Federal Work-Study (FWS)

Federal Work-Study is financial aid through student employment. It is awarded to undergraduate and graduates with financial need to work and earn money on-campus in various UH Mānoa departments, or off-campus in a private non-profit or public agency on the island of Oahu, based on the availability of funds. Students awarded FWS will be directed to the Mānoa Career Center for FWS information (also refer to FWS information Letter PDF).

Please note that Work-Study is an amount that you can earn up to if you find a student employment job. The amount is not paid up front, nor is it guaranteed that you will earn that amount. Actual earnings, in the form of a paycheck, will vary depending on your hours worked and pay rate. It is the student’s responsibility to use any pay checks to pay off UH account balances for tuition, but keep in mind that tuition may be due before a student has found a job or earned any wages.

If you were not originally offered Federal Work-Study and would like to be considered, add your name to the FWS waiting list. You will be notified via email at a later time if you are offered Work-Study.