Graduation Requirements

  1. Complete required coursework and make sure to complete the following Graduation checklist.
  2. Maintain cumulative and major GPA of at least 3.2
  3. Give one public oral presentations at the Undergraduate Showcase:
  4. Submit your completed Senior Honors Project and other materials by deadline.
    • Completed Senior Honors Project (PDF digital copy)
    • Final oral presentation document at the Fall Forum or Spring Symposium
    • Academic Curriculum Vitae (CV) (PDF digital copy)
    • Personal Statement on “My Experience in Honors” (max. 500 words) (PDF digital copy)
    • Completed online Exit Survey (online Exit Survey is sent to you via your UH Email on your graduating semester)
  5. Submission of Committee Evaluation

*Please save all files in the following PDF format only:  

Label of file example: Smith_Jane_Personal_Statement.pdf

Honors Candidacy Evaluation

The Honors Council reviews the complete file of each candidate for Honors. Honors council will also review in detail cases when student’s GPA falls below the 3.2 minimum for extenuating circumstances, and/or cases with mixed or negative evaluations. Honors Council will also convene to review exceptional theses endorsed by the faculty mentor/committee and determine Honors Thesis Awards.


Once we have received the required documents students will be issued the Honors cord that will be worn at the Commencement ceremony.

Names of our Honors Degree candidates will be listed in the Commencement Program and will be given special acknowledgement during the graduation ceremony.