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Social Justice

The Core Values for the Department of Social Work state:

Mālama i ke Kanaka Apau ~ Diversity: Honoring both local and global perspectives that lead to just and creative processes for problem and solution discovery.

Ulu Pono ~ Well-Being: A state of thriving that reflects the meaningful connections of humanity with other individuals, the community, the environment, and transcendent realms.

Hoʻokaulike ~ Social Justice: A world in which the inherent dignity of all is recognized, valued, and restored with particular attention given to those in greatest need.

As a community of social workers and educators, we are committed to teaching and learning, challenge the status quo, advocate for social justice, that fight against racial, xenophobic, sexual violence in the society.

Statement to ASWB Licensure Pass Rates Report – October 2022

Anti-Asian Discrimination and Hate Crimes Resources – Resources gathered by Dr. Yeonjung Jane Lee of the Thompson School of Social Work & Public Health, Department of Social Work

Joint Statement on Anti-Asian Racism from social work organizations

Black Lives Matter – Department of Social Work Statement

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