Check Your Status

You may check your financial aid status online via your MyUH Services using the instructions provided below. The following screenshots are from a sample student. Your MyUH account may reflect differently.

  1. Login to
    Log in to myUH
    If this is your first time using MyUH Services, click on
    **Notices/Aid information will NOT be mailed. All communication is sent through MyUH Services/via email.**

  3. Click on the “View My Financial Aid Information” link.

    View my financial Aid Information
    (Please note, the location of the Financial Aid link may not be the same on your page)

  5. Click on “My Overall Financial Aid Status“.
    My Overall Financial Aid Status

  7. Select your aid year. Click “Submit“.
    Select your aid year

  9. This is a summary of your aid year. To view detailed information, click on the corresponding links:
    summary of your aid year

    1. Student requirements: view unsatisfied requirements
    2. Cost of attendance: view your budget allowance here
    3. Awarded: view and/or accept your aid offer here
    4. Active messages: Review active messages about your financial aid