UHM employees, consisting of faculty, staff, and graduate assistants (not employed through SECE), are allowed parking on Upper Campus or in the Lower Campus Parking Structure with purchase of an annual or term (Fall, Spring, Summer) day permit; moped/motorcycle permit; or evening permit.

Annual Permit Process

Permits are processed in the Spring Semester for the upcoming academic year. Employees may request parking permits through their Department’s Parking Coordinator (DPC).

  1. Employees receive an email informing them to choose their parking zone preference and payment method.
  2. Many employees choose to pay for their annual parking through payroll deduction. Take care to submit all required forms by the open enrollment deadline (announced annually at the start of the process).
  3. Commuter Services works with your Department’s Parking Coordinator and allocates a certain number of Upper Campus permits for DPC to assign.
  4. The specific zone assignment for each individual is determined by your DPC.
  5. For employees that do not opt for payroll deductions, you will have the opportunity to purchase your permit online between a designated timeframe. Permits purchased in this timeframe will be delivered in the Department Packet sent to your DPC two weeks before the start of the Fall Semester.
  6. If you are unable to make payment within the designated timeframe, you will need to have a new request submitted to us by your DPC after the Department Packets have been delivered.
  7. If you are switching Parking Zones, you will need to have a Zone Switch Request submitted to us by your DPC.

NOTE: Any and all outstanding UHM parking citation(s) must be settled before purchasing and/or receiving a parking permit.

New Hires/New Requests Outside Annual Permit Process

Ask your Department’s Parking Coordinator (DPC) to complete the online application form. The request will be checked against your Department’s Parking Allocations. If approved, you will be notified via email with instructions on how to purchase your permit. If you wish to have your permit paid through payroll deductions, you will need to wait until the next open enrollment period (begins in the Spring Semester of every year at the start of the Annual Permit process).

When picking up your permit from the Commuter Services Office, you will need to show the following:

  • Valid Driver’s License
  • Payroll Notification Form, Form 6, or a certification statement from your Department’s personnel or HR office
  • Vehicle Registration (if you did not pre purchase)
  • Payment (if you did not pre purchase)

Evening Parking Permits

Evening permits allow for parking in Zone 20 after 1:30pm until midnight Monday – Friday. In surface lots, evening permits are effective from 4pm – 6:30am Monday – Friday. For both Zone 20 and surface lots, evening permits are good all day Saturday, Sunday, and State Holidays, subject to special event requirements.

Overnight parking is NOT allowed in the Zone 20 parking structure at any time.


Emeritus faculty members may qualify for a parking permit, solely for the Emeriti, for official use only, to conduct business on the UH Mānoa campus. Application requires approval by their dean or director. Click here for Emeritus Parking Request.

Purchase Online

For your convenience, you may now pay for permits and citations online with a credit card.

Alternative Transportation Options

Electric Vehicle Parking Information

Leave or Separation

If on an extended leave-without-pay or separated from service, please remember to turn in your parking permit to the Commuter Services Office. Faculty and staff who purchased their permit in advance can receive a refund of its prorated value, calculated as the sale price of the permit after the pay period in which the permit is returned. For those using payroll deduction, please submit a D-60 cancellation form along with your request to the Commuter Services Office.

If you prefer to retain your permit while on leave, you may do so with the permission of your department and after paying in full, in advance. Remember that your permit is non-transferable.