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Training Workshops Offered

Training Workshops Offered

If you are interested in a specific type of training and it is not listed below, please contact the Office of Faculty Excellence and we will work with you in providing the training you request.

Advanced Fact-Finding Training

This training builds upon the 3-day Intensive Fact-finding training, attendees should already have a foundation of how to conduct intakes, developing interview questions, and writing up a report for Decision Makers. This workshop will focus on the intricacies of fact-finding and address how to navigate the complexities when other offices are involved.

American Disabilities Act (ADA)

Trainings are provided to academic leaders (Deans, Directors and Faculty Chairs) and Human Resources Specialists so they can better understand the Federal regulation and their specific role/responsibility under the ADA.  Attendees will learn how to recognize when a request is being made, what questions to ask, and how to engage in the interactive process.

Assessment Workshops

This workshop is aimed for anyone tasked with writing up an assessment; whether you are writing an assessment as a DPC member, a Department Chair, Dean or TPRC member, it is important to know what should and should not be included in these write-ups.  

Decision Maker Training

This training provides Academic Leaders with an understanding of what is expected in their role as a Decision Maker for Workplace Violence complaints.  Attendees will learn how to analyze the information provided to them, how to focus on relevant facts, determine whether the reported actions occurred (or not) based on a preponderance of evidence; whether the actions violated University policy; and what, if any, corrective actions need to be taken.  Academic Leaders will be given an opportunity to practice analyzing the information provided, reaching a determination and drafting their decision.

First Among Equals 

Attend this training to better understand the role of the Department Chair.  You will learn about the responsibilities that fall under the Department Chair’s purview and the scope of authority this role allows.  

Intensive Fact-finding Investigation Training

Every fact-finder should attend this multi-day training to learn best practices in conducting a fact-finding investigation and compiling a report for the Decision Maker.  Attendees will learn about the process, the role of a fact-finder, and receive templates for notices and reports. 

Managing Bias & Assumptions

This training is provided to give attendees an understanding of the various biases and assumptions we all face in our daily work lives. By attending this workshop, attendees will learn tips and tools on how to better manage the potential biases and assumptions. 

Progressive Discipline

This training is specifically designed for Administrators responsible for serving as Decision Makers and Human Resources Specialists responsible for supporting Decision Makers to help understand the different options available to help address and correct inappropriate behavior/misconduct as they occur.  

Work Assignment Template (WAT) Training

This training will go over the Work Assignment Template platform and what is required to complete the template.

Workplace Nonviolence Training

Attend this training to gain a better understanding of UH Policy EP 9.210, Workplace NonViolence and how to manage concerns that arise within your unit.