The LSAT and GRE

Entrance exams are an essential part of a law school application. All law schools accept Law School Admissions Test (LSAT) scores. Most schools accept the Graduate Record Exam (GRE) scores as well. The LSAT and GRE are offered as remote exams with virtual proctors.

Schools' ABA-required disclosures on their websites reflect accepted applicants' scores, which can help you determine what a competitive score would be for you.


Remember to check directly with your law schools to verify their application requirements!

Traditional law school entrance exam Some law schools began accepting in 2016
Timing 5 sections (35 minutes each) 5 sections (30 minutes each)
1 writing section (60 minutes)
Sections -Logical Reasoning (starting August 2024, there will be two logical reasoning sections on all LSAT exams)

-Logic Games (starting August 2024, the Logic Games Section will become obsolete

-Reading Comprehension

-Writing Sample

-Verbal Reasoning

-Quantitative Reasoning

-Analytical Writing

4 scored sections and 1 unidentified unscored section 4 scored sections and 1 unidentified unscored section
Scoring Curved score between 120 - 180 Curved score between 260 - 340
Important Notes Please see the attached link for more information on the upcoming changes to the LSAT mentioned above, starting August 2024. Multi-Stage Test: will adapt to your proficiency
More Information LSAT PAC's GRE Overview

If the schools that you are applying to accept both, consider taking a diagnostic exam to see which exam you may feel most comfortable taking.

Similar to other parts of the law school application process, it is important to check the school’s website to verify each school’s requirements.

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