatisPrisic,
IndividualGenevieve TriplettMarine BiologyProtection or production? Using QTL mapping to isolate how stomatal ratio affects photosynthesis and pathogen defenseMuir,
IndividualWilliam BleeckerBiologyBryophyte Spores as Paleoclimatic Indicators in Organic Sediment Deposits from Mt Ka_alaBeilman,
IndividualFiona MirandaAnthropologyClothing Degradation in a Tropical Climate Under Different Burial ConditionsBae,
IndividualGiorgio TranKinesiology and Rehabilitation ScienceUltrasound and microbubble-mediated gene therapy for Hemophilia BShohet,
IndividualDaezon ArrudaBiologyAnalysis of the Potential Antibacterial Effects of Plants Implemented in Hawaiian MedicineOwens,
IndividualBryce DolphPsychologyQuality of life and coping strategies among people experiencing homelessness in HawaiiBarile,
IndividualClaire StrandMarine BiologyeDNA assay on Hawaiian shark species diversityMarko,
IndividualGeetika PatwardhanMolecular Cell BiologyIdentifying New Regulators of Amyloid-Beta in NeuronsFogelgren,
IndividualJocelyn GrandinettiGeographyReconnecting to __ina: How biocultural resource management programs alter youth sense of placeSuryanata,
IndividualJenny NguyenBiochemistryConovenomic analysis of the milked venom from Conus retifer in captivityBingham,
IndividualDyllon ChingCreative MediaOnipa_a, Short FilmFlanary,
IndividualTina Huynh-NguyenGlobal Environmental ScienceCharacterizing Tissue Nitrogen and _15N in a Windward population of Avrainvillea lacerata, an Invasive, Green AlgaSmith,
IndividualKatrina ShupingInterdisciplinary StudiesExploring Jacobsonian Theories of Neighborhood Safety in a Foreign City: a Multimedia Study of Safe Neighborhoods in Seville, SpainDarrah,
IndividualEmily KurthBiochemistryBiophysical Characterization of CXCL5 Involved in Cancer, Inflammation, and ObesityHaglund,
IndividualPenny LooMechanical EngineeringInvestigating the Impacts of Surfactant Mixtures on the Marangoni Flows and InstabilitiesShin,
IndividualRonja SteinbachMarine BiologyAn Analysis of the Functional and Geographical Diversity of MalasseziaAmend,
IndividualMichael AndrewsAstrophysicsUnderstanding the Diversity of the Chemical Composition of Terrestrial PlanetsHaghighipour,
IndividualNathaniel HogstenChemistrySynthesis of L-Alanine 3,3-D2 and L-Alanine-3-DJarrett,
IndividualLandon WongTropical Agriculture and the EnvironmentReproduction of nematodes on native plantsSipes,
IndividualKayla OsumiBiochemistryBiophysical Characterization of Mycobacterium tuberculosis Superoxide DismutaseHaglund,
IndividualCeleste GuilesChemistryNew Phosphorus-Based Transmetaling AgentsCain,
IndividualGabriel AllenBiochemistryWater Leaching Pretreatment of Millettia (Pongamia) pinnata Pods to Improve Fuel PropertiesFu,
IndividualMarley AiuDanceQueerness and Radical Bodies in DanceKao,
IndividualSarah IgarashiArt HistoryQueering the Abstract Figure: Ambiguous Bodies in the Work of Christina QuarlesHamilton Faris,
GroupShelby Cerwonka, Jasmine ReighardNatural Resources and Environmental Management, Natural Resources and Environmental ManagementCost Effectiveness of Green Roofs Using Native Hawaiian MossMora,
IndividualKacie KajiharaMolecular Biosciences and BiotechnologyThe effects of environmental and human activity gradients on bacterial community assemblyHynson,
IndividualMadison SweaneyPsychologyHelping Those Who Need It Most: Oahu’s Reentry Support SystemRubin,
IndividualAshley OstendorfGlobal Environmental ScienceFood Security and the Rise of the Local Farmer’s MarketGlick,


Group/IndividualStudent(s)Major(s)Presentation TitleEvent NameTravel LocationMentorMentor Email
IndividualLauren MathewsGlobal Environmental ScienceNutrition & Elemental Stoichiometry of Zooplankton Life StagesICES/PICES 6th Zooplankton Production Symposium “New Challenges in a Changing Ocean”Bergen, NorwayNelson,
IndividualShannon RiveraEnvironmental StudiesAssisted Colonization Policy for Endangered Species of Hawai’i in the Face of Climate Change PresentationEcoSummit 2016 Ecological Sustainability: Engineering ChangeMontpellier, FrancePrice,
IndividualZachary QuinlanMarine BiologyCoral Produces Aromatic Proteinaceous Dissolved Organic Matter; A PresentationWestern Society of NaturalistsMonterey, CA, USANelson,
IndividualMichelle HuBiochemistryDetermining the Crystal Structure of Aromatase Bound to a New InhibitorNew England Science SymposiumBoston, MA, USANg,
IndividualLucia AmoreDieteticsIdentifying Perceived Barriers and Enablers of Healthy Eating in College Students in Hawai’i: a Qualitative Study Using Focus GroupsExperimental Biology 2017Chicago, IL, USABanna,
IndividualEmily Badillo-WinardPsychology and sociologyIndividual Health Impacts Related to New York’s Home Buyout Program: A Cross-Sectional Comparison Across 3 Communities Affected by Hurricane SandWestern Psychological Association’s 97th Annual ConventionSacramento, CA, USABaker,
IndividualGerardo Avila JrPsychologyHow Exposure Length to Faces Affects Facial RecognitionWestern Psychological Association’s 97th Annual ConventionSacramento, CA, USASinnett,
IndividualAustin BurkePhilosophyBeyond the Utilitarian Principle: Tragic Oedipus, Farcical Christ, and Prosthetic Hamlet27th Annual Theodore Clevenger Undergraduate Honors ConferenceGreenville, SC, USATanke,
IndividualAina Krizelle IglesiasEthnic StudiesFamilial or Financial Survival: A Dilemma Faced by Filipina Housekeepers in Hawaii2017 National Association of Ethnic Studies (NAES) ConferenceSan Francisco, CA, USALabrador,
IndividualAngie AndersonEnglish and TheatrePerformance Presentation at the KCACTF Irene Ryan Acting CompetitionKennedy Center American College Theatre Festival, Region VIIIMesa, AZ, USARay,
IndividualLisa GrandinettiEthnic Studies, Women’s Studies (double major)Writing Indigenous and Asian Women into Hawaii’s Plantation Era History of ResistancNational Association for Ethnic Studies 45th Annual Conference San Francisco, CA, USALabrador,
IndividualKenneth KusakaTheatreClassic and Local Roles-Bringing the ‘āina to Arizona for the Kennedy Center American College Theatre FestivalThe Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival (KCACTF)Mesa, AZ, USAO’Malley,
IndividualAmber ObrienArt (glass), PsychologyEnergy Efficiency: The Future of Glass Making46th Annual Glass Art Society ConferenceNorfolk, VA, USAMills,
IndividualMatsu ThorntonElectrical EngineeringInternet-of-Things Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulation Testbed for Demand Response Ancillary ServicesTechConnect World InnovationWashington, DC, USAGhorbani,
IndividualBryson RacomaElectrical EngineeringReplication of Objects via Sensors and Computer Vision2017 International Conference on Computational Science and Computational IntelligenceLas Vegas, NV, USAGarmire,
IndividualJustin HigaGeology and GeophysicsFirst archaeointensity results from the historical period of Cambodia, Southeast Asia” (first author) and “New constraints on slip rates and locking depths of the San Andreas Fault System from Sentinel-1A InSAR and GAGE GPS observations (contributing author)2017 American Geophysical Union (AGU) Fall MeetingNew Orleans, LA, USAKonter,
IndividualAmanda WongGlobal Environmental ScienceMicroclimate of Leaf Litter in Ecological Restoration of Hawaiian Lowland Wet Forests
The Society for Advancement of Chicanos/Hispanics and Native Americans in Science (SACNAS) 2017 ConferenceSalt Lake City, UT, USABarton,
IndividualZachary LangdalenGeology and GeophysicsDispersal of Volcanic Ash on Mars: Ash Grain Shape AnalysisAGU Fall MeetingNew Orleans, LA, USAFagents,
IndividualPooja NutiMechanical EngineeringDoppler Radar Occupancy Sensor for Small-Range Motion Detection2017 IEEE Asia Pacific Microwave ConferenceKuala Lumpur, MalaysiaBoric-Lubecke,
IndividualKari NoeInformation and Computer ScienceVirtual Reality in Research and Cultural PreservationNational Collegiate Honors Council ConferenceAtlanta, GA, USALeigh,
IndividualEric WelchGlobal Environmental ScienceGroundwater modeling and pesticide distribution in the Faga`alu watershed on Tutuila, American SamoaAmerican Geophysical Union (AGU) Fall ConferenceNew Orleans, LA, USADulai,
IndividualKieffer HermannGlobal Environmental ScienceRain Gauge Analysis of Precipitation on Oahu17th annual AMS student conferenceAustin, TX, USANugent,
GroupJorin Young, Jeffrey BracketTheatre, TheatreJ&Jʻs Audition ChallengeKennedy Center-American College Theatre FestivalSpokane, WA, USAO’Malley,
GroupJaime Obatake, Kevin ChoElectrical Engineering, Computer Engineering
Analysis, Distribution, and Visualization of Weather Data for Sustainability Applications
International Academic Forum Asian Conference of Sustainability, Energy, and the EnvironmentKobe, JapanKuh,
GroupMalia Wessel, Michelle PitelTheatre, Theatre/Com in MultimediaPerformance Presentation at the KCACTF Irene Ryan Acting CompetitionKennedy Center-American College Theatre FestivalSpokane, WA, USAIezzi,
IndividualBryan PopeSecondary EducationIslamic Ideological Rift: The Closing of the Doors to Quranic Interpretation in the Medieval EraPhi Alpha Theta 2018 Biennial ConventionNew Orleans, LA, USAJolly,
IndividualWilliam FongElectrical EngineeringQuantum Dot Aided Graphene PhototdetectorPacific Operational Science and Technology ConferenceWaikiki, HI, USAGarmire,
IndividualKathleen CorpuzAmerican Studies/political scienceAssessing Current Tobacco and Vape Use Among Filipinos in Hawai‘iAssociation for Asian American Studies Conference 2018San Francisco, CA, USALabrador, R.Roderick Labrador
IndividualAmanda WongGlobal Environmental ScienceDevelopment of Environmental DNA Methods to Assess the Distribution and Abundance of the Invasive Aquatic Plant Hydrilla verticillataSACNAS National Diversity in STEM ConferenceSan Antonio, TX, USAGuidry,
IndividualAshleigh EppsMarine BiologyUp, Down, or All Around: Directionality, linear extension, and growth patterns of two coral species in Kaneohe Bay
Western Society of Naturalists conferenceTacoma, WA, USAGates,
IndividualMariah OpalekMarine Biology
The differential effects of Symbiodinaceae type, coral color and light intensity on growth in the coral species, Montipora capitata
2018 Western Society of Naturalists’ ConferenceTacoma, WA, USAGates,
GroupGina Watanabe, Jonathan Tello, Fernanda Hennig, John BanasihanBiology, Molecular Biosciences and Biotechnology, Molecular Biosciences and Biotechnology, BiologyDelivering Transgenes to Corn Centromeres
2018 Internationally Genetically Engineered Machines (iGEMs) ConferenceBoston, MA, USAPresting,
IndividualAmanda WongGlobal Environmental ScienceDevelopment of Environmental DNA Methods to Assess the Distribution and Abundance of the Invasive Aquatic Plant Hydrilla verticillataSACNAS National Diversity in STEM ConferenceSan Antionio, TX, USAGuidry,
IndividualVasant PatwardhanMolecular Cell BiologyReasons Patients Seek Care From a Student Run Free Clinic
2019 Society of Student ­Run Free Clinics ConferenceKansas City, KS, USAOmori,
IndividualKealohi SabateGlobal Environmental ScienceAnalysis of the Microbial communities associated with the degradation of invasive algae
ASLO 2019 Aquatic Sciences MeetingSan Juan, Pueto RicoAlegado,
GroupQicheng Zhou, Yoshio Yoshizumi, Irene Tsang, Wyman Tong, Sean Sueno, Andrew Lo, Chris Li, Steven Kim, Mick CollingMechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical EngineeringCompeting in the 2019 American Society of Mechanical Engineers Human Powered Vehicle Challenge with a Slot and Tab
Vehicle Design
2019 American Society of Mechanical Engineers Human Powered Vehicle ChallengePomona, CA, USAZhuoyuan,
IndividualJonah BobilinElectrical EngineeringKCACTF DTM Exposition Lighting Design Presentation for The Good Person of SetzuanKCACTF DTM Exposition Lighting Design PresentationEugene, OR, USARay,
IndividualBrian SwilleyGeology and GeophysicsA Full Vector Study of a Terrestrial Geomagnetic Record of the Porcupine Excursion (ca. 2737 ka), Gauss – Matuyama (ca. 2.61 Ma) Polarity Transition and C2r.2r.l Cryptochron (ca. 2.461 Ma) Recovered From a Long Volcanic Sequence at Makapuu Point, Koolau Volcano, Hawaii, USA.
AGU Fall Meeting 2018Washington, DC, USAHerrero-Bervera,
IndividualJoanne Aire-OaihimireEconomicsTurning Heads: The Ethnographic Busts and Artwork at the Royal Museum for Central Africa2019 TTU Undergraduate Research ConferenceLubbock, TX, USAHoffmann,
IndividualRiho LeeBiologyPromoting Health Literacy and Active Patient Involvement with Self-Help Comics2019 Society of Student ­Run Free Clinics ConferenceKansas City, KS, USAWard,
GroupJorin Young, Kela NeilTheatre, TheatrePerforming at Kennedy Center American College Theatre FestivalThe Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival (KCACTF)Eugene, OR, USAIezzi,
IndividualJessica IdleNatural Resources and Environmental ManagementHuman Presence Near Wedge-tailed Shearwater Burrows and its Impact on Nesting SuccessPacific Seabird Group Annual Meeting ConferenceLihue, HI, USAPrice,
GroupJonathan Wallen, Nathan Diaz, Christopher Flaris, Sean Foster, Greg OkitaMechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical EngineeringDevelopment of a Novel Docking Station for Resident Autonomous Underwater VehiclesIEEE/MTS OCEANS ConferenceMarseille, FranceSong,
IndividualAlexander MarshallGeology and GeophysicsReactionary Hashtags: An investigation into the male response to the #metoo movement2019 SSSP ConferenceNew York, NY, USASaraswati,
IndividualKayla WatabuEnglishNegotiating Voice in the Writing CenterNaylor Workshop on Undergraduate Research in Writing Studies ConferenceYork, PA, USANordstrom,
IndividualKristina TheamMarine BiologyIdentifying opsin gene expression in the visual system of the copepod Labidocera madurae2019 SACNASHonolulu, HI, USAPorter,
IndividualSolomon ChenGlobal Environmental ScienceStrategic Monitoring and Resilience Training in the Ala Wai Watershed: Seasonal and Episodic VariabilityCoastal and Estuarine Research Federation (CERF) Biennial ConferenceMobile, AL, USAGlazer,
IndividualCatharine CreadickGeology and GeophysicsThe Earth Moves Me!: An Education and Outreach Campaign for Broadening Geoscience Awareness in Hawai’iAmerican Geophysical Union’s 2019 Fall MeetingSan Francisco, CA, USASmith-Konter,
IndividualNatalie PowersGeology and GeophysicsStorage conditions and longevity of rift zone magmas at Kīlauea Volcano, Hawai‘i: melt inclusion insights from the 2018 Lower East Rift Zone eruptionAGU Fall Meeting 2019San Francisco, CA, USAShea,
IndividualDavin TakahashiComputer ScienceVC-dimensions of nondeterministic finite automata for words of equal lengthInternational Symposium on Artificial Intelligence and Mathematics (ISAIM)Fort Lauderdale, FL, USAKjos-Hanssen,
IndividualNikki DutroSociologyDefining Crimes Against “Humanity”: From the IMTN and IMTFE to the ICTY and ICTRAHA Annual Meeting 2020 Undergraduate Lightning RoundNew York, NY, USAHoffenberg,
IndividualHulita DrakeTheatrePerforming at Kennedy Center American College Theatre FestivalKennedy Center-American College Theatre FestivalFort Collins, CO, USAIezzi,

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