Policy on Visits by Non-UH Groups

The University of Hawaii at Manoa Library welcomes non-UH-affiliated student and other groups to use its resources. Group leaders or sponsors should contact the Library at least two weeks in advance of the preferred visit date. To inquire about services available, call 808-956-7205 or e-mail library@hawaii.edu.

Groups are encouraged to use the resources of their own school, college, or public library prior to using the UH Manoa libraries.

The Library’s contact person will provide materials to enable the group leader:

  • to provide a basic description of the role and function of the library or its specific collections and services,
  • to help the students learn basic skills needed to perform the activity in which the group will be engaged, and
  • to become familiar with the Library’s Use and Conduct Policy.

More Information

Groups are asked not to request visits during the first three weeks of a semester or during the final exam period when seating is limited.

A group that is larger than 25 people should be divided into smaller groups to minimize disruption to other people using the library. A group will be asked to leave the library if it is disruptive.

Group members are welcome to use public computers for up to one-hour per day. Some computers are reserved for UH student and faculty use only. The Library’s Public Computer Use Policy applies to all users.

Due to staffing limitations, Library staff may not be available to provide talks, tours, or instruction to non-UH-affiliated groups.

Approved by Paula Mochida, Interim University Librarian
June 2010

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