• Short essays that explain weaknesses in the application.
    • Gives prospective students a chance to address outstanding issues.
    • For re-applicants, the changes they made since the last time they applied to become a stronger applicant.
  • Common reasons (not limited to):
    • Low grades
    • Low LSAT/LSAT score variation
    • Withdrawal from classes
    • Discrepancies in your academic history
    • Mistakes on a prior application
    • Leave of absence in college
    • Academic misconduct
    • Disciplinary action in college
    • Criminal records (DUIs, felonies, etc.)

Just because an addendum can be written, should it be written?

Not always

  • Important that the applicant's addendum does not sound like an excuse.
  • Should be written when there are unforeseen events causing and/or contributing to an issue.
Typical Structure

Information gathered from “The No B.S. Guide to the Law School Addendum” by Peg Cheng. To purchase this guide, please visit www.prelaw-guru.com.