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Parts of a Plant & What Plants Need to Survive

Here are some free worksheets for introducing kindergartners to basic shapes. After you know your basic shapes, why not look for shapes in nature? Flowers, fruits, leaves, even the overall shape of a plant might look familiar!

This page also has some fun ideas for looking for patterns and shapes together in nature. It even has a free printable worksheet.

Parts of a Plant

Clickable diagram by DK: Parts of a Plant by DK Find Out

Video: “Parts of a Plant” from the Dr. Binocs Show (approx 3 minutes). Quick introduction to root, stem, leaf, bud, flower, and fruit. (This is slightly different from how we list the six six major parts of the plant here at Lyon. We prefer root, stem, leaf, flower, fruit, and seed.)

Video: “Time-Lapse: Watch Flowers Bloom Before Your Eyes” from National Geographic (approx 3:30). Once you take a close look at a flower, the complexity and beauty can really jump out at you.

Video: “What’s Inside a Bean?” by SciSchow Kids. A bean is a familiar and easy-to-examine example of a seed.

What Plants Need To Survive

Here at Lyon Arboretum, we usually answer the question, “What do plants need to survive?” with four things: light, water, air, and nutrients.

Video: “Who Needs Dirt?” by Crash Course Kids.

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