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Advanced Degrees – Institutional Learning Objectives

Knowledge and Understanding

  • Demonstrate comprehensive knowledge in one or more general subject areas related to, but not confined to, a specific area of interest.
  • Demonstrate understanding of research methodology and techniques specific to one’s field of study.

Intellectual and Applied Skills

  • Apply research methodology and/or scholarly inquiry techniques specific to one’s field of study.
  • Critically analyze, synthesize, and utilize information and data related to one’s field of study.

Communication Skills

  • Proficiently communicate and disseminate information in a manner relevant to the field and intended audience.

Professional Responsibility

  • Conduct research or projects as a responsible and ethical professional, including consideration of and respect for other cultural perspectives.
  • Interact professionally with others.

Information & Examples

Approved Resolution Regarding the Advance Degree ILOs and Potential Indicators (2017)


Assessment projects that target ILOs: Ocean and Resources Engineering & Urban and Regional Planning

Program alignment to the ILOs in their assessment reports