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Coastal pollution reduces genetic diversity of corals, reef resilience
Apr 3, 2020, Mānoa — Researchers found that human-induced environmental stressors effect the genetic composition of coral
Popular handbook helps residents prepare for natural hazards
Apr 1, 2020, Mānoa — The newly updated Homeowner’s Handbook To Prepare For Natural Hazards is available free of charge.
UH’s 10 campuses move summer courses online for first session
Mar 31, 2020, System — Registration is already underway for UH Mānoa.
Epidemiologist: Hawaiʻi has advantage during COVID-19 pandemic
Mar 31, 2020, Mānoa — A UH Mānoa professor explains what could help Hawaiʻi avoid becoming a hot spot.
The importance of family caregivers on a cancer journey
Mar 30, 2020, Mānoa — A study found the presence of a family caregiver created positive perceptions from cancer patients.
UH program connects public, local farmers during pandemic
Mar 26, 2020, Mānoa — GoFarm Hawai‘i has a Find Your Farmer list of people who are still offering access to food.
CORRECTION: UH extends application deadline to August 1
Mar 25, 2020, System — The deadline to apply to UH Manoa, UH Hilo and/or UH West Oahu has been extended to August 1.
VNR: UH researcher’s team helps create vaccine for COVID-19
Mar 23, 2020, Mānoa — Axel Lehrer and lab colleagues are helping to create a vaccine for COVID-19.
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