One of the first steps to get started on your research/creative work journey is to identify an available mentor to guide you, support you, and collaborate with you in your research/creative work endeavors. Careful thought and planning should go into the process of determining a potential mentor, which includes presenting yourself and your research/creative work background and/or ideas to a prospective mentor, and formally requesting their mentorship. This page contains steps you can follow to find a suitable mentor for your research/creative work interests and goals.

While your mentor should be someone compatible with your research/creative work interests and work style, please note that UROP requires Entering Research and Creative WorkProject, and Presentation funding applicants to have a mentor who meets at least one of the following criteria:

  1. UHM faculty (I/R/S/B/A/J/M tenured, tenure-track, and non-tenure track faculty)
  2. Have submitted and been granted a Mentor Eligibility Petition
    • The Mentor Eligibility Petition is an option for mentors who do not meet the initial eligibility criteria but would like to request mentorship for a UROP-funded research/creative work project
    • Petitions, including support documentation from the official UHM supervisor, should be submitted at least 4 weeks prior to submitting any mentoring documents related to a UROP funding opportunity.

The above information may not be universally available for a particular mentor, so we recommend that you: (1) ask your potential mentor directly; (2)  inquire within your department of interest; and/or (3) send an inquiry to UROP about criteria particular mentor. When inquiring about eligibility, please be sure to exercise proper academic and professional etiquette in your communications with potential mentors, a department, or UROP.

Tips on Finding a Research/Creative Work Mentor

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