Policy Violations

Violation Code Description Fine Fine after 15 days
9a.1 Parking in prohibited areas, including but not limited to the following: lawns, planted areas, and grounds under repair medial strips, sidewalks, driveways, and crosswalks “No Parking” areas or along curbs painted red (obstructing) vehicular or pedestrian traffic official bus stop $40 $50
9a.2 Parking in an area not designated for that specific type of vehicle $40 $50
9a.3 Operating or parking a motor vehicle of any type within a building $40 $50
9a.4 Double parking or not parked wholly within the parking space $40 $50
9a.5 Parking in a reserved stall $50 $60
9a.6 Parking in a space reserved for persons with disabilities and: $260 $270
9a.6a(i) Without display of placard $260 $270
9a.6a(ii) Displaying an invalid placard or special plate $260 $270
9a.6a(iii) Using a placard or special plate not issued to driver $260 $270
9a.6b Parking in a disability parking space but forgetting or failing to display placard $260 $270
9a.6c(i) Parking in an access aisle adjacent to disability space $260 $270
9a.6c(ii) Obstructing the ingress or egress to a disability space $260 $270
9a.6d Parking in a disability space and refusing to show disability ID card $260 $270
9a.7 Parking in a loading zone longer than 15 minutes $50 $60
9a.8 Parking in wrong zone $40 $50
9a.9 Parking without a permit $40 $50
9a.10 Failure to display permit or displaying it at an improper location $40 $50
9a.11 Failure to pay daily parking fee $40 $50
9a.12 Falsifying information on an application $50 $60
9a.13 Displaying or using invalid permit or pass $40 $50
9a.14 Possessing or using counterfeit, altered, defaced, illegally transferred, or stolen permit $100 $110
9a.15 Driving on areas other than streets, roads, or parking areas $97 $107
9a.16 Exceeding the 15 mph or other posted speed limits on campus $97 $107
9a.17 Reckless driving $97 $107
9a.18 Failure to heed directions of a duly authorized officer $97 $107
9a.19 Failure to heed directions of an official sign and/or symbol $97 $107
9a.20 Moving violations of the City & County of Honolulu Traffic Code (not otherwise specified in these regulations) $97 $107
9a.21 Parking or operating a bicycle or moped in violation of the City & County of Honolulu Traffic Code (not otherwise specified in these regulations) $72 $82
9a.22 Failure to make a complete stop at an official “STOP” sign $97 $107
9a.23 Transporting a bicycle, moped, or motorcycle in an elevator $40 $50
9a.24 Damaging campus signs, parking gates, or parking appurtenances $100 + cost of repair or replacement $110 + cost of repair or replacement
9a.25 Repeat or flagrant violation of parking regulations $100 $110
9a.26 Motor vehicle making excessive noise and/or causing a disturbance $72 $82
9a.27 Moving any barricade or parking within any barricaded area $97 $107

Effective March 18, 2018. As approved by Amendment to chapters 20-12, Hawaiʻi Administrative Rules, March 8, 2018.


Vehicle Towing

The University reserves the right to issue a citation and/or tow any motor vehicle, moped, motorcycle, or bicycle on campus grounds in violation of parking regulations. Situations requiring citation and/or towing include, but are not limited to, parking illegally in a reserved or disability stall and parking in prohibited areas that affect health and safety (such as fire lanes or in front of a fire hydrant). Vehicles which have accumulated unpaid citations may also be towed.

Chain or u-lock on mopeds and motorcycles will be cut in the event of a tow. Every effort will be made to preserve the lock by cutting a link instead of the lock component. Fees may be assessed for cutting chains and/or locks.

The chain or lock can be retrieved from the Commuter Services office located at the Student Services Center (QLC) room 014.

Towed Vehicle Release

Motor vehicles, mopeds, motorcycles towed from the Mānoa campus are taken by Honolulu Towing, Inc. to their location. Honolulu Towing, Inc is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They will release the vehicle only to the registered owner of the car after cash payment of the tow and storage fee. Proof of registration or title, along with a current driver’s license, are also required at time of pickup.

Honolulu Towing Inc.
933 Owen Street
Honolulu, HI 96819
(808) 839-9494

The University is not responsible for damages that may result from towing of a vehicle.