UROP invites all UHM undergraduate students from all disciplines and levels of experience in conducting research/creative work (including students with little to no experience but interest in exploring the process) and mentors to utilize ForagerOne, a research/creative work networking platform and one-stop-shop for undergraduate research/creative work opportunities at UHM.

See below for ForagerOne features and instructions for creating a free UHM ForagerOne profile.

Click on the logo above to access ForagerOne via UH single sign-on (SSO) service


Students: Search for faculty/staff who can potentially mentor you on research/creative work and reach out to them using the built-in messaging system

Faculty/Staff: Share interest in mentoring undergraduate students and/or actively recruit students

Student Projects

Students: Search for and apply for research/creative work projects posted by UHM faculty

Faculty/Staff: Post projects to recruit students to engage in research/creative work


Find on- and off-campus research/creative work opportunities, including fellowships, conferences, funding, journals, etc.


Share your ideas and search other profiles to find faculty and student research/creative work collaborators

Instructions for Creating Your ForagerOne Profile

Screenshot of a faculty profile on ForagerOne

Disclaimer: ForagerOne is a third party service provider. Please read ForagerOne’s privacy policy to understand what you are agreeing to by participating in this service. You may choose to provide personal information on their public user profiles or elsewhere on the website at your own discretion and risk. By using the ForagerOne, you agree to be solely responsible for any potential damages.

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