Your financial aid offer is for the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa and is not transferable to another institution. It is based on full-time enrollment at UH Mānoa:

  • Undergraduate – 12 or more applicable credits toward your degree
  • Graduate – 8 credits are considered full-time for financial aid purposes, even though your department may have a differing credit definition. For example, graduate students receiving a tuition waiver are considered by the Graduate Division to be full-time when at 6 credits, but financial aid is still based upon 8 credits. 1 credit of 700F or 800 is also full-time.
  • Law/Medical Professional – 12 or more credits

If you are not enrolled full-time, you must immediately notify our office in writing to prevent an overpayment. Please let us know your expected number of credits for that semester you are NOT full-time via email, or submit the Enrollment Form. For a breakdown of enrollment status for undergraduate students see the Registrar’s page and Graduate Division’s page for graduate students. If you are not being charged tuition for a course(s), an adjustment will be made to your budget and your aid may be adjusted. Your financial aid disbursement will be prorated based on your enrollment.

Students may receive aid to repeat a previously passed (grade of D- or higher) course one additional time.

UH System Concurrent Enrollment

If you will be concurrently enrolled at the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa and at one of the UH System campuses, you must be enrolled for at least 6 applicable credits toward your degree at the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa in order to be eligible for financial aid. If you would like your courses at other campuses to be counted toward your University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa enrollment, you will need to complete the Concurrent Enrollment Form for each term (Fall and Spring only) and submit it to our office by the deadline specified on the form. Late forms will not be accepted. There is no Concurrent Enrollment Form for the Summer term.

  • Form must be received at the University of Hawai’i at Mānoa (UH Mānoa) Financial Aid Office by the deadline listed on the Concurrent Enrollment form, otherwise other UH System enrollment will not be considered for financial aid. Forms received from other departments after the deadline WILL NOT be reviewed.
  • Minimum 6 UH Mānoa credits that are applicable to your degree required for each semester. If enrolled 12 or more applicable credits at UH Mānoa, other UH System enrollment will not be included for financial aid purposes. DO NOT submit the Concurrent Enrollment form if enrolled in 12 or more credits that are applicable towards your degree at UH Mānoa.
  • You must be enrolled in the course(s) listed on the Concurrent Enrollment form at the time of submission; otherwise the form will not be processed. Course(s) must be for a letter grade and count towards your UH Mānoa degree in order to be included in enrollment for financial aid purposes.
  • UH Mānoa credit enrollment and other UH System enrollment listed on the Concurrent Enrollment form must be maintained for the entire semester or your aid may be revised or cancelled at the end of UH Mānoa’s registration period. If your other UH System institution course(s) changes prior to the deadline above, a new Concurrent Enrollment Form must be submitted, otherwise your awards will be based ONLY on your UH Mānoa enrollment.
  • You will be responsible for any remaining charges not covered by your financial aid.
  • Financial Aid Services will contact your instructor to verify your attendance in each course. If attendance verification is not received from your instructor, your financial aid may be revised or cancelled at the end of UH Mānoa’s registration period.
  • A student may receive financial aid to repeat a previously passed course one additional time.
  • The UH Mānoa Opportunity Grant will be prorated based on UH Mānoa campus enrollment only.
  • Full-time enrollment at UH Mānoa campus is required for New Warrior Scholarship, Mānoa Academic Merit Scholarship, Kua’ana Tuition Waiver, and UH Mānoa Service Award. These awards will be cancelled if you are not enrolled full-time at UH Mānoa. Other UH System enrollment cannot be included.
  • If other UH System Institution course(s) starts later than the regular UH Mānoa term, your funds will be disbursed approximately 10 days before the course start date.
    Less than full-time enrollment at UH Mānoa campus may affect your eligibility for future scholarships.

Outreach College (Extension/Distance Education Courses)

If the Outreach College or Extension/Distance course is listed as a UH Mānoa course(s), it may be counted towards your financial aid enrollment. The course(s) must be applicable towards your UH Mānoa degree. If you will be registered for Outreach College Courses (Extension/Distance Learning Courses):

  • Your disbursement may be delayed due to courses starting later than the normal semester.
  • Your financial aid may be adjusted due to courses starting and ending at different times.
  • Your financial aid may be adjusted due to different tuition and fee charges.
  • Your financial aid adjustments may be made after you receive your refund.

Freeze Date for Enrollment Status

Each semester, our office will evaluate your enrollment status for financial aid purposes on the last date for a 50% tuition refund. This date is referred to as the Freeze Date for Enrollment Status. For additional information on enrollment status, see the Registrar’s page. Please refer to the Financial Aid Important Dates & Deadlines for the actual date.

  • Before the freeze date, your aid may fluctuate depending on the number of credits you are registered for. Dropping credits after your financial aid has been disbursed may result in a revision to your financial aid and a balance owing to the Cashier’s Office.
  • On the freeze date, your financial aid will be based on your UH Mānoa and approved concurrent enrollment and will no longer fluctuate when enrollment changes occur, except for students who officially or unofficially withdraw from all courses during the semester. For additional information on officially or unofficially withdrawing from all courses during the semester, please refer to the Withdrawal Policy.
  • After the freeze date, if your enrollment decreases (i.e. withdrawal from a course), you may jeopardize your continuing financial aid eligibility due to not meeting satisfactory academic progress. If you are enrolled after this date, only student loans may be reinstated or increased. Please check STAR to make sure you are registered for the courses you intend to be enrolled in.

Cancellation of Registration/Financial Aid

If you will not be attending the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa, please cancel your registration via STAR. It is your responsibility to notify our office in writing to finaid@hawaii.edu. If you have already been offered a financial aid package, please cancel your financial aid by completing the Financial Aid Change Request form.