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Design Team

The following individuals comprise the Mānoa Reorganization Design Team

  • Michael Bruno
    Provost (former Vice Chancellor for Research & Interim Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs)
  • Sandy French
    Interim Vice Chancellor for Administration, Finance & Operations
    (replaced former VC Kathy Cutshaw)
  • Chip Fletcher
    Associate Dean, SOEST
  • Jan Gouviea
    Vice President for Administration
  • Lori Ideta
    Interim Vice Chancellor for Students
  • David Lassner
    UH President
  • Laura Lyons
    Interim Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs/Interim Dean of LLL
  • Christine Sorensen Irvine
    Former chair of Mānoa Faculty Senate Executive Committee

(and with lots of help!)

Phase 2 Functional Teams

The following are the five functional teams. Provost Michael Bruno is the executive sponsor for four teams, and President David Lassner is the executive sponsor for the fifth team. Each team is co-led by one or more of the design team members. Representatives were invited from the campus governance groups to participate on one of the five teams in addition to other members from campus faculty, staff and administration.

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