This budget guideline applies to both Project and Presentation Funding Applications. Please note that the justification you provide for each item and stipend is an important factor in the funding decision process rather than the funding request amount, i.e., a proposal that requests $500 in funding is not more likely to be funded than a proposal that requests $5000. Therefore, applicants are encouraged to request funding for all allowable, well-justified, and necessary expenses (e.g., materials and supplies, travel, stipend).

UROP does not accept or review applications requesting over the maximum amount. UROP may also decide to partially fund your application based on faculty reviews of the application. Additionally, UROP does not fund items already purchased or stipend for work that has already been completed. Please see sections below for more information.

If you would like to learn more about how UROP disburses funding to students, please refer to Funding Disbursement Procedure.

Item Eligibility

Budget, Stipend, and Summary Tables

The following is a guideline on how to create Budget, Stipend, and Summary Tables. Also, be sure to review the sample budgets as a visual reference. Please note that the sample budgets are not intended to replace the written guideline and you are responsible for following all guidelines as outlined below.

You are more than welcome to use Microsoft Excel or other similar software to prepare the tables. However, please note that the application system may not display your tables correctly if they are too wide. In order to ensure that your tables are properly displayed without any missing information (UROP will not consider funding any items/stipend on the tables that is not appropriately displayed by the application system), please be sure that your tables fit in a Word document displayed in a portrait orientation with 1-inch margin all around.

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