Volunteer Update in response to Coronavirus Pandemic II


Please see the homepage regarding Lyon Arboretum’s current policies on public visits.

We are accepting volunteers (individual and groups). Please read our COVID guidelines before applying: Lyon-COVID-volunteer-policy-2021-10-04 (PDF)

For new individual volunteers, please review the opportunities page and fill out the appropriate application(s).

If you have volunteered at Lyon in the past but wish to volunteer with a different department, please contact Raedelle Van Fossen, Education Manager, at raedelle@hawaii.edu.

Lyon Arboretum is a publicly visited site. We have modified our policies in response to the current pandemic, but please use your own judgment in weighing potential risk to your health before volunteering.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact, Raedelle Van Fossen, Education Manager, at 808-988-0461 or email me at raedelle@hawaii.edu.

Current volunteers: Log in to Volgistics Here!

Become a volunteer: Apply online!

Click through the options on the lefthand side of the screen to see descriptions of different volunteer opportunities at Lyon Arboretum. Groups or individuals interested in short-term service (e.g., service days) should read the “Grounds Department GROUP Service” or “Grounds Crew Volunteer – SHORT/LIMITED TERM INDIVIDUALS” options, respectively.