Our Lending Library is currently open and is located in our office in Physical Sciences 214.

Donations in good condition are accepted!

Additional resources can be found through the Hawaii State Public Library System and the University of Hawaii Library System



All materials may be borrowed except for PAC's references as indicated on the spine.

Rules for Borrowing Books

  1. Be a current UH Mānoa student.
  2. Complete the consent form before borrowing.
  3. Up to FIVE books may be borrowed at a time.
  4. Books may be borrowed for up to two weeks at a time.  After which, the books must be returned during our office hours unless renewed.
  5. Books can be renewed if there is no one on the waitlist.
  6. Damaging, defacing, and marking books are forbidden. 
  7. If you do not honor the rules, then you will not be able to borrow from our library in the future.

How to Renew Books

  1. Please let us know if you would like to renew a book in person, by email (uhpac@hawaii.edu), or over the phone (808-956-8646).
  2. If another student is on the waitlist for a book, then you will not be able to renew the book.


If the book(s) you are interested in are currently being borrowed, you may put yourself on the waitlist to request the book(s). Once they are returned to our office you will be notified of their availability and have FIVE business days to check them out from our office. Use the form below to add yourself to the Lending Library Waitlist or click here: