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Graduate Faculty Research

Graduate Faculty Research Areas

*Asterisk indicates eligibility to Chair Dissertation Committees

Graduate Faculty & Research Areas


Clifford Bersamira photo

Clifford Bersamira

Research Interest:  Addiction/Behavioral Health Policies and Service Delivery, Addiction/Behavioral Health Services and Healthcare Reform, Recovery Support Services and Mutual Aid, Asian, Pacific Islander, and Native Hawaiian Behavioral Health Disparities, Behavioral Health Systems and Services Integration

Phone: (808) 956-6245

Kathryn Braun Photo

Kathryn Braun*

Research Interest: Asian and Pacific Islander aging, End-of-life decision making; Minority health; Community-based research and evaluation

Phone: (808) 956-5768

Rachel Burrage

Research Interest: Indigenous well-being, Culture and mental health, Historical and collective trauma, Individual and community resilience

Phone: (808) 956-6240

Michael DeMattos Photo

Michael DeMattos

Research Interests: Teens & their families, Substance abuse, Best practice

Phone: 808.956.6135

Meripa Godinet Photo

Meripa Godinet*

Research Interest: Juvenile delinquency prevention; Social and adjustment issues of Pacific Islander adolescents; Multi-culture and cross-culture issues

Phone: (808) 956-6239

Jing Guo receiving award

Jing Guo*

Research Interest: Comparative family policy; Work, family and Gender; Migration and child education; Asian Americans, Immigrants and child welfare; Social policy and social services in China

Phone: (808) 956-2195

Seunghye Hong Photo

Seunghye Hong*

Research Interest: Neighborhood Contexts; Immigration; Mental Health; Community-Based Practice; Research Methodology

Phone: (808) 956-4605

Francie J. Julien-Chinn

Francie J. Julien-Chinn

Research Interest: Organizational and workforce issues in child welfare; Child welfare outcomes including: permanency; well-being; kinship; and foster care.

Phone: (808) 956-4929

S. Kim photo 250x350

Research Interest: Socio-Cultural Determinants of Health, Healthcare Disparities Including in Health Behaviors and Health Service Utilization, Mental Health Literacy, Help-Seeking Patterns
Phone: 808.956.6123

Jane Lee Photo 133

Yeonjung Jane Lee

Research Interest: Gerontology & productive aging, Health equity and disparities among disadvantaged older adults, Quantitative research

Phone: (808) 956-9614

D Maxwell Photo

December Maxwell, MSW, PhD

Research Interest:  Maternal mental health during pregnancy, Prenatal mental health needs of survivors of sexual trauma, Perinatal mental health among indigenous populations, Indigenous women’s rights and equity, Integrated obstetric healthcare, Historical and generational trauma, Maternal role transition, Body modification by survivors of trauma, Specific needs of survivors of sexual trauma with a PTSD diagnosis

Phone: (808) 956-6127

Rebecca Stotzer Photo

Rebecca Stotzer*

Research Interest: Hate Crimes; Violence; Sexuality and Gender Identity; Prejudice and Stereotypes; Oppression and Discrimination; Intergroup Conflict

Phone: (808) 956-6121

Prof. Yoshioka-Maxwell

Amanda C. Yoshioka-Maxwell

Research Interest: Youth Homelessness, Former Foster Youth, HIV Risk, Drug Risks, Sex Risks, Social Network Analysis, Advanced Statistical Analysis

Phone: (808) 956-6244

*Asterisk indicates eligibility to Chair Dissertation Committees

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