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PhD Graduates

Dissertation Research by Recent Graduates

2018 PhD SW Convocation

  • Adverse Childhood Experiences and Resilience Among the Different Generations of Active Duty Military (Matthew Garrido, PhD 2020)
  • Exploring the Barriers and Facilitators to Adopting Healthy Dietary Behaviors Among Tongan-American Adults (Victor Kaufusi, PhD 2020)
  • HOʻĀLA HOU O NĀ WĀHINE MAOLI: Reawakening of Native Hawaiian women exploring the pathways to posttraumatic growth and healing of formerly incarcerated Native Hawaiian female trauma survivors (Tammy Martin, PhD 2019)
  • Understanding Caregivers of Native Hawaiian Kupuna with Memory Loss on One Hawaiian Homestead (Adrienne Dillard, PhD 2018)
  • Mental Health Service Users as Peer Providers in Hawai`i: Understanding Recovery Paths and Perspectives (Christopher Rocchio, PhD 2018)
  • Gender, Perceived Health Status, and Social Support Amongst Oahu’s Homeless (Vijaya Perumal. PhD 2018)
  • Juvenile Sex Trafficking and Hawai`i Public Policy: Examining the Policy Image of Juveniles Involved with Commercial Sexual Activity in Hawai`I (Sarah Momilani Marshall, PhD 2018)
  • Colorectal Cancer Screening Among Chamoru on Guahan: Barriers and Access to Care (Tressa Diaz, PhD 2017)
  • Identification and prediction of child behavior trajectories among children who have experienced maltreatment (Richard Alboroto, PhD 2017)
  • Examining the determinants of colorectal cancer screening practices among Asian Americans (Sophia Kim, PhD 2017)
  • A study of immediate sanction effectiveness to reduce new conviction post-probation (Leonard Sensui, PhD 2016)
  • An Examination of Predictors of Sexual Assault Mental Health Treatment Utilization in Asian Americans, Native Hawaiian & Caucasian Sexual Assault Survivors (Dawna Nelson, PhD 2016)
  • Learn to Swim: A Mixed Methods Approach to Understanding How Social Work Experiential Education Impacts Students’ Social Justice Attitudes (Candy Branson, PhD 2016)
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