Sending Official Documents to Financial Aid

Students have the option to submit financial aid documents using the UH File drop service.  The UH File Drop offers students the convenience of safely and securely uploading documents to our office for review and processing. When using the UH File Drop use these settings:

  • Recipient must be
  • Expiration Timer change to 14 days
  • Documents should be clear, legible and complete.
  • Please use blue or black ink.
  • Documents must show both Student Name and UH ID number. Verify each document is signed if needed.

Students have the option to use the following links to upload financial aid documents. UH Username and Password required.

Required Documents

MyUH Services provides access to required documents, status of your financial aid, and management of your financial aid information.

Financial Aid Change Request

2023-2024 Financial Aid Change Request Form
Form to adjust aid and notify our office of outside scholarships or additional assistance (stipends, fellowships, tuition waivers, etc.). Your login is required to access this form.

Enrollment Forms

  • Spring 2024 Enrollment Form
    Form to notify our office that your enrollment for the Spring 2024 semester will be less than full-time. The deadline to submit this form has passed.
  • Spring 2024 UH System Concurrent Enrollment Form
    Form to be completed by students who will be attending another UH System college concurrently. The deadline to submit this form has passed.

Appeal Forms

Affidavit Forms

Form to be used to collect DHS and other Citizenship documents that the student is unable to submit in person.

Authorization to Release Information Forms

Form for student to complete that allows our office to talk about your financial aid to an authorized user(s).

Form for student to complete that allows our office to complete necessary document(s) required for scholarships.

Miscellaneous Forms

In-School Deferment Form
To be completed by the Registrar’s Office to defer loans when in repayment and returning to school at least half-time.

Direct Loan Exit Counseling
Complete after graduating or falling below half-time enrollment