Four-year Honors students complete a program that includes required coursework and a faculty-mentored capstone, in one of three formats (research thesis, creative thesis, or portfolio).

Your Honors Journey begins with three Honors courses in the first and second year, including two Honors courses and at least one Honors A-section course offered by a partner department.

In the sophomore year, students attend a mandatory BRIDGE session that assists in the transition to junior and senior year.

In the last two years, students complete a two-semester Senior Honors Project, which is an independent, mentored capstone in your major. For students whose major requires a capstone for all students, your Honors capstone integrates your required major capstone – you do not have to complete two capstones.

Your 4-Year Honors Program Journey will look something like this:

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Freshman and Sophomore Year

  • End of your Sophomore Year, you should have the following completed: 1 A Section and 2 HON courses
    • *A Section courses must be courses that have not already been taken at UHM or elsewhere (transfer courses) for earned credit.
  • End of Sophomore year, BRIDGE SESSION to transition to Senior Honors Project
  • Start Considering whether you would like to follow the Thesis or Portfolio track for your Honors Senior Project early in your program.
  • Many departments have Honors Tracks that can be followed to help you graduate with Honors

Junior Year

  • Submit Honors Project Proposal & Mentor/Proposal Form
  • HON 495 Recommended

Senior Year

  • HON 494 Required
  • 2 semesters of HON 496 or 499 in major or pre-approved course from Honors track to work on Senior Honors Project
  • Graduation Information Session
  • Submit Senior Honors Project
  • Present at Undergraduate Showcase