Your Honors Journey begins with Honors coursework in the first and second year, followed by a BRIDGE session to transition to junior and senior year, where the focus is on the Senior Honors Project, and independent, mentored work within your major.

Your 4-Year Honors Program Journey will look something like this:

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Freshman and Sophomore Year

  • End of your Sophomore Year, you should have the following completed: 1 A Section and 2 HON courses
  • End of Sophomore year, BRIDGE SESSION to transition to Senior Honors Project
  • Start Considering whether you would like to follow the Thesis or Portfolio track for your Honors Senior Project early in your program.
  • Many departments have Honors Tracks that can be followed to help you graduate with Honors

Junior Year

  • Submit Honors Project Proposal & Mentor/Proposal Form
  • HON 495 Recommended

Senior Year

  • HON 494 Required
  • 2 semesters of HON 496 or 499 in major or pre-approved course from Honors track to work on Senior Honors Project
  • Graduation Information Session
  • Submit Senior Honors Project
  • Present at Undergraduate Showcase