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Welcome to Religion at UH Manoa!

Religion is one of the most pervasive and powerful realms of human experience. Our undergraduate and graduate programs are designed to provide students with a broad knowledge of the world’s religious traditions and the skills necessary to better understand them. Students in our programs learn to interpret religions as systems of meaning and engage deeply with their many facets – the people, texts, places, practices, rituals, art, music, and beliefs that contribute to world religions and their enduring power.

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About us

Why should I major in Religious Traditions?

The academic study of religious traditions teaches students about a variety of religious beliefs from an outside perspective, rather than how to practice a specific religion as an insider. This methodology demands that students be neutral and open minded with respect to different cultures and their religious beliefs. The academic study of religious traditions is also a journey of self-exploration and increasing self-awareness and self-understanding, as it is the nature of the subjects discussed to stimulate contemplation and reflection. The curriculum does not favor one religion over any other, and students are expected to be aware of how their own personal beliefs affect their understanding of other cultures.

What some career options for Religious Traditions Majors?

There are many career options available to students who have decided to major in Religious Traditions. Graduates of our undergraduate program have gone on to a variety of career paths and forms of higher education. Many have entered professional school (medical, law, or business), while others have gone directly into a career in business, teaching, or foreign service. Still others pursue an academic career and enter M.A. or Ph.D. programs in Religious Traditions, philosophy, anthropology, area studies, history, and literature. A small percentage of our graduates have gone on to seminaries or rabbinical schools.

What scholarships are available in RLAC?

UH Mānoa awarded over $11 million dollars to students annually. Selected scholarships are available to only CALL majors. Applications are accepted from declared majors at

Examples of Funding Sources:
Bernice and Arthur Chun Scholarship
CASAA Academic Opportunities Award
CASAA Annual Scholarship
J. Watumull Scholarship
John Young Scholarship
K.S. Cheng Memorial Scholarship
UHAA/NCRC Scholarship

For International Students
Dai Ho Chun Scholarship
June C. Naughton International Student Services Scholarship
Outstanding International Student Scholarship

Graduate Student Organization Funding
Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program

How can I double major in Religious Traditions?

In order to double major in Religious Traditions, you will first need to get approvals from the the new major and their Advising Center.  We will also have you go through an exercise to plan out your intended plan to finish the requirements for both majors so you know when your intended graduation date will be.

Why study Religious Traditions here?

As a department within a major public research university, we are dedicated to the cultivation of a humanistic understanding of a wide range of religious traditions. Given our location in the Pacific and the multicultural environment we enjoy in Hawai‘i, our programs take the religious traditions of Asia and the Pacific as its special focus. Our expert faculty offers a unique set of research strengths, including: Buddhism in Asia and the West, Japanese religions, Hawaiian and Polynesian religions, Christianity in Asia and the Pacific, Indian religions and new religious movements. Students with advanced levels of language skills will also have the opportunity to translate and work with primary sources in Japanese, Chinese, Indian, and Polynesian languages.

How do I apply to the university?

How do I register for classes?

Click here for Class Availability and here for STAR Registration

How do I apply for graduation?

Click here for the Registrar’s Office.

Religion Undergraduate/Graduate Chairs

Undergraduate Chair: Ramdas Lamb (

Graduate Chair: Marie Alohalani Brown (

Admission Office  QLC Room 001
2600 Campus Road, Honolulu, HI 96822
(808) 956-8975 /

College Office Hawaiʻi Hall, Room 314  [map]
2500 Campus Road, Honolulu, Hawaiʻi 96822
Office Hours M-F  7:15 AM – 4 PM
(808) 956-6460 / / CALL WEEKLY (past issues + subscribe link)

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