Because UROP funding is disbursed as a scholarship by the Financial Aid Office, UROP funding is subject to all financial aid guidelines (e.g. a UROP ERC/Project/Presentation funding recipient must enroll in at least one credit in the semester of disbursement, including summer, to receive UROP funding). Once a UROP funding recipient fulfills all pre-funding requirements, the Financial Aid Office reviews the recipient’s stipend funding amount (for ERC funding recipients) or UROP budget (for Project/Presentation funding recipients) based on the recipient’s cost-of-attendance in the disbursement semester. Over 90% of UROP funding recipients receive their UROP funding without any issues because:

  • Most recipients’ cost-of-attendance allows them to receive their UROP funding, and
  • The Financial Aid Office can increase a recipient’s cost-of-attendance for non-stipend funding if a recipient’s acceptance of UROP funding causes their financial aid package to exceed their cost-of-attendance.

However, the Financial Aid Office cannot increase the cost-of-attendance for stipend funding, and in rare cases, a recipient may have to choose between a UROP stipend and other forms of financial aid they already have (e.g., loans or grants). In all cases, UROP communicates with each individual recipient regarding funding disbursement prior to disbursement to facilitate the funding process.

Once the cost-of-attendance matter is resolved, UROP schedules the funding to be transferred to a recipient’s myUH account and notifies the recipient via email. In general, ERC and Project funding recipients receive their funding at the beginning of the funding semester and Presentation funding recipients receive their funding within 2 months after applying if they submitted all pre-funding requirements by the deadline.

Once UROP schedules the funding, UROP sends an email notification to each recipient. Once transferred, the funding shows as a credit (Achv Schl UG Research) in the “View My Student Account” tab in the myUH account, which also shows each UHM student’s financial transactions with the University, including the UROP funding, scholarships, awards, loans, tuition fees, student fees, etc.

Please note that once UROP funding is transferred to a myUH account, it will balance any existing charges in your MyUH account. In other words, if there is an outstanding balance on a given myUH account, UROP funding will automatically pay the outstanding balance first. If the transfer of UROP funding results in a negative value (negative balance means the University owes you money and positive balance means you owe the University money) in the “Term Balance” in “View My Student Account”, you will receive the positive value of the displayed amount via eRefund or a check mailed to your address at the beginning of the semester of disbursement.

Refunds are only posted on certain days. To review the Refund schedule, from myUH, select “View My Student Account” and view the “Announcement” section on the left hand side of the home page. eRefunds take ~2-5 days to appear in your bank account and a mailed check takes ~10 business days to arrive from the “mailed on date”. UROP highly recommends all recipients to sign up for eRefund in order to expedite the transfer of funds and receive an email update from when your eRefund is processed. There is no email update for a check, but your “Term Balance” will show $0.00 when a negative balance is processed.

Screenshot showing Fall 2022 refund schedule in MyUH

Screenshot of a Fall 2022 refund schedule in MyUH

Lastly, please note the following important details regarding myUH and account balances:

  • If you have a tuition plan set up for the semester of disbursement (i.e., you have not paid your tuition yet), your UROP funding will pay your tuition first.
  • The transfer of UROP funding to your myUH account affects the balance of the semester of disbursement. If your semester of disbursement is Summer 2023, UROP funding will affect your Summer 2023 balance and not your Fall 2023 balance. One exception is that a balance may pay for a previous semester’s balance or a coming semester’s outstanding balance if the payment due date has passed.
  • For international students, refund of any negative term balance is processed after the end of the 50% tuition refund period.
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