Honors 495, Introduction to Research, provides students the opportunity to start preliminary research and construct a proposal that will be utilized as the foundation for their Senior Honors Project.  It is imperative that students determine a research topic and choose a thesis advisor during this course to ensure a strong proposal and seamless transition into Honors 496.  Students are required to submit an Advisor Agreement Form (found online student’s Honors Mākālei account) to enroll in Honors 496, so the sooner students determine an advisor the better.

Topics can range from creative productions to laboratory work, so we encourage students to choose an advisor who is knowledgeable in the subject area or related field.  While most 495 students choose advisors who are from the same academic department, some students choose advisors from different academic departments because they feel this individual can best advise his or her project.  If this is the case, students will need to submit the Outside Faculty/Thesis Advisor Agreement (found in the student’s Honors Mākālei account) in addition to the Advisor Agreement Form.  For a list of recent Senior Honors Project advisors, please click here.

Throughout the duration of the semester students submit assignments of ongoing research and prepare for an oral presentation.  At the conclusion of Honors 495 students will present their proposals at the Spring Symposium or Fall Forum.  Students correspond with the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) thorughout the semester to ensure this presentation requirement will be met.

Waivers for Honors 495

Students can choose to take an Honors 495 equivalent by taking a research methodologies course from their home department that results in a research proposal.  Often established honors tracks also have core departmental requirements that can waive Honors 495. For clarifications about which courses would suffice, please make an appointment with the Honors Director at honors@hawaii.edu.  To successfully waive HON 495, students must submit a completed waiver form along with a finished proposal that has been reviewed and approved by their project advisor. Students who choose to waive HON 495 must still present their proposals at an Honors Program sponsored event (Fall Forum, Spring Symposium, etc), or double up on their finished project presentations to make up for presentation requirements.