UH Mānoa proposes parking rate hike to improve facilities and services
The University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa is proposing its first parking rate increase in eight years, and just the second in 20 years, to help make essential improvements to the aging parking facilities on campus. The proposed increase will help to extend the life of the current parking facilities for at least 20 more years and also ensure that our self-funded commuter services program can keep pace with inflation, including dramatically increased fringe benefit costs and ongoing maintenance needs. To minimize the impact of this painful but necessary action, the proposed rate increases would be implemented over a six-year period starting in Fall 2019.
Proposed Parking Rates
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More information available at two open houses
Two open houses will be held to provide information on the proposed rate increases, the improvements they would support, and to provide information on other commuter services available for the campus community. They will be held at the Campus Center Courtyard from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on August 30 and September 18. Commuter Services staff will be available to answer questions. If you have any questions, please email
Where will the funds be used
The parking rate increase will fund a $35 million bond issuance for improvements and repairs to campus parking facilities to extend their life for at least another twenty years. These improvements will be implemented in three phases over the next several years:
What will the $35-million bond pay for

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What are the current parking permit rates? What are the proposed increases?
The current parking rates and proposed increase for the first year starting in Fall 2019 (fiscal year 2020) are:
  Current Rate Proposed Rate Increase
Employees (surface lots): $48.25/mo $62.50/mo
Employees (lower campus structures): $35.50/mo $41.50/mo
Students: $35.50/mo $41.50/mo
Motorcycle/moped (employees/students): $30/semester $40/semester
Evening permit: $24/mo $32/mo
Daily Visitor Parking
Upper campus (before 4pm): $4/hr $6/hr
Entire campus (after 4pm): $6 flat rate $7 flat rate
This is a six-year rate increase proposal and parking rate increases would occur in each of the five subsequent years.

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Are there any other changes to the proposed parking rates?
Yes, the new proposed rate structure creates three tiers of permit parking:
  • The 1st tier would be the employee rate for surface parking lots that are located in close proximity to buildings. This would include surface parking lots on lower campus and would be a change from the current parking rate structure where all lower campus permits are charged at the same rate.
  • The 2nd tier would be the employee rate for the Dole Street and lower campus parking structures.
  • The 3rd tier would be the student rate and would be a new tier. Currently, students pay the same lower campus annual parking rate as employees. Because current rates are already considerably low, this differential would not go into effect until year two of the proposed rate increase schedule, to commence in Fall 2020 (fiscal year 2021).
When will the parking rate increase be in effect?
If the Board of Regents approves the increase, it will be in effect Fall 2019 (fiscal year 2020).
When was the last time the parking rate was increased?
The last time the parking rate increased was Fall 2010. Prior to that, parking rates were increased in Fall 1997.
What was the process for the parking rate increase?
After conducting an extensive review and analysis of the current parking rates, Commuter Services developed a new parking rate schedule. This schedule was presented to the Parking Advisory & Research Committee on March 2, 2018. Feedback from the UH community is encouraged through open houses and other forums. The Administration plans to take the rate increase to the UH Board of Regents (BOR) as soon as it can be scheduled. Once the BOR approves the request to have it placed on the agenda the campus community will be welcome to submit testimony at or testify in person.
How is UH Mānoa parking/Commuter Services funded? Why not use tuition or state dollars?
Commuter Services is a self-sustaining department that receives no student fees, tuition or general funds, Commuter Services is completely self-funded through collection of parking fees and fines. No tuition or state funds are used.
What is Commuter Services doing to reduce expenses?
Commuter Services is committed to keeping expenses low for the UH community. The department constantly seeks new ways to minimize its costs while maximizing its efficiency, including eliminating all non-essential contract services and printing expenses.
What is Commuter Services currently doing to address parking challenges?
Commuter Services addresses parking challenges by encouraging the use of alternative transportation (such as TheBus, Rainbow Shuttle, and Enterprise CarShare, as well as biking, BIKI, carpooling, and walking) through its website, social media accounts, and campus events. In addition, Commuter Services connects with city and state programs that support bike lane utilization and bus route optimization.
Why is a parking permit rate increase needed now?
According to a joint 2018 survey conducted by parking consultant firms SP+ and Kimley-Horn, there are $60 million in repairs needed for the lower campus structures and $5 million needed for surface lots. The parking fee will help to sustain the maintenance and repair of the parking structure and lots, providing a safe and healthy environment for our university community and its visitors.
Will the revenue generated from the increases pay for all the upgrades that are needed?
The increases will pay for a $35 million bond that will address the most pressing needs first. After that six-year period, Commuter Services will evaluate the parking needs to determine the next steps.
What upgrades will the bond help to pay for?
The bond will pay for the following upgrades:
  • Phase 1: Railing repairs, fire safety upgrades, and elevator modernization
  • Phase 2: Parking deck waterproofing, expansion joints replacement, and drain repairs
  • Phase 3: Wall repairs and parking lot resurfacing
Were any other alternatives considered?
Yes, Commuter Services explored other alternatives, including tearing down and rebuilding the parking structure. This option was ultimately rejected since it would have cost $100 million, resulting in parking rates three times as expensive as the current rates. In addition, there would be no alternate location for vehicles to park during construction. After careful review, upgrading the parking structure proved to be the most feasible and cost-effective solution.
How can I get more information on the proposed parking rate increases?
You can attend the Commuter Services Open Houses, which will be held on the following dates at the Campus Center Courtyard.
  • August 30, 2018 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.
  • September 18, 2018 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.
How can I share my feedback about the proposed parking rate increase?
Send any questions to The Administration plans to take the rate increase to the UH Board of Regents (BOR) as soon as it can be scheduled. Once the BOR approves the request to have it placed on the agenda the campus community will be welcome to submit testimony at or testify in person. Visit the Board of Regents website for more information: