1. Create an account with the Law School Admissions Council (LSAC),

  • Required to register for the LSAT
  • Register at least three months before your schools’ earliest application deadline; even earlier is better.
  • Need to complete application information and submit transcripts, LSAT scores, and a personal statement.
  • LSAC accounts remain active for five years

2. Almost all ABA-approved law schools require that applicants register for LSAC’s Credential Assembly Service (CAS)

CAS creates your Law School Report by combining:

  • Academic summary
  • LSAT score(s) and writing sample(s)
  • Transcripts (all undergraduate, graduate, and law/professional school)
  • Letters of recommendation/evaluations; and
  • Other relevant information, such as prior matriculation

3. Each law school also has its own requirements

  • Available both on the websites of individual law schools and the LSAC
  • Submit individual schools’ applications by mail or electronically, following instructions on their websites

If you have questions at any point in the process, you can contact LSAC via telephone or email. 

Note: Individual schools have different deadlines and procedures, especially regarding letters of recommendation and personal statements. 

It is your responsibility to follow all instructions and to meet all deadlines, so read all of the application instructions carefully!

4. Many schools prefer or require that your letters of recommendation be submitted through LSAC’s Letters of Recommendation and Evaluation Services; others accept letters directly

  • Instructions for submitting letters are on the LSAC website
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