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Program Modifications

All Program Modifications & Minors

Program modifications include changes to program requirements and curricula, as well as creating minors, or modifying tracks within an existing degree program. For changes that involve commitments from other programs (including required courses), please include evidence of consultation and an MOA, if applicable. All modifications to an academic program must be submitted to the Director of Program Development and Review at the OVPAE at using the appropriate cover memo (Undergraduate, Graduate, Minors) while ensuring that all relevant attachments are included. Attachments may include program sheets, 4-year plans, catalog descriptions, and proposed UHM forms, among others. Please note, proposals are typically reviewed and recommended for approval for the upcoming academic year, not necessarily the next academic term.


Step 1: Unit Consults with OVPAE

Dean/Chair consults with the Director of Program Development and Review at the OVPAE to ensure that the required documents are ready for submission. Upon successful consultation, email the completed memo created using the appropriate cover memo template to
OVPAE will manage the remainder of the review and approval process.

Step 2: OVPAE Reviews (including Grad Division Review) & Approves

The Office of the Vice Provost for Academic Excellence reviews and approves all program modifications. OVPAE will also evaluate the proposal for content and format. For graduate programs, the department will send the proposal to Graduate Division directly with a CC to Graduate Division will send back approved proposals to OVPAE for further review and approval.