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Strategic Plan

Strategic Planning Priorities

Hawaiian Place of Learning

The Thompson School of Social Work & Public Health promotes the “lived values” of our Native Hawaiian Homeland to enhance practice, research, scholarship, and service. A Hawaiian Place of Learning is an inherently inclusive environment that integrates diverse ways of knowing,  bringing together the past and present to create a future of possibilities.

Global Social Justice

We honor local and global perspectives that lead to just, creative, and peaceful solutions. Our geographic location as the gateway to Asia and Pacific Basin, positions the Thompson School of Social Work & Public Health to lead social justice initiatives worldwide through the discovery and application of knowledge.


As a hub of the community building process, the Thompson School of Social Work & Public Health generates collective excellence among its partnerships with students, faculty and staff, university, and the broader community.

Innovation and Technology

Hawai’i is uniquely positioned physically, culturally, and spiritually at the center of an oceanic world in which people regularly gather to reaffirm their relationship with one another. Our ability to transmit and receive knowledge is contingent upon our being at the forefront of technological advances.


Kākou Strategic Plan

Kākou Strategic Plan, 2016-2021 

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