Accept or Decline Offer

Once you have been offered a financial aid package you may review and accept or decline your offers online via your MyUH Services.

Your Financial Aid Offer is valid for 30 days. Anything not accepted within 30 days of the initial offer is subject to cancellation. Loans, even if accepted, will not disburse until loan requirements are complete. You may accept the loans now but request in writing to cancel the loan before disbursement each semester.

You may review and accept/decline your offers on your MyUH Services using the following instructions:

  1. Login to
    Log in to myUH
    If this is your first time using MyUH Services, click on
    **Notices/Aid information will NOT be mailed. All communication is sent through MyUH Services/via email.**

  3. Click on the “View My Financial Aid Information” link.

    View my financial Aid Information
    (Please note, the location of the Financial Aid link may not be the same on your page)

  5. Click on “My Overall Financial Aid Status“.
    My Overall Financial Aid Status

  7. Select your aid year. Click “Submit“.
    Select your aid year

  9. This is a summary of your aid year. To view detailed information regarding your student requirements, cost of attendance, award, academic progress, messages, or financial aid history click on the corresponding links. Select the “awarded” link.
    summary of your aid year

  11. Click on “Accept Award Offer”


  13. Accept, decline, or reduce the offered amount for each award. If you do not want to accept the full amount offered you can choose to accept a partial amount by choosing Accept and entering the amount in the text box next to the Select Decision menu tab.


  15. Click on “Submit Decision” for suited decision.


  17. To accept the full amounts offered, click on “Accept Full Amount”.


If you accept loan offers, please review your MyUH Services for additional requirements.

Adjusting Your Aid

If you have accepted and/or declined your aid and would like to adjust, cancel, and/or reinstate your aid then you may complete a Financial Aid Change Request form. Reinstatement of some awards may be contingent upon availability of funds.
NOTE: If you are requesting to cancel or reduce loans that have already been disbursed, you must submit your request within 30 days from the date the funds were disbursed to your UH student account.