Parking on the Mānoa campus is often difficult to find during peak hours. Students are encouraged to consider options other than driving alone for their commute to campus and their extracurricular obligations. These alternatives are cost-free and come with health and environmental benefits:
Campus (Rainbow) Shuttle

Student Parking Permits

A limited quantity of permits are made available for reservation upon successful completion of the class registration for the semester. Students must have UH Mānoa as their home institution, and be taking a minimum of 12 credits (undergraduate) or 9 credits (graduate) at UH Mānoa – non Outreach College credits only. This process is based on class standing (i.e. seniors register first, then juniors, etc). All permits are reserved upon completion of class registration. Look to our homepage for announcements about dates for purchase and permit pickup.

Permit prices available here.

Evening Parking Permits

Evening permits allow for parking in Zone 20 after 1:30pm until midnight Monday – Friday. In surface lots, evening permits are effective from 4pm – 6:30am Monday – Friday. For both Zone 20 and surface lots, evening permits are good all day Saturday, Sunday, and State Holidays, subject to special event requirements.

Overnight parking is NOT allowed in the Zone 20 parking structure at any time.

Daily Parking for Cars/Trucks

For students with cars/trucks, but without permits

Where to Park

NOTE: Both Parking Structures often reach their full allotment by 10am on weekdays during the regular term. The lots are then temporarily closed until space once again becomes available.

Off-campus parking, not administered by the University of Hawaiʻi, is also available.


How to Park

  1. As you approach the Parking Structures, choose lanes marked for non-permit holders.
  2. Stop at the entry gate and pay the Gate Attendant in cash. You will receive a gate ticket.
  3. Display the gate ticket (printed side up) on the driver’s side of the dashboard while parked in the Structure.
  4. Please familiarize yourself with UH Mānoa’s Parking Regulations. You can avoid getting a citation and fines by following the simple rules established for the common good.

Re-Entry Policy

  1. Your daily gate ticket allows you to leave campus and re-enter on the same day at no additional charge, if space is available.
  2. On re-entry before 4pm, you may park in the Lower Campus Parking Structure (Zone 20).
  3. Stop and show the Gate Attendant the gate ticket you received earlier in the day.
  4. While parked, display the gate ticket on the driver’s side of the dashboard.
  5. After 4pm, you may park in any marked stall on Upper Campus (mauka of Dole Street), except reserved stalls and in residence hall lots.

DID YOU KNOW? Parking citations left unpaid for more than 30 days will result in, among other penalties, a hold placed on your University account. If you are a current or former UH student, this means you will not be allowed to register for classes or purchase a parking permit. Avoid citations — know the campus’ parking regulations.