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PhD Student Profile

Janice Cockett

Name: Janice Cockett
Degree: MSW
Research interests: Behavioral mental health, criminal justice, Womens’ studies


Takuya Furuhashi Photo

Name: Takuya Furuhashi
Degree: MA (Criminology and Criminal Justice)
Research interests: Trauma-informed care, juvenile justice, and restorative justice focusing on vulnerability

Katinka Hammerich Photo

Name: Katinka B. Hammerich
Degree: MA, MSW, LSW
Title: Instructor (LLEA Department)
Research interests: Death, dying, and bereavement, End-of-life care

Mohammad Didar Hossain Photo

Name: Mohammad Didar Hossain
Degree: MA (Gerontology)
Research interests: Productive Aging, Mental Health, Civic Engagement, Civic and Human Rights, Aging and Migration

Seini Kaufusi Photo

Name: Seini Kaufusi
Degree: MSW
Research interests: Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander health and aging, end of life care, gerontology.

Rachel Kekaula Photo

Name: Rachel Kekaula
Degree: BSW, MSW
Research interests: Indigenous Mental Health, Perinatal and Maternal Mental Health, Trauma Informed Care

Imaculata Kurniasanti Photo

Name: Imaculata Kurniasanti
Degree: MA
Research interests: Migration labor and refugees, gender inequality, left-behind child & family, ethnic relation

No Photo Available Image

Name: Miliama Ku’uipo Iloilo
Degree: BSW, MSW
Research interests: Dance movement therapy among the NHPI population, Intergenerational Truancy-ism among NHPI population.

Whitney Katsutani Photo

Name: Whitney Katsutani
Degree: MSW
Research interests: Intergenerational programming, geriatric workforce development, spiritual and religious social services

Alexa Martin Photo

Name: Alexa St. Martin
Degree: B.S., MSW
Research interests: Adolescent sexual health & sexual health education

Fary Maldonado photo

Name: Fary Maldonado
Degree: MPA
Research interests: Development of interventions for transitioning Veterans. Community-based research. Cross-culture issues

Isaac Nahakū'elua Photo

Name: Isaac Nahakuelua
Degree: BA (Psychology); MSW
Research interests: Political Theory; Social Identity Theory; Therapeutic interventions for Mental Health; Healthcare.

Mei Linn Park Photo

Name: Mei Linn Park
Degree: MSW
Research interests: physical activity, obesity, and culturally focused interventions for Native Hawaiians

No Photo Available Image

Name: Sina P. Pili
Degree: B.A. Psychology, MSW
Research interests: Behavioral Health, Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders, Pacific Islands studies, criminal justice


Thomas Roberson Photo

Name: Thomas Roberson
Degree: MSW, Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Research interests: rural mental health; behavioral health integration; social isolation

No Photo Available Image

Name: Elizabeth Saga-Petaia
Degree: MSW
Research interests: Child Welfare Services, Workforce Turnover, Spirituality, Religion & Social Work Practice, Adverse Childhood & Resiliency among NHPI

No Photo Available Image

Name: Jin Young Seo
Degree: MSW
Research interests: fertility, childlessness, family formation, masculinity, South Korea, family policy

Tyran Terada Photo

Name: Tyran Terada
Degree: MSW
Research interests: Productive aging; environmental gerontology; aging workforce

Puafisi Tupola Photo

Name: Puafisi Tupola
Degree: BA (Political Science), MSW
Research interests: Child Welfare, Mental Health, NHPI

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