HON 101: Introduction to Research at Manoa 

(3 credits, A-F)

Combines lectures by instructors and faculty guests with workshops and hands-on experience in small group projects, including bibliographic searches, laboratory science, social surveys and interviews. A significant portion is dedicated to writing instruction. Letter grade only.

HON 291: Honors Sophomore Seminar (3 credits, A-F)

Special inquiry-based study of multi-disciplinary topics in particular historical, cultural, geographical, environmental or other contexts. Emphasis on primary sources or fieldwork. (B) biological science; (H) humanities; (P) physical science; (R) arts; (S) social science; (T) literature. Repeatable once. Letter grade only. Pre: 101
(*Fall 2021 Courses)

HON 291B: Sophomore Seminar: Biological Science 

*HON 291H: Sophomore Seminar: Humanities

HON 291S: Sophomore Seminar: Social Science

HON 299: Transformational Research

Transformational Research Experiences of Early Undergraduates is an introductory course that provides discovery-based investigation and hands-on experiences in a wide range of science fields. The course is divided into 4-week learning modules that will be taught by researchers at four UH Mānoa research facilities on and off campus: The Hawaiʻi Institute of Marine Biology, The Lyon Arboretum, The UH Cancer Center, and The Water Resources Research Center.

HON 301 Public Policy-Making 
(3 credits, A-F)

Students develop understanding of theory, practice, and ethical issues of public policy-making. Combines lecture/discussion and field trips. Students develop policy analysis and strategic plans that identify issues, interests, and methods of influence. Repeatable one time. Letter grade only. Pre: 101 or 291, or departmental approval. (Cross-listed as POLS 386)

HON 303 Civic Engagement & Social Justice (3 credits, A-F)

Seminar on history and theory, and practice of volunteerism in the U.S. Involves comparative study of volunteerism, individual research projects on volunteerism, and conduct of field service activities together with written reports. Repeatable one time. Letter grade only. Pre: 101 or 291, or departmental approval.

HON 330 Honors Study Abroad Project (V)

Honors students participating in study abroad enhance their experience through an individually proposed project to be carried out in the host country. Project must be approved by the Honors and Study Abroad directors. Repeatable one time. Honors students only. A-F only. Pre: consent of Honors director and Study Abroad director.

HON 333 Experiential & Scholarly Engagement

HON 333 Experiential Learning and Scholarly Engagement (3) Students develop an understanding of theory and practice of experiential learning through direct engagement and focused scholarly reflection while assimilating and synthesizing new knowledge and developing critical thinking skills. Repeatable two times. Honors Program approval only. 
(*Fall 2021 Courses)

*HON 333: (Section 001) CRN 84094

HON 340 The Publication Process (Writing Intensive, 3 credits, A-F, Offered only in the Spring Semester)

Using Horizons undergraduate journal as our guide, this course engages the experiential learning done through the publication process and on the myriad ethical issues arising from publication in academia and beyond. To understand the publishing environment, we will review the current norms and expectations across a variety of disciplines, discussing ethical issues including expectations for communicating academic work, open access publishing, data validity, and more.

HON 380 Peer Mentoring (3 credits, A-F)

Students develop understanding of dynamics of leadership skills within the contexts of paired to large groups. Significant portion is dedicated to writing and oral communication instruction. Honors Program students only. Pre-semester training sessions, on-going training and supervision. Repeatable one time. Letter grade only. Pre: 101 or departmental approval.

HON 491: Junior Seminar (Writing Intensive, 3 credits, A-F)

The Junior Honors Seminar is an upper-division seminar that provides Honors students with a graduate-style seminar experience. These seminars challenge students by taking them outside the specialized focus of their major and asking them to approach complex issues or problems in new ways. The multi-disciplinary topics featured in these seminars vary each semester, depending on the Honors Faculty offering the course. The seminars employ project-based experiential learning involving community-based research or creative work.

HON 494: Honors Workshop (Zero credits, N/CR)

This is a required supplemental workshop for students beginning independent work on their Senior Honors Project. During this workshop, students will be coached on the protocols of conducting research with a faculty mentor, learn about the timeline, criteria and evaluation of their projects, and draft a detailed contract for their senior project.

HON 495: Introduction to Research (Writing Intensive/Oral Communications Focus, 3 credits, N/CR)

This seminar provides students the opportunity to start preliminary research and construct a research or creative work thesis proposal that will be used as the foundation for the Senior Honors Project. The course focuses on developing library research skills; the exploration of scholarship of research and creative work; methodological and ethical issues; finding and working with a Faculty Mentor; and the development of individual proposal for the Senior Honors Project. Although this course is not required, it is highly recommended, as it is designed with the goal of completing a Senior Honors Project proposal (which is an Honors Program requirement).

HON 496: Senior Honors Project (choice of Writing Intensive or Non-Writing Intensive sections, 3 credits, A-F)

These are independent study courses where students undertake original research, creative work, performance or other projects appropriate to their major. The student works with the Faculty Mentor, in collaboration with the Honors Director.

Students are expected to take two semesters of HON 496, the first typically dedicated to research, the second to writing, revision and presentation of the Senior Honors Project.

Students taking the WI section must submit a minimum of 16 pages of writing by the end of exam period to receive credit for the course.

HON 499 Directed Reading/Research (V)

Directed reading and/or research. Repeatable 3 times or up to 12 credits.