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Ancient Civilizations (Classics) combines the study of Greek, Roman, Egyptian, and Hebrew language, literature, history, and archaeology. The Ancient Civilizations degree provides a broad, flexible liberal arts education that will prepare students for careers in education, museum and library work, archaeology and historical preservation, law, politics, and business.

Bachelor of Arts in Classics

The requirements for the Classics B.A. Track are flexible, allowing students to explore the world of Ancient Greece, Rome, Egypt and beyond in a way that suits their strengths and interests. Students can emphasize coursework in the ancient languages or in English translation taught both in Classics and across the University (e.g., in History, Philosophy, Religion, and more).

The requirements for the Ancient Civilizations and Classics B.A. Tracks, their Student Learning Outcomes, and Program Map can be found here.

For more information, please contact Chair Michel Mohr.

Admissions and Advising

Admission Office  QLC Room 001
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Undergraduate Advising  Sinclair Room 301
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Michel Mohr
Sakamaki Hall Room A-315

College Office Hawaiʻi Hall, Room 314  [map]
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Office Hours M-F  7:15 AM – 4 PM
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