Spring 2023 Student Semester Permits All Reserved

All semester car permits have been reserved for the Spring 2023 semester. Reservations for the Spring 2023 permits were done in conjunction with Spring 2023 class registration and are based on class standing i.e. graduate students register first, then seniors, juniors, etc. UH registration schedule is here. As of today, Thursday November 17, there are Upper Campus, Commuter and Student Housing moped / motorcycle permits available to reserve.

Please consider other options mentioned below that are available to you.

Other Parking Options:

  • Starting January 4, 2023, students and employees will be able to purchase a limited number of daily parking passes online each week for the Lower Campus Parking Structure at a promotional rate of $4. Passes can be purchased online up to five days in advance. Passes are valid throughout the day with in/out privileges and can be used in any unreserved upper campus stall after 4pm. Daily passes are tied to a license plate and cannot be transferred. This predictable and flexible parking option is for students, faculty and staff who do not have to be on campus every day. More info on the Online Promo Flat Rate $4 parking for Spring 2023.
  • Daily parking for the Lower Campus Parking Structure will continue to be $5 upon entry for those who do not purchase an online pass, but is limited and subject to availability.
    • Important: Cash will no longer be accepted at the parking kiosks starting January 3, 2023. Please plan accordingly.
  • If you have afternoon or early evening classes, you may purchase an afternoon permit by the month for $44. With an afternoon permit, you may park in the lower campus parking structure from 12 noon to midnight. After 4pm, you may park in any marked stall on upper campus as long as it is not a 24 hour reserved stall. Please go here for more information regarding afternoon permits.
  • Consider alternatives to driving or driving alone to campus. We encourage students to take advantage of the U-Pass program (included in your student fees) and ride TheBus, when possible.
  • There are over 75 free bike parking racks all throughout campus. See a map of locations here.
  • Biki bike rentals are located in a number of convenient locations around campus.
  • Off-campus parking options are not managed by the University and we do not have an extensive list. Our Off-campus parking webpage may be helpful.

If you have extenuating circumstances or hardships, you may file a request for a parking exemption. Request for a parking exemption will be accepted during the first week of school only via email (parking@hawaii.edu). It is not a guarantee and if you are granted approval, it is a one-time exemption for a parking pass. Exemptions can be applied for all semester, but approvals will be granted as permits become available. It is best to apply at the start of the semester.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us via email at parking@hawaii.edu.