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Leading with Excellence

Faculty members across the Mānoa campus face unique challenges as they transition into Academic Leaders, whether as an Executive, Dean, Associate Dean, Department Chair, Graduate or Undergraduate Chair, Program Chair, or Director. The University is committed to providing support, resources and training to faculty members as they transition into these Academic Leadership roles.

The Leading with Excellence conference will provide current and newly appointed Academic Leaders the ability to gain a better understanding of what their roles require of them, sharpen their leadership skills and leverage their skills and vision to move their departments forward. The Leading with Excellence conference will also provide the opportunity for Academic Leaders to develop their leadership networks and exchange experiences with leaders across campus.

The conference will host strategic sessions in which Academic Leaders can engage in comprehensive discussions on how to drive growth and success at UH Mānoa grounded in the reality of the current Academic settings.

Workshop topics were chosen based on feedback we received from current and prospective Academic Leaders, along with trending issues our office has observed. To ensure each workshop addresses the topic at hand and is designed to provide hands on skills development for attendees, each Speaker has been asked to develop a presentation that provides tips and tools, allows for collaboration and participation, and engages the audience.

Institutional Support
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